Con-quest! Poké-con v0.22 Beta 1 by Cuddle Pit, Con-quest! Poké-con is a game about Con-Quest is a raunchy comedy RPG being released in episodic segments. The game a collaborative effort between the developers and its fans. So feel free to comment on what you would like to see in the next episode.​

Con-quest! Poké-con

Con-quest! Poké-con Con-quest! Poké-con

Updated: 2024-05-09
Release Date: 2024-05-09
Developer: Cuddle Pit Patreon
Version: v0.22 Beta 1
Censored: No
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, 2D Game, Parody, Combat, Cosplay, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex
1- Unzip
2- Play .swf (either browser of flash player).
Patron Code
“needalittleluck”, “3spooky5me” and “password”.
100% SAVE
v0.22 Beta 1

  • Added a new room The Ciff
  • Added a new cosplayer Aello
  • Added a new reward with Aello


v0.21 Beta 2

Update notes:

  • Added new Main story quests.
  • Added 4 new rooms + 2 new songs.
  • Added the first part of Ivy’s dungeon
  • Added a new ultra rare Cosplayer in the abandoned mall.
  • Added a new figure to the dumpster.


  • Fixed a few bugs with the Quest Log it should now properly display quests when you only have a single side quest.


  • Added Talara the spider cosplayer
  • Added a new Room the Gem Cave.
  • Added a new Quest with Talara.
  • Added an animated reward with Talara.
  • Added a CG of Talara X Sylvia.
  • Added the rest of the quests to the quest log.

v0.19 Public

  • Added Lilly.
  • Added a new room “Mines Outside”
  • Added a new Quest with Lilly.
  • Added a new Reward with Lilly.
  • Added animation to Lilly’s reward.
  • Added a new quest with Lilly that leads to a Scarlet X Lilly reward. Talk to Lilly by the mine to start the quest.
  • Added some of camo’s missing rewards to the Cosplayer Compendium.
  • Added a new Quest-log that tracks the main quest of the game, and Camo’s side quest. More quests will be added to it soon.
  • Fixed a bug with Mandy where you could not fight her again after losing. Click on any mailbox to re-start the fight.

Added a way to restart the fight with Mandy if you lost to her. Just click on any of the mailboxes.

Patch notes:
Added Lilly.
Added a new room “Mines Outside”
Added a new Quest with Lilly.
Added a new Reward with Lilly.


New Rewards:

  • Added a new animated reward for Mandy
  • Added a new Questline for Mandy

Change Log:

  • Peachie the toadstool cosplayer will now replace the Phoebe echo at the intro of the game. If you load an old password save you will get to fight a super powered version of her in the shop.
  • Added Mandy the mailman and her questline. Click on the three mailboxes added around the con to start the quest.
  • Added some new art and jokes to the Intro of the game and reworked it to be much quicker.
  • Added a New Map Screen that will fill out as you discover rooms.

0.16 – 0.17
Added Scarlett the Punk cosplayer. (Requires you to finish Camo’s side-Quest to find her.)

  • Added A new questline with Scarlett.
  • Added an animated reward for Scarlett.

Added a new hidden cosplayer.
(Hint: You need to have finished Phoebe’s dungeon in order to find her.)

  • Added 3 reward images for the new hidden cosplayer.

Added a new reward with Camo after finishing Scarlett’s questline.

  • Added a new room to the forest, the hidden gang hideout.
  • Added 6 new combat items to Vanilla’s shop.
  • Added 6 new animations for each of the combat items.
  • Reworked how ITEM XP is gained and you will now gain XP based on how much Damage/healing an item does.
  • Enemies can now drop the new battle items as well as some rare sandwiches that can restore a ton of HP.

v0.17 Beta

  • Added a new figure of Joyce
  • Joyce can now be found as an ultra rare spawn outside of the concert venue.

Major Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the angel statue not properly unlocking angel Phoebe’s reward in the cosplay compendium.
  • Fixed an issue where Courtney wouldn’t let you play cards with her until you finished Phoebe’s dungeon.

Added Courtney a new hiker cosplayer.
Added a new questline for Courtney.
Added a animated reward at the end of Courtney’s quest.
Added a new room in the forest.
Added a way to unlock the angel Phoebe in the cosplayer compendium if you missed it in the phoebe dungeon. (It’s in the backstage after you finish the phoebe dungeon)

v0.14 Full 10$

v0.14.5 Beta Changes:

  • Greatly increased XP gain.
  • Increased Cash gain.
  • Lowered damage of enemy spells.
  • Added new story content for Phoebe (sewer levels of her dungeon)
  • Added a new reward for finishing Phoebes new quest.

$20 Patron (Sandy Update)
Added 2 new rooms to the forest.
Added a new quest with Sandy the turtle knight.
(You can find Sandy in the new room we added in the forest.)
Added a animated Reward with Sandy with 2 versions.
Added 6 new animations for upgrading your elemental defenses in Vanilla’s defense.
Fixed a number of bugs that would occur when trying to load a password from the same version.
Fixed a softlock that would occur in the new phoebe area if you leave before talking to her.
Updated various UI components .


  • 3 New Cosplayers (Mara ,Gale, And Jaclyn)
  • A new Main Quest Line with Mara.
  • Added a Ton of new story CGs.
  • Added new reward scenes with Mara. With an unlockable animated version for beating a secret boss after receiving her standard rewards.
  • Added a reward with Camo (during Mara’s new Quest)

v0.13b hotfix
Hotfix 2 10/6/2020

  • Fixed an issue when starting a new game cash would be displayed as NaN.

Update Notes:

+Added a new Cosplayer Ellie
Ellie’s quest can be started after helping camo set up her camp.

+ Added A Quest line for Ellie with a reward available after it is completed.
+Added a hidden unlock-able animated version of Ellie’s reward.

  • Fixed an issue with the victory screen that would cause some players to only get 1/10 of the intended XP/CASH

Con-Quest 0.13 Beta
+Added a new Ultra Rare Cosplayer Sylvia

Sylvia can be found after completing Camo’s quest.
+ Added A Quest line for Sylvia with a reward available after it is completed.
+Added an unlock-able animated version of Sylvia’s reward.

After completing her quest beating the ultra rare echo version of her will unlock it.
Changes /Fixes

  • The victory counter will no longer reset when you leave the room allowing you to visit vanilla’s shop to heal if needed. Encountering a Ultra Rare Girl, getting defeated in battle or running from a fight will reset the Victory Counter.
  • Tweaked the amount of damage revived and dealt when attacking something lower/higher level.
  • Being defeated in combat will now add the “Smelly” Icon to your Map UI.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed using two skills at once during combat, causing a crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to incorrectly calculate the players level during combat, making fights harder than they should have been.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Element icons to not reset when ending combat with any element other than “Normal”.


Con-Quest 0.22 Beta 1


Con-Quest 0.21 HD

Download For WIN
Download For Mac

Download For Flashplayer for Mac Users


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con-quest-poke-conVery good game. Above everything else it's the game's writing and humour that make it particularly entertaining. Despite of the limited options and repetetive combats the gameplay is somehow still fun. Enemies keep posing a challenge. The grind aspect does not consume too much time and makes the gameplay feel rewarding. A lot of content and it's actually good.