Crimson Veil by MKRUdesign is an RPG Maker game focused almost entirely around vampires. You play as Mila, a vampire hunter who harbors secret fantasies of being taken and turned into a vampire, but refuses to betray her friends, family, or duty as a member of her guild, Noctorna. Join her fight against the forces of the night and protect humanity from the rising threat of the undead, or fail miserably and witness the myriad ways Mila might fall to darkness.

The game is a work in progress and currently features:

– 54 unique pieces of artwork which can be collected for your in-game Picture Gallery.
– Over 35 fully illustrated characters to interact with. Each character has multiple facial expressions and some also have different costumes and forms.
– A large quantity of different “Bad Endings” each featuring unique artwork and some including a few extended playable endings.
– 3 main story chapters centered around Noctorna’s battle against the undead.
– 8 optional hunting contracts and side quests that will have you facing (and possibly becoming) a succubus, alraune, bee girls, lamias, slime girls, and even more vampires
– An alternate Vampire Route in which Mila becomes a mistress of the night – take on an entirely separate story if you so desire!

The most prominently featured themes include: Vampires, biting, transformation, corruption, hypnosis, slavery, domination and more to come!

Updated: 2024-04-29
Release Date: 2024-04-29
Developer: MKRUdesign Deviantart – Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v5.4.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English

RPG, 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Adventure, Monster, Transformation, Turn Based Combat, Rape, Pregnancy, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex
(You can only get to the sexual content by reaching the various bad endings)
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
Linux Users
How to Install:
1. Download the Windows version
2. Download the latest version of NW.js.
3. Extract to game directory, overwrite files when asked.
4. Run the nw binary to play.
– Run.
•Minor Bug fixes
•Additional features in Dev Room.

•Claudia now gives Mila the “Enhanced QTW” at the end of chapterV-1.
•Puzzle in Cabin 5B of the Ruddy Raider has been updated with additional hints.
•Misc Bug fixes.


•”Mind’s Eye” bug fixed Now provides weaknesses/resistance for all enemies.5.0

•Faye ultimate move damage fixed to not be overpowered in Chapter 1

•Unlimited “Count Vorigan’s Cane” glitch fixed.

•Critical Whip’s effect now only applies to Whip Strike Skill.

•Jewelry Shop prices adjusted.


•First half of chapter 5 added.

•“Mind’s Eye” item now gives data on all enemies in a battle.

•Bomb, Cross, and Axe skills have been adjusted.

•Dorian Quest can now be completed and boss fight has been rebalanced.

•2 additional quests added for Bianca, completing her story.

•Light Skills now have their own menu.

•Total amount of save slots increased from 30 to 50.

•Max level updated to 99

•11 new images added to the Picture Gallery.

•Ghoul Bad Ending art updated and redrawn.

•Equipment screen updated.

•Dev Room updated with additional tools and skips.

•Additional Autosave points added throughout quests.

•Misc Bug Fixes.

•Removed NPC blocking hallway in chapter 4 clinic.

•Contracts 12 & 13 added
•Baitelle side-quest added in Mor Town Tavern after chapter 3.
•Serenity Drug side activity added. Accessible after chapter 2 intro and during Viviene’s extended bad ending.
•Ghoul Bad Ending (MIla) updated to include extra art.
•Addicted and Cursed status added.
•Additional scenes with contract and plot relevant characters added before they are properly introduced to the player.
•Jessica can be interacted with in Viviene’s extended bad ending.
•Picture Gallery has 100 total pictures to unlock (Pic 92 currently not accessible except through the dev room).
•”Dual Lashings” skill damage adjusted and now requires 15 LP instead of 25. “Selfless Soul” now requires 25 LP instead of 20.
•Minimum enemy damage is now a fixed percent based on skill used instead of 1.
•Dorian’s Brides’ sprites updated.
•Added detail in certain maps.
•Additional autosave points added throughout quests.
•Misc. bug fixes.

•Top Patrons added as NPCs (check walthrough for details).
•Some spelling errors addressed.

•New Main Story chapter added.
•Lingrave Wastelands area added.
•Battle UI updated.
•Battle animations overhauled and now show when enemies attack.
•Narrative Mode added.
•Poison status effect now applies outside of battle.
•Prism Core item added. Permanently increases LP regeneration.
•Quest relevant NPCs now have a “…” above their heads.
•Illustration of Gabrielle biting Mila has been updated.
•Picture Gallery now has 91 total Pictures to unlock.
•Misc. bug fixes.

•LP generation adjusted. Minimum 5 LP gained each turn regardless of damage taken.
•Battle Results screen updated. No longer displays EXP.
•Fixed bug where scenes involving Sybille were not playing as intended.
•Cutscene near the end of chapter 2 has been updated to run better with speed up functionality.

•Updates and Info section added to Title Menu.
•Fix to Humilem Mansion Basement Map.

•Miscellaneous spelling/grammar fixes.
•Certain scenes fixed to show appropriate character portraits.
•”Purify” and “Holy Purify” skills have reduced TP cost (20 to 15 and 40 to 35 respectively).
•Guard skill significantly increases LP regeneration when blocking attacks (from 350% to 600%).

Fix to Viviene’s Bad Ending where the player would get stuck when approaching Maria in a cutscene.
Viviene’s Boss fight has been redone.
Fix in the Blood Temple where player could walk through the railing leading to the basement area.
“Sacred Whip” starting weapon damage increased slightly.
Fix to a cutscene in Noctorna HQ with Amber which replays if you are holding the reseach notes.
Fix to certain items not being removed from inventory when starting vampire route.
New optional dialogue with Dorian directly after speaking with Dealer.
Casino Slot Machine odds have been adjusted to be easier to win coins.
Amount of Casino Coins needed for side quest has been reduced to 500 from 1500
Winning at blackjack now has a higher payout. 1200 coins from 500.
Minor Bug fixes and spelling errors fixed in certain areas.

New Story chapter added.
Fallholt area added.
Casino area added.
Slime cave area added.
New cutscene occurs the first time entering Abelleth Village that more clearly tells the player to speak with Alaexa before unlocking the contract.
Pic 17 can now be unlocked in the Picture Gallery even if Bianca has been killed.
Certain character graphics/sprites have been updated.
Nine additional images have been added to the Picture Gallery.
Contracts that have been completed now have a sparkle above them in the contracts room.
General Stores now carry a set amount of Ammo Pouches to sell.
Lab Master Key from Ch1 is now discarded after it is used on the door and chest.
The vampire route is now accessed during the events of chapeter 3 after meeting with Dealer.

Dev Notes
The latest version of Crimson Veil is now available to download! I’m trying one thing new with this release: I’ve created and Android/iOS version.

I do not have an android device to test this version and I’m not sure how the iOS version would work, so if someone could help me out with that, I’d greatly appreciate it! I have an iPhone, but I assume that I would need to have a jail broken device to run it? If anyone can explain it better, I would be more than happy to include instructions on future releases for dummies like me. For now, consider these mobile ports of the game to be a work in progress. If I can actually get this game to run on my phone, I would be really happy!



Download For Compressed Win/Lin

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