God’s Blessing On This Cursed Ring! v0.5.5 by XXXcodedXXX, God’s Blessing On This Cursed Ring is adult game about Kazuma and his party found a mysterious ring in an abandoned castle while running a quest. There is something weird in that ring. How will it affect Kazuma’s life? Can he save himself or will the ring consumes his own life and well being?​

Updated: 2023-05-21
Release Date: 2023-05-21
Developer: XXXcodedXXX – Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.5.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Oral Sex, NTR, Big Tits, Creampie, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Sexual Harassment, Big Ass, Rape, Male Protagonist, Humiliation, Ahegao, Teasing, Cheating, Harem NTR, Harem, Parody

1. Extract and run.
ChangeLog (v0.5.5):
Curse Level feature established
3 Scenes are Extended (All of three main heroine’s 2nd NTR Event.)
1 Final Vanilla Scene added (Darkness)
Special cutscene skill added. (Megumin’s Explosion skill.)
Several Major bug fixes, rebalanced some stuff and QOL update.

ChangeLog (v0.5.2):
Curse Level feature implemented. Your Curse Level will be reduced when treated by Wiz. (At the moment it will serve as visual only).
Area 2 added and optional helpful key item added on regular shop. (75% finished.)
2nd support item to help you in dark room added.
Special cutscene skill added. (Darkness’s Decoy skill only.)
Some minor dialogue added and extended.
Several bug fixes and QOL update.

ChangeLog (v0.5.0):
New 4 NTR Random Trigger Scene
Added moaning voice to all sex scene (Except peeking scene)
Several bug fixes and QOL update

ChangeLog (v0.4.5):
New Wiz 3rd NTR Scene (With moaning voice)
New UI Pause Menu
Wiz’s store and adventurer guild map reworked
Several bug fixes

ChangeLog (v0.3.5):
New Wiz 2nd Vanilla Scene
New Wiz 1st NTR Scene
New Day Count System
2nd Test Cave map + Boss added
Many typo fixes, QOL and bug fixes (Girls didn’t dissapear when all of them in John’s room)

Hotfix (v0.3.0.a):
Fixed stuck in the table after Wiz Vanilla Scene bug
Fixed the screen becomes dark after Aqua Vanilla Scene bug

ChangeLog (v0.3.0):
New Darkness Vanilla Scene
New Death scene added (Short Eris scene)
New 6 Random Trigger short scene (1 normal scene for each girl and 1 NTR scene for each girl.)
Short NTR Wiz scene added
1 New map added
Mansion map reworked
Re-adjustment to chests and enemies on the battlefield
Many typo fixes and bug fixes
Additional cheat added (Material for Time Sphere)

Hotfix (v0.2.5.a):
The missing map error has been fixed.

ChangeLog (v0.2.5):
New vanilla scene with Aqua
New 4 peeking animation when multiple girls succumbed
All old NTR scenes replaced with more smoother and slightly improved animation (Less clipping, more smoother, some scenes have more variation)
Press Shift button to hide textbox
New loading screen
Many typo fixes, QOL improvement and bug fixes
Cheat menu added (Talk to the guy on the Mansion)

ChangeLog (v0.2.0):
New vanilla scene with Wiz
New vanilla scene with Megumin
New mini game for Megumin vanilla scene
New Wiz bust sprite
New title screen
New UI dialogue text
New journal feature
Changed event John trigger point requirement to 30 – 80 – 130 – 200
Changed event Kazuma trigger point requirement to 80 – 130
Many typo fixes, QOL improvement and bug fixes.

ChangeLog (v0.1.5):
1 Peeking HCGs for Aqua and Darkness
1 NTR H-Scenes for Aqua and Darkness

Hotfix (v0.1.0.a):
Fixed the Aqua SX.png and Darkness SX.png not found bug.

ChangeLog (v0.1.0):
Initial Release
2 Peeking HCGs for each girls (Another 1 for Megumin)
1 NTR H-Scenes for each girls (Another 1 for Megumin)
1 Bonding event for each girls
1 Rival Bonding event for each girls

Dev Notes
This game contains Hard-NTR (Avoidable with effort, but as for the current version, it’s not avoidable because the game still doesn’t have an ending.). If you don’t like NTR content, don’t bother to play this just for the sake of vanilla content. You have been warned.

〇 Animated H-Scene and Visual Novel Style
This game uses Visual Novel dialogue style and RPGMaker style combined. Almost all the H-Scenes are animated. The sprites are animated as well!

〇 Erotic Tab Status
The H Status screen records information on your heroines (and your rival). You can compare them to see how miserable you are right now.

〇 Dynamic Party Dialogues
Depending on your current party members, some dialogue events will change based on your party members (and their current situations), making it more immersive.

〇 Non-Linear Anti-Stolen Party Finder System
I don’t know, I just came up with a random name about this one. Basically, to invite party members, you need to play a short mini game.

〇 Unique & Dynamic Branching Event
Prepare for the consequences on all of your choices in this game! Some of them will lead you to…. Play the game to find out!

Basically this is not your another normal rpgmaker game.
Altough there is so many features I listed above, it’s still 0.– version game.
It’s short and maybe full of bugs. (20 min – 1 hour gameplay)
This is not the final product (Alpha), expect many changes in the future version.

Please try it and write what your thoughts are about the game! I am open to all criticism.



Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win/Lin


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