Girls Next Door Update 8 by Layman Bot, Girls Next Door is a game about The story surrounds a guy who his childhood friend just moved in to live with his family. She always got him in trouble, since they were kids, and it seems that things have not changed.
You play as a young adult, who is living together with five women. Each one with their own personality and storyline, and you progress through it, event by event, combining choices and traits to find your desired path.​

Updated: 2023-01-02
Release Date: 2023-01-02
Developer: LaymanBot Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Update 8 – Christmas
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, adventure, romance, harem, incest, milf
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Update 8
We made a facelift on the Events Screen and a brand new photo gallery with all Geb’s extra content.
The main event in this update is the ‘Pool Party’ sequence. Do not let Natalie do everything she wants. Also, Alice is quite joyful today.
*5 new events
User Interface
*Events Screen redesigned
*Photo Gallery
Performance and Stability
*Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

HOTFIX 2 (2022-03-19)
* Do not archive Downtown until it unlocks other events
* Improve some story graphs visibility

HOTFIX 1 (2022-03-11)
* Fix some misspellings and typos

v6 and Hotfixes Changelog
* 5 new events
* “Downtown” is now correctly unlocked by completing “Alice in Wonderland” instead of “Making Out Again”
* The dialog box now shows the Trait name when a dialogue is displayed because you have a specific Trait
* You can now rollback after an animation is played
* An Event Flow Char was added to the Events Screen so the player can follow the story graph
* Fix an issue where sometimes the main character name was lowercased on new game

User Interface
* Fix tutorial text, hard to read on white backgrounds
* Remove Game Jolt page button from title screen
* Performance and Stability

Fix missing performance chunks
* Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.





  • 3 new events
  • Minor text changes and corrections
  • Add an option to disable typewriting text, on game settings


  • Minor UI text corrections

Performance and Stability

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Pre-caches animations for a smoothly transition



  • 9 new events
  • New save game system, featuring autosave and multiple quick saves and autosaves slots


  • New Title Screen background and shortcut buttons
  • Events screen HUD redesigned
  • Traits panel redesigned
  • Settings panel redesigned
  • Save panel redesigned
  • Pop-ups’ design improved
  • Minor UI text corrections


  • Master volume setting now affects the title screen too

Performance and Stability

  • Use of multiple chunks for better asset loading efficiency
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Intro event should now be correct registered as completed after a single run


Download For Win32 (v4)
Download For Linux (v2)


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girls-next-door-layman-botOne could say this is a generic "cest game", but it does it very well. The girls are gorgious, the renders are beautiful and everything feels fresh. The unreal engine UI is doing a good job too and doesn't annoy you like it it does in other non-renpy games. For now I'm giving this new game 5/5 stars and will vouch for it.