Block Breaker but the the blocks you are breaking are the women’s clothing. Hence the name “Cloth Breaker”​


Updated: 2024-02-23
Release Date: 2022-11-25
Developer: URAP DLsite – Twitter – Pixiv
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.40d
OS: Windows
Language: English (Interface), Japanese (Interface and dialogue text)

2DCG, Censored, Japanese Game, Voiced, Big Tits, Big Ass, Stripping,
Extract and Play. 
2022-02-26: Added Clothing x Breaker 1.40d download for Windows OS and APK download for Android.
2024-02-23: Added Clothing x Breaker 1.01 download for Windows OS.

Jul/14/2023: 1.40d Cheerleader added
May/23/2023: Stage11 Girl and CUSTOM GAME (Custom Game) addition
Dec/19/2022: 1.10d Santa Claus Girl, add video to bonus mode, bug fixes.




Download For Win/Lin
Download For Android

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cloth-x-breaker-durapI honestly expected this to be shovelware but was pleasantly surprised. The somewhat animated pixel art looks pretty well done and the tunes aren't bad either. The levels get progressively more challenging but you don't really have to worry about upgrading anything if use the grenade ability effectively. The only real complaints I have are the janky physics that cause the ball to get flung in random directions and not being able to see the lactating goodness in the gallery, but otherwise the game is good fun.