Fairy Tale Academy v0.3 by MasQuerade The game is set a hundred years before the events of Fairy Tale Adventure  (See below) and is loosely inspired by Harry Potter and the Witcher series.
In this game, you are a new student at the Lawnstar Academy. A school of witches, wizards and hunters.

Fairy Tale Academy is a game about you are immediately assigned to your group which includes three other students of remarkable skill. Together you must work to become to greatest hunters the world has ever seen. Each student has a special power of their own to aid in their battles. You have been luckily given the power of dimensional control. How you use it is up to you!

Updated: 2021-11-06
Release Date: 2021-11-06
Developer: Masquerade Patreon – Masq
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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Male Protagonist, RPG, Fantasy, Medieval, Big tits, Milf, Mind control, 2dcg, Harem
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
• Fixed several grammar mistakes.

• Added/Continued character storylines

• Added new full scenes with Lady Aurora

• Introduced new romance characters (Gretel, Asani)

• Introduced new story location (Brightstar Academy)

• Added Team Zero’s pet (Player’s pet)

• Added Player’s mother

• Added Cheat room

• Added 2 new locations (Head Teacher’s room, Gym Class)

• Added one new minigame battle scene.

• Added 2 new options in player’s dimension (Stats screen, Select skills)

• Added 10 new fighting skills

• Added Training option with Daro and Safiya (Dimensional, Mind control)

• Added new special power for player (Avatar Mode)

• Added lore history information

• Reworked contracts in common room

• Player can select which skills to place in plan

• Added new choices for early scenes

• Added new items to discover.

• Added new quests & contracts

• Improved color balance of many scenes, backgrounds and etc.

• Fixed bugs and errors.

• Extended the music library in-game.

– Character introductions
– Power introductions
– Player can learn dark magic from Jack
– Player can begin romance with the principle
– Player can kidnap Professor Nadia and perform dark magic on her
Please check it out and let us know what you all think :D



Fairy Tale Academy

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Fairy Tale Adventure (Anno Domini Godfather)(Old Game)

Keywords: Download Fairy Tale Academy Game.

So Lewd!
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fairy-tale-academy-masqueradeIt's just an early first version, barely more than a demo, so this review is curved for that, curved like the titties on that redhead teen (that I want to see more of while entering in every hole), but let's look at it's pros. Fair amount of art for a first version. The art is amazing. Dev with at least a passable track record (a little concerned this means more than one major project but, let's see). A game that, at least initially, seems to be reasonably within that devs skill level to deliver.