Dog Days of Summer is a game about a young girl named Vivian entering into the last summer before she graduates college. She soon meets a mysterious woman named Tara who sets her on a more erotic course. Where she takes it and how her summer plays out will depend mostly on the player. v0.5.4.1 beta

Updated: 2024-02-05
Release Date: 2024-02-05
Developer: BlackWeb Games Subscribestar 
Censored: No
Version: Rework v0.2.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Language: English

3DCG, Female protagonist, Incest, Lesbian, Big tits, Big ass, Masturbation, Teasing, Mobile game, Sex toys, Oral sex
1. Extract and run.
Rework v0.2.1

Hello everyone. What’s this a DDoS update? Yes. So most of the recoding is done. I wanted to have everything up to the Rebecca party for you guys but I wasn’t able to finish the renders and I had set a Hard deadline for today. So instead this is everything up to the sleepover with Des. but don’t worry. My goal is to have everything up to the party done by the end of this month.

Also be aware this is a completely new game/build. No old saves will work or carry over.

So what’s different?

First, all the images have been redone. That includes reworks of all the characters. While most of them I doubt you will really notice, all of them have been reworked, and Evaline and Tara have been upgraded from Gen3 to Gen 8. Mainly did this because all the clothes I wanted for both wouldn’t work for a Gen3. I might do this for Ms. Harper as well but we will see what comes of that later.

Honestly reworking all the images and characters was what was holding me back. I didn’t want to start from scratch but then I was finding it harder and harder to put in my old stuff so I ended up doing nothing.

Most of the early story beats are going to be the same. Mostly just reworking some wording, adding a bit more world building, fixing some things that I hadn’t quite nailed down about the setting when I first started.

However on the back end everything is way cleaner. And because I have a better understanding of how python works, managing all the choices is going to be so much easier and as such allow me to keep things more on track.

Also all the images are now 1080 before they were all over the place.
I’ve also been working on adding more dynamic sprites, so it’s not just two static images talking the whole time. I will add more in the future.

What to expect in the future?

So I am going to trim a lot of the branches of the tree as well as give more chances for the player to be on all the paths. For instance the Evaline/Harper choices will not prevent you from choosing the other options. No matter how you decided to help or not help Evaline there will be the option to be blackmailed by Harper or become her apprentice or for her to be a sugar momma.

And by extension you will have more options to allow Evaline to move in with you.

Now after Rebecca’s party the story is going to deviate significantly from the original game. I fell like I was really rushing things, trying to get to some of the ‘good’ stuff and ended up tangling everything.

So after the party several things will then start happening. First, if Vivian wants to get a job that will start that arc of her path. She can still get a job if you chose one of the other life paths but it might be closed if you make other choices in the game. Like Harper becoming your sugar momma.

So the planned jobs are as follows:

Work for your mom
Work with Shanna at the Diner
Work at SexShop
Work for Kathren as a PI (side content)

There might be other jobs you can pick up later on but they will be mostly side, one off type content not major paths.
Also the stuff with the Art Dealer and Desiree will pick up a lot quicker. I always had a plan for him but I was so worried about other stuff I put him on the back burner and he got left behind.

Plans for the next update:
Finish all content up to the Party with Rebecca.
Add new phone system. Current is just place holder.
Add more sprite variation.
Add Gallery

v0.5.4.1 beta
Yeah, not much here I’m sorry. Didn’t get nearly as much done as I was hoping to and I just felt I needed to get what I had up for you guys. So the polish on this is rough and I don’t even think I have gone through it with the spell checker yet.
Something I actually do with every update despite what I’m sure most people think.

So this mostly is just a sex scene with Harper if you are on the dating path with her. I’ve just started working on the content if you are being blackmailed and if you lost the first game and are going to be punished by her.

If you’re wondering what’s Harper’s dating path is, don’t help Eva cheat on the exam at all.

The first part of the sorority party is pretty much done.
So far there is one game with the sorority with lots of lude content.
There is one short sex scene between two bunny slaves One full Sex scene between Vivian and Megan

Changed many of the pngs to jpegs to reduce the game size. Quality should remain close to original.

Fixed if you were romancing Des but also being trained by Harper to be a Dom, Vivian would automatically enter into Domming
Des even though the player hadn’t chosen to do so.

New Character Sprites for Malina and Vivian have been added as part of the redesign. Other minor tweaks and fixes.

Based on your choices Des will either be happy or depressed. This is right now only the depressed portion, the happy portion coming soon. It’s still a little rough so you might want to not make a new save after playing this and wait for the next update.

Added video chat scene with mom if in a threeway with her and Evaline. Added a scene with the Aunt if you moved out of the house after the party. Added a reconciliation scene with Evaline if her and Des got into a fight at the party (not finished) Added new harper content if being blackmailed or submissive some other scenes on various paths

A lot of bug fixes. made it so you can always buy des flowers if you two fought before the artroom

Finished Evaline Mom party event (all paths now caught up-ish)
New threeway sex scene
added stinger ending if you are living with Des or Evaline

finished harper content with Monica

several spelling corrections.
fixed some continuity issues in dialog
fixed some images not showing up

v0.4.93 Public
Harper blackmail – two sex scene variants
Harper Sub training – two sex scene variants
Mom Video call – sex scene


Redid the dildo CGs at the beginning of the game
Fixed some sprite placements
Fixed a few continuity bugs when talking to Des in the art room
Fixed some wrong switches when in the art room with Des
Other minor bug fixes
Several more spelling correction

living with Evaline – 3 sex scene variants
– short preview with harper training
– redid some previous CGs and other minor visual improvements.
– lot of bug fixes.

– Mom date is implemented. “Not sure I like the latter half so I might change it in the future.”
– returning home when Evaline is living with you is now complete.

– Forgot to actually implement some of the images that I had added in the last update. So there are some new images now sprinkled through the game.
– Fixed a few switches that were improperly implemented. Probably won’t affect your game as it should have just been mostly text and no decisions at this point but there is no harm in making a new game.

continued but didn’t finish the party if Evaline is living with you. (it’s there but really buggy still and will break your game in the funniest of ways so I cut it short.)
updated the scene with Des drugged. Added some new images to keep the scene from being too stagnate.
added some images when agreeing to go on a date with mom.
continuation if you went home with Des(short show sex scene)
an intro to the date with mom



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WORKUPLOAD GOFILE *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.
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MIXDROP *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.
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