In a Scent Ep. 4 Part 1 v1.035 by Domiek, In a Scent is a game about The touch of an incubus is said to lower the inhibitions of humans, emboldening them to freely act on their desires.
A young incubus is cut off from his father’s wealth until he proves himself to be worthy of his ancestors. Panicked and ill-prepared, he screams “I’m your long lost son” when confronted by the first family he encounters in the human realm.​

Updated: 2023-06-23
Release Date: 2023-06-23
Developer: Domiek – Patreon – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: Ep. 4 Part 1 (v1.035)
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Other Games: Personal Trainer
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, animated, milf, oral sex, handjob, masturbation, voyeurism, big ass, big tits, teasing, sex toys

All of these (and more) are coming with future updates.

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
In a Scent v1.035

-Episode 4 part 1
-Story continued
-Slightly adjusted the story and dialogue in episode 1 for more clarity
-Changed the description of animations to reflect camera position
-Re-rendered Raya idle conversation animation from ep1 at higher resolution
-Added Steam graphic for Personal Trainer to main menu

In a Scent Episode 1.03b

– Episode 3
– Reworked UI (General visuals)
– Reworked UI (Text dialogue and multi-choice)
– Implemented Replay Gallery
– Fixed music not playing in some replays
– Fixed MC’s name not showing in replays (Requires starting a new game)
– Yellow choice options now disappear after being selected
– Grammar/Spelling

Initial Release



Download For Win/Linux
Download For MAC (v1.02b)
Download For Android
MIXDROP *Swipe Up : Save
Swipe Left : Roll Back
Swipe Right : Skip
Swipe Down : Hide

Download For Compressed Win/Linux/Mac


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in-a-scent-domiekGod damn, this is the same Dev as personal trainer and even though its only Ep 1 if it is ANYTING like personal trainer. So far the story itself is actually pretty interesting, you have a young incubus doing his best to infiltrate a family after his dad kicked him out of his mansion in hell, but though the story is ok, the humor is actually amazing, the game is hilarious and most if not all of the jokes and banter land.