Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid Final by Ktulhu Solutions, Jerry Wanker and the Quest to Get Laid Final by Ktulhu Solutions is adult game about Tonight is the night! Next door at the spooky mansion, the hottest girls in Blueball Falls are throwing the hottest and sexiest party in history! Enter Jerry Wanker or at least he’d like to enter. Considered the dillweed of town, Jerry didn’t get invited. Now he’s far from a badass, but his theoretical knowledge about sex is as broad as his cunning. He’ll need that, his wits, a sense of humor and the outside-the-box thinking to outsmart the lugheads and scrubs keeping him from his goal. A hot date with at least one of the lovely gals at the party!

 Updated: 2022-11-02
Release Date: 2023-10-30
Developer: Ktulhu Solutions Steam – Itch.io – Website – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian
Other games: Yes, Master!

2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Animated, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Exhibitionism, Humor, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Teasing, Vaginal sex,
1. Extract and run.

Full version releases

Demo (2022-06-01):
– Initial release.

Dev Notes
Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid! is a nostalgic successor to some of the best when it comes to naughty Point and Click Adventures! Unlock the hidden path to get with the fairer sex in the newest game made by the creators of Perky Little Things! Beyond an amazing handcrafted 2D world, you’ll find familiar characters, fun banter and plenty of lusty times in this fresh and saucy tale.

But never forget. Only with your help does Jerry stand a chance to achieve his goal. Don’t leave him hanging!



Download For Walkthrough
Jerry Wanker & The Quest To Get Laid – FULL WALKTHROUGH

(Disk1/20 – between posters above the green sofa).
MAKE TELESCOPE – Click box under the desk. Take telescope tube.
Pick up the Telescope mount located under the sofa.
Select workbench to left of the sofa.
Click on Telescope Mount and Tube, select the Tape to join them.
Select Telescope from backpack, and drag to the desk – select it and use.
Before leaving the bedroom, pick up the PLUSHIE LEG from the sofa. Pick up the ROBOT from the top of the book case.
Break PIG on the book case and take the coin/QUARTER.
Take the game pad CONTROLLER from the floor.

Walk right to Olivias House.

(Disk2/20 – located in red mailbox).

Walk right to Ghost Hunters Van.

(Disk 3/20 under Ghost Hunter van windscreen wiper)

You cannot open the van as you need GHOST HUNTER FINGERPRINT. (See X)

Pick up SHOVEL from the road works.

Pick up CHALK from the road outline.

Walk left, to a house with a locked garage door.
Click on the PIN pad.
Keep walking to the far left and talk with the man at the Bus Stop.
He will give you the code, once you have some PAPER.

Walk right and give the dog PLUSHIE LEG.

Take FLOWERS from behind the dog.

Take FLOWERS to Olivias House.


Go left to Betsy Park.


(Disk 4/20 – in the fountain, left of the Mermaid).

Take LEAF from left side of bench.
Talk to the Priest.

Go to The Church.

(Disk 5/20 is in the lower church window)

Take the PAPER airplane.
Speak to the Devil, get PORNO MAG.
Take a HONEYSUCKLE STICK from the bush to the left of the Devil.

Walk down into the Graveyard.

Pickup the HAND next to the Zombie sign.
Use SHOVEL to dig up the grave.
Talk the Widow.

Return to the old man at the Bus Stop.
Give him the PAPER.
Walk back to the locked garage. Select PAPER and use it on the PIN pad.
Open the garage and take the red CAN and the STEP LADDER.

Use the Bike to go into town.

Open the garbage can next to the Bike, take the ROTTEN APPLES.
Pick up the FLY SPRAY can in the alleyway.
Enter the Sex Shop.

(Disk 6/20 – Walk to the far right of the shop and pick up the Disk from the middle photo frame near to the changing rooms).

Help the shop keeper by using FLY SPRAY to kill the fly.
Take the PADDLE he gives to you.

Walk right – Entewr the Bar.

(Disk 7/20 – on the top of the table to the left of the bar).

Talk to the Barman.
Talk to the patron at the bar.
Talk to the man at the table.

Walk right to the toilet.
Pick up the robot arms.

Leave the bar.

Walk right to the Motorcycle.
Open the motorcycle bag and take the MECHANICAL LUBE.
Pick up the BLUE HOSE next to the Fire Hydrant.
Go back into the bar and remove the WRIST BAND – pick it up from the floor when it is removed.

Return to Betsy Park.

Give the Priest the PADDLE.

Go to the Church and enter the building itself.

(Disk 8/20 – tucked behind the bible in the bottom right corner)

(Disk 9/20 – under the bench leg, near the PICK AXE).

Talk to the Priest and he asks for VIAGRA.

Pick up the Rope from the floor to the left of the Priest.

Walk back to the DOG that is humping the PLUSHIE LEG.

Cycle back into Town.

Walk to the right and talk to the Hobo/Bum.
Give him the DOG.


Return to Jerry’s Bedroom.
go to the Work Bench.
Use the ROBOT and ROBOT ARMS and tape them together.

Go to Betsy Park.
Use METAL DETECTOR at the strange glow up in the top right, gain a Ring of Invisibility.
(Activate the Ring in the bottom right of the screen to become invisible).
Use the ROBOT on the fountain, gain the KEY.

Return to Olivias House.
Become invisible and enter the house/Go to Olivias Bedroom.

She will tell you about Ghostly goings on.

(Disk 10/20 – next to the middle cushion under the main window)
(Disk 11/20 – under the right hand pillow of Olivias bed).

Become invisible and pick up the ANAL LUBE from the small round table.
Become visible again.

Leave Olivias Bedroom and use the STEP LADDER to reach the loft hatch, enter the loft.
Here you can pick up BOLT CUTTERS and the PLUMBERS TOOLS.
Go back down the Step Ladder.

Go into the Opposite Bedroom.

(Disk 12/20 – behind a photo frame on the desk unit, left of the fern)
(Disk 13/20 – in the lower cubby hole of the desk, to the right of the red box).

Pick up the SLEEPING TABLETS from under the bed.
Read the book on the bedside dresser.
Pick up the BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL (Whiskey) from the small drinks table.
Use the Cuckoo Clock and it will break.
Use the SCREWDRIVER on Cuckoo Clock and gain the SRING ARM.
Use the white shirt hanging over the chair to take a CONDOM.

Go down stairs and talk with Bobby/Cliff.
Use the GAME CONTROLLER on the Games Console, and now spank 41+ sluts
Bobby will leave and cliff will tell you a secret about SOFIAS PANTIES being in Bobbys Car.
Become invisible. Go to the Bathroom at the rear of the living room.

Become visible and return to the Graveyard.
Use the TOILET PAPER on the broken street lamp wires.
Place FLOWERS in the vase inside the middle tomb doorway.
Talk to the Widow.

Head to the Church and go inside.
Give SLEEPING PILLS to the Priest.
Use the KEY to unlock the Nun.
Talk to the Nun and you will ask her to dance at the bar in town.
With the Priest now sleeping, pull the 3 levers that are on the walls holding candles.
The order is Left side, right side near, right side far.
This opens a secret door.
Go outside the church, talk with the Devil, he will offer you the BOOK to exercise the ghosts, in exchange for a DNA sample.

Get onto your Bike and head into Town.
Enter the Sex Shop.
Talk to the shop keeper and use the ANAL LUBE on the RUBBER VAGINA.
Exit the shop.

Go to the Bar.
Talk to the Barman.
Take the FUNKY DORY Drink.
Give the FUNKY DORY to the man at the table.
Give the man the HONEYSUCKLE STICK to stir the drink.


Take the mans BOOTS
Exit the Bar.

Go Right, try to enter the Strip Club, you will be refused as you need a costume to enter.

Use BOLT CUTTERS to open the chained metal box behind the motorcycle.
You will not be able to open, but the Hobo/Bum will offer to help if he gets something nice in return.
Give him the BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL (Whiskey).
Pull the Lever.
This shuts off the Wine Shop Alarm.

Go into the Wine Shop.
Click on the SUPER YEAST sign to talk to the Sales Clerk.
Giver her coin/QUARTER.
Take the box of SUPER YEAST.
Walk to the right

(Disk 14/20 – on the step ladder in the rear right corner of the shop)

Become invisible and steal the WINE at the far right of the shop (Palour De Semouiller Pino 1978).
Leave the shop and become visible.

Talk to the Hobo/Bum about his HAT.

Go back to your Bike and then go to see the Widow in the Graveyard.
Give the WINE to the Widow.


Head back to Jerrys Bedroom.
Go to the Workbench
Use the RUBBER VAGINA, Cuckoo Clocks SPRING ARM and the Bikers WRIST BAND and tape them together.

Go to Olivias House.
Use the newly made RUBBER VAGINA GRABBER on Bobby to steal his CAR KEYS.
Exit Olivias House.
Use the CAR KEYS on Bobbys Yellow Car
Re-enter Olivias House and go to the Bathroom.


(Disk 15/20 – by the rubber duck, under the mirror).

Leave the bathroom and go right, into the Kitchen.
Take the RUBBER GLOVE from the chair.
Take the GELATINE from the central kitchen unit.

(Disk 16/20 – to the right of the oven, next to the frying pans)

Walk right to the sink. Pick up the DISHWASHING DETERGENT
Use the CONDOM on the Water Jug – he will fill the CONDOM with water.
(This can also be done at the water fountain).

Leave Olivias House, pick up DAVIDS GLASSES and use them on Jerry. Then walk right to the Ghost Hunters Van.
Use the HAND on the vans door.
Go back to Olivias House. Go to Olivias Bedroom.


Head out of Olivias Bedroom and into the Attic.
Use the PICK AXE to remove the bricks/rubble.

(Disk 17/20 – next to the skeletons)

Use the CHALK on the skeletons.
Go back downstairs.

(Disk 18/20 – over the fireplace, near the kitchen door)

Now leave the house and cycle back into town. Make sure you are wearing DAVIDS GLASSES.
Enter the Sex Shop.
The clerk will give you a red box, open it and remove the DILDO.
Become invisible and steal the SEX MACHINE.
Leave the shop and return to the Graveyard.
Whilst still invisible, take a photo of Bobby and the Widow, using the POLOROID CAMERA.


They will hide in the Crypt.
Lock the Crypt with the DILDO
take the Widows HAT from the bench.

(Disk 19/20 – near the left side of the Crypt you just locked with the DILDO)

Go back and inside the Church.
Use the SEX MACHINE to knock down the weak wall to the left.
Take the BIBLE from the Monks Skeleton.

Leave the Church and cycle back into town.
Give the Widows HAT to the Hobo/Bum.
Take the Hobo HAT in exchange.
Cycle back to Jerry’s House and go to the Bedroom and to the Workbench.
Use the HAT, BOOTS and BDSM OUTFIT and tape them together.
Also use the WATER FILLED CONDOM, GELATINE and DISHWASHING DETERGENT and tape them together as well.
Leave Jerrys house, and go back to Olivias House.

Give the PORN MAG to Cliff.
Give the BDSM outfit to Cliff.


Take the PORN MAG with Cliffs DNA.

Go to the Church.
Give the PORN MAG to the Devil.
You know get a BOOK.

Go to Olivias House.
Go to the Attic. .
Use the BOOK the Devil gave to you on the Skeletons.
Use the Bible on the Ghosts.

— Cutscene —

Go to Olivias Bedroom.
Talk to her and then give her the POLOROID PICTURE.


Go to the Kitchen and talk to Alice.
She will mention getting Cider for her.
Leave the Kitchen and go into the Bathroom. Talk with Sofia.
Use the PLUMBERS TOOLS on the broken water pipe under the bath tub.
Talk to Sofia and she will mention a RAZOR.
Leave the Bathroom.

Search Cliffs Clothes on the Sofa.
Go back to the Bathroom and give Sofia the RAZOR.


You will now have Sofia’s PUBIC HAIR.
Talk to Sofia again, she will ask for SHOWER GEL.
Give her the item you made with the CONDOM, GELATINE and DISHWASHING DETERGENT.


Leave the house and go back to Jerrys Bedroom.
Use the Workbench.
Use the LEAF and PUBIC HAIRS and tape them together to make a CIGAR.
Now you have all 20 disks, open Jerrys computer and drag the disks to the disk drive.

You can now go back into Town, and with the gay man now awake and dancing with Cliff, go back into the bar and…

(Disk 20/20 – on the right hand chair of the first round table)

Go to the man sat at the bar and give him the CIGAR.
he will give you a bag of SUGAR.
Leave the Bar.

Go to Olivias House.
Go into the Attic.
Put the ROTTEN APPLES, SUPER YEAST and SUGAR into the glass Vat.
Now use the BLUE HOSE and RED CAN on the Glass Vat.
Lastly, use the RUBBER GLOVE to fix the Oxygen Leak.
take the RED CAN of CIDER.
leave the Attic and go to the Kitchen.

Give the RED CAN of CIDER to Alice.

Go to Olivias Bedroom.
Give Olivia the POKER CHIPS….

Enjoy the end! ☺



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jerry-wanker-and-the-quest-to-get-laid-finalktulhu-solutionsIt is a visually impressive and fun game that captivated my attention. The well-crafted text, animations, and graphics contributed to a captivating gaming experience. However, the game's drawback is the limited number of scenes, which could be expanded. Additionally, it lacks an in-game guide or hint system, making it challenging at times. Despite these areas for improvement, it remains a decent gaming option for those who appreciate engaging storytelling and eye-catching visuals.