Carnal Instinct Pre-Alpha 2023-12-20 by Carnal Instinct, Carnal Instinct is a game about journey begins in a realm of ancient myth, where the life-giving waters of the Euphoris river meet the sandswept ruins of Sabu. The God-Queen Kethra has not been seen for a thousand years, but rumors of her return are uttered in hushed tones throughout the sprawling villages along the shoreline of the once mighty waterway. Deprived of its divine empress, Sabu has fallen under the rule of eight demigods, powerful beings that once served Kethra as bodyguards. Unchecked, these immortals now vie for power as warlords, their conquest bathing Sabu with the blood of the innocent.​

Updated: 2023-12-23
Release Date:  2023-12-20
Developer: Carnal Instinct – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2023-08-01
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, adventure, big ass, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, futa/trans protagonist, internal view, monster, monster girl, teasing, vaginal sex
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
Dev Notes
Key Features:
  • A range of visually distinct playable races. Customise everything from your skin tone and outfit to your animal aspect and genitalia.
  • Fully realised 3D sex acts. Whatever takes your fancy, from vanilla to kinky, every taste is catered for. All scenes feature highly-detailed 3D animations, sounds, voice acting, and particles to bring you right into the action.
  • Multiple NPC partners. Some NPCs are interested in sex with strangers, others may require you to undertake quests or even topple warlords before they’re open to your advances.
  • Immersive open-world RPG. Not just a porn game, Carnal Instinct features a vast and beautiful hand-crafted open world that is teeming with stories to unravel and secrets to uncover. The game features everything you’d expect in an RPG, with quests, dialogue, inventory management, trade, and more.
  • You have my sword. And my… bow! An open-world RPG would not be complete without combat – take the fight to monsters and bandits alike with your blades. Archery, thrown weapons, and combat magic are already in development too, watch this space!
  • If you see it, you can reach it. Todd made the idea a meme, but here we’ve actually done it. The entire world is open to you – no invisible walls. With our climbing and vaulting system you can scale every distant mountain – and with our detailed world full of all kinds of hidden “interactions” it’s well worth your time to do so.

Upcoming Features:

  • Constant expansion of playable content every month. More sex scenes. More playable races. More clothing. More customisation options. Expanded worldmap.
  • Dynamic sexual interactions. Pushing our sex scenes to the next level, we’re currently developing more fluid and interactive systems to give you total control over every thrust and squeeze.
  • Photo studio mode. Pose, light, and show off your unique character with this mode. Be they standing heroically alone, or caught in the act with a conquest, it’s up to you.
  • Stealth upgrades. What’s the point in climbing down a cliff into an enemy camp if you can’t restrain or dispatch them silently. We’ve a wealth of sneaky surprises yet to come.
  • Exotic races & sex scenes. Currently only ingame as NPCs, we’re bringing Centaurs, Nagas, and all manner of exotic forms out to play. Constrict as naga, swim as merfolk, soar as dragonkin, or thunder across the sands as a centaur. The order in which we implement these final-tier forms will be decided on Patron-poll.
  • Environmental hazards. Sabu can be a dangerous place, many forgotten things lurk in the tombs beneath the sands. Things which lust for the warm flesh of the surface dwellers.

Major Content Update & UE5 Release Date Update – New Scenes and Cosmetics!
Expanded Quest Content, New Armour, New Cosmetics and the UE5 Release Date Update

Hey Everyone!

We’re here with our 2nd Major content update of the year and an update on the UE5 release date, we have added new scenes, new cosmetics, expanded an existing quest, gave more options in existing quests and more!

The Inquisition


For this update we’ve finally revisited the artwork for a key boss and faction in the world; they’ve been left out in the cold for too long, and finally we’ve updated the Inquisitor of Bast, along with her trusty Zealots.

This means that there are impactful decisions to make at the end of her fight now. Spare the Inquisitor and take her captive, or kill her and obtain her armour. She is now potentially interactive in DSS scenes, should her devotion to the Inquisition crack in the face of her needs. She doesn’t have a unique scene right now, but she’s fully voice acted.


All the new gear is available in the colours of the Inquisitor (gold/white) and the Zealots (copper/grey). Only one of the planned head variants is currently in-game, however the other will be come in a future update once we’re into the IOB questline.

New Footjob Scene


This update brings with it a scene for all our penis-equipped players; a first-pass foot-job scene. For now it’s been both added to the general rotation of DSS scenes and also to another Adept at The Great Temple of Anubis.

Players are able to indulge in the graces of the Jackal god as one of his devout followers massages their member to completion.

Male Armour & Jackal Skins


Finally male-bodied players are able to don the armour of an Anubite Warrior; there are four options to choose from (with female players also now gaining access to the grey Elite Guard variant).

As with the female variant, the head and skirt elements are separate and allow for mixing and matching to customise your look.


We’ve now added two new skins for the Male Jackal form; the Fennec skin is a male version of the existing Jackal skin, however the Painted Lyca is currently exclusively for male players.


Female Cosmetics


We’ve also rounded out our array of reptile skins with the addition of the Deathmarsh and Albino Crocodile options. Though it’ll be a while before you meet Nepthys’ handmaidens in-game, we thought you should have the chance to get your hands on them sooner rather than later.

General Bugfixes/Updates

This release also has some quality of life bug fixes to DSS, some NPCs around the world have some texturing issues fixed and the Scribe from Blood Script now has a DSS Scene enabled.


UE5 Release Date

We had initially hoped we’d complete the move to UE5 within June, however there were a few more bumps in the road than we anticipated and that date has slipped a little. We’re not greatly behind schedule however, so we’re now at the point that we’re able to confidently put a firm date on the Steam release of Carnal Instinct:

The Unreal Engine 5 version of the game will go live on an opt-in Steam beta branch on 31st July 2023.


This we everyone will continue to have both versions of the game available until UE5 reaches content parity with UE4, and then we can make UE5 as the main branch of the game and the UE4 version will be moved to a Beta Branch.

We will be releasing a UE5 update development blog in a couple of weeks to share with you what we’ve been working on and what to expect.

As always, thank you everyone for your support and we hope you enjoy the new content, we’re really excited to share with you all of our hard work.

Team Carnal Instinct

New Sex Scenes, Cosmetics & UE5 Update

Hey Everyone!

Happy new year! the first Major Content Update for 2023, bringing bug fixes, map changes, a new sex scene and piercings! After we’ve covered that, I’ll give you a huge update on our UE5 progress, timeline and some of our 2023 Roadmap

First Threesome DSS Scene


As we can’t bring new features to UE4, the bulk of this update will be quests and/or sex content. This is no exception; v0.3.64 brings our first DSS dry-run implementation of a 3-partner scene.

The Adepts of the Jackal Cult are most welcoming and will let you join their ritual, should you desire it. Said ritual involves
one Adept riding your face whilst the other pumps your manhood for all it’s worth. Currently this provides no boon, however things are different in UE5, and such rituals serve a purpose (beyond mere titillation).

Currently the scene is available to futa players only, but will become usable by female and male players soon.

New F x F Option – “Serpent’s Tail”
There have been numerous requests, since the start of the project, for a “strap-on” option. It seemed to us that there is a lot of content which would become accessible to our female players with such an addition, and so we’ve now added one to the game.


The Serpent’s Tail will allow player’s without male genitals to access all those scenes. There are a few scenes with slight bugs (like climax SFX) but these are resolved in UE5 so it’s only a short-term issue.

Cosmetic Updates – Piercings
With our last update to the Daughter of the Void, we added piercings to the game, due to their excellent reception, we’ve expanded this and added more piercing options! The set we’ve started with is the Minoan Livestock Tags. These come in a range of options and can be toggled in stages; for now only the “head” and “torso” options are enabled in UE4, but there are “genital” options available in UE5.


This set works for Males and Females (though the Void Daughter is currently excluded). Adjustment is available in the ‘Forms’ screen.

Cosmetic Updates – New Skins & Négligée


To bring the Adepts to life we needed some new cosmetics – enter the Beaded Négligée, winner of a poll back in the dim-distant past. There are four versions of this item, matching various other Anubite clothing.

Finally, we’ve also added a new cheetah-inspired skin for Felians, rounding out the ‘big cat’ collection.

Dev Blog & Roadmap Update


So we’re finally ready to put some dates to our release schedule, as well as giving you a peek under the hood. This post should help explain our decision making as well as what we want to achieve with the finished game.

When we started making CI there were no end of limitations we imposed on ourselves; we had to try and design our ideal game without knowing what level of support we could expect from the community. This led to our initial plans which – whilst broad scope – were very shallow. They had to be, as we had no guarantee that we could fund the project beyond our initial timescale of 18 months.

Those constraints fell away over time and we began to expand the scope of the game, both to bring it in line with our own ideal vision as well as community suggestions. We’re in a position where we’re now able to fully realise that vision of CI without the limitations that held us back at the start of this journey.

Timeline Until “Finished” Game

So what does this mean for development timescales? Well we want to overestimate our times from here on – having had to delay one we don’t ever want to be in that position again. We think that we’re realistically looking at around 4-6 months of development time until we leave Pre-Alpha, with a further 6-8 months until we leave Alpha. This then leaves us Beta and final release content, so in total we think that the Pre-Alpha/Alpha/Beta to final release will run for approximately 18-24 months from today. After that time the game will continue to receive some content expansions however we’ll consider it a complete game, with the expansions representing the equivalent of DLC but not “core” content.

As for specific dates on when each phase will end, these will be announced 2-3 months in advance.

How Will The Map Expand Over Time?
The total playable area of the map (excluding the Helios Archipelago) is approximately 50 square kilometres, that’s 1 & 1/3 Skyrim’s in old money. The map development will roughly follow the boundaries of the eight ancient Nome, key provinces of Sabu;

  • Amentet-heq aka “The Westlands”
  • Behid-heq aka “The Throne”
  • Ephos Tjeb-heq aka “The Breadbasket”
  • Inebu-heq aka “The Pale Walls” (home of the Inquisitors of Bast)
  • Khaset-heq aka “The Bull’s Shield”
  • Khensu-heq aka “Hefer’s Reach”(or sometimes “Hefer’s Rump”)
  • Ta-Ur-heq aka “The Great Dunes”
  • Wased-heq aka “The Sceptre” (home of the Anubites)

The map is colour coded, with the hues approximately matching the development phases in which we expect to deliver each section. Yellow is the zones which will release with the initial UE5 launch, green covers the areas added in the following 9 months, brown is the areas which will be delivered following that, and finally red are the areas which will unlock up to the “final release” (Helios Archipelago is out of bounds on this map but would be red).

Development won’t follow the boundaries precisely, as some areas are needed for earlier quests and other areas are for late-game content only, but this gives a rough guide. The two-tone areas are those which will start in one phase of development but will be revisited later on.


 Additionally the areas won’t just appear all at once, rather once province at a time will be added along with quests, tombs, romance NPCs, and other content.

How Will This Impact the Main Story?
Unlike in UE4, the UE5 build of the game breaks the faction quests into their own questlines. The main story will unfold in a linear fashion as the world expands, with the side factions becoming available as their territory is made playable. The first of these will be the Merchant’s Guild, as their “free city” resides in The Bulls Shield.

UE5 will also feature the “story intro quest” rather than dumping the player unceremoniously on the docks. You’ll have a chance to uncover the world anew, with far more lore to discover, enemies to encounter, and secrets to obtain – there are countless rewards for those interested in the history of Sabu and keen to explore.

What Features Will Be Available From UE5 Launch?
This is by no means an exhaustive list, however the following will ship with the first UE5 build;

  • Intro Cinematic/Quest
  • Multiple Additional New Quests
  • RPG Stats (Including Fertility/Virility)
  • Sailing (Single Option at Launch)
  • Riding (Single Option at Launch)
  • Upgraded DSS
  • Player & Romance NPC Pregnancy
  • Multiple New Enemies (Several Desert Creatures, New Cursed Beings, Enchanted Constructs, and Boss Fights)
  • Additional Genital Customisations (Including Piercings)
  • Flaccid/Erect Genital States
  • Tal-Senet and Mehden Islands (Yellow on Map Above)
  • Upgraded Item Interactions
  • Shrines for Buffs (Enable/Disable Pregnancy, Combat Boons, etc)
  • Enemy and/or Consumable Applied Debuffs (Poison, Bleed, etc)
  • New Harvesting and Plant Types
  • Romance NPC
  • Form-Based Bonus Attributes
  • Overhauled Combat AI
  • New “Fluids“/Mess System (Including Washing).
  • Magic Casting (Including Mana System)
  • And More…

What Content From UE4 Will Be “Missing” At Launch?
There will not initially be as much playable content in UE5 as there is in UE4, however the UE4 build will remain available indefinitely(likely via Steam Beta Branch) so nothing is lost. The UE5 build will start players at the beginning of their journey, rather than at the midpoint (as in UE4). The weapon options are far more limited to begin with, as are genitals; these things will be earned and discovered over the course of the game (alongside all-new ones). Forms must be unlocked with essence and various other content simply lays outside the playable area for now.

We want it to be more significant when the player obtains an enchanted longsword, or an heirloom khopesh, so these won’t be littering the dunes in the starting zone; in UE5 the tombs will serve as the primary source of powerful unique items. As these are added it will mean players only enjoy the rewards once they take the risk. The same is true of rare forms, which can only be found in the most dangerous depths of forgotten catacombs.

UE5 should be considered a large chunk of new content that will gradually expand to encompass all of the UE4 content, as well as bringing the new story quests and other playable additions to the world.

When Will Players Be Able To Get Their Hands On UE5 CI?

That’s the real question we expect people are here to have answered, so we want to avoid equivocation and provide a realistic date we know we’re able to meet. To that end we intend to launch the UE5 build in June 2023.

This is clearly longer than we’d initially scoped, and for good reason, so we’ll cover that a little here.

  • Firstly, once we make the move to UE5 we don’t want two months of “nothing but bug-fixing”. This version has been in the works for a loooong time and has a lot riding on it. The last thing we want is performance issues or broken quests in what should be a fairly polished release. Obviously it’ll still have issues, but we want to take far more time than usual to squash what we can ahead of time.
  • Secondly we really want UE5 to wow everyone from the get go. Not a “oh that looks better” but a “f*ck me how is this even the same game?”. This means we want to carve a solid month for our art team, including our new dev, to add a wealth of new environment details. These things aren’t strictly necessary, but they make a massive difference to how alive the world feels and elevate the experience immeasurably.
  • Thirdly we need to still release playable content for UE4 in the meantime. We don’t push features to UE4 any longer whilst we build UE5, but we still need to give our supporters something each month to get your teeth into!
  • Finally we’re simply waiting on a massive amount of new voice acting (not the aforementioned recordings, this is even more new stuff). There are a host of new NPCs that we haven’t yet had delivered, as well as some new player audio (both male and female). We want the game to be as close to a “vertical slice” as we can make it. This means we want to put the icing on the cake before we serve it, rather than slop some icing on your plate whilst you’re already eating; it’s a clumsy metaphor but hopefully it makes sense.

I know it’s further away than we’d hoped for our “expedited timescale”, but we plan to deliver a much more polished upgrade than we’d otherwise be able to. Thank you so much for making this possible – it’s entirely down to you that we now have another seasoned artist on the team along with a junior writer.

Roadmap Update

The World
We gave you a bird’s eye view of Sabu above, here we’re fleshing out a little more of what you can expect to see in the second phase of world development (the initial UE5 release represents phase one).

There are summaries of each territory including the most important feature as a gold triangle, such as The Great Temple of Anubis in Wased-Heq. Additionally the other major landmarks are included, though it’s important to stress that these are only the most substantial areas in the zone, such as estates, and we haven’t included every dock, farm, or hamlet.

There’s also a preview of the next set of planned romance NPCs, hopefully enough to give a taste of what’s to come. This document also includes which UE4 npcs will make the jump relatively early on, becoming full romance options. Please be aware that, due to their relocation, some of these characters fit differently into the overall story (though their personalities will make the jump unscathed).


Thank you all for your incredible support, and if you got this far, we appreciate you :)
Team Carnal Instinctv0.3.60
Major Content Update – New Scenes and Cosmetics + Dev Blog

v0.3.55 Changelog

  • Added new Fennec Jackal Female Skin
  • Added new sex scene
  • Added new MxM Scene – “Standing Behind” as a part of Bribe Payoff
  • Added new Standing Female/Futa Scene
  • Added new “Sketchy Draconid” NPC to bribe the Guards and get the new MxM scene
  • Added new Voice Acting for Citizens around Blood Script Corpse
  • Added new Voice Acting for Watchman around Blood Script Corpse
  • Added item “Carapace Shield”
  • Added item “Iron Arrow” to Merchant Stock
  • Added item “Steel Arrow” to Merchant Stock
  • Added blockout map locations for “Liquid Gold”
  • Added Quest “Liquid Gold”
  • Added item “Khooma”
  • Added NPC “Centauress”
  • Added Enemy “Addict”
  • Added 19 new NPCs for the “Liquid Gold”
  • Added new Quest Functions to Support non-linear quest progression
  • Added new town Nappona Estate
  • Added other various map areas
  • Added additional Objectives to Liquid Gold to make it less confusing


  • Fixed an issue where Crocodiles could play the Ahmes tail fucking scene
  • Fixed an issue with Ahmes interaction with the player and the Canopic Jar
  • Fixed a bug with an issue with the tints that connect to the member to player for multiple skins and forms
  • Fixed an issue with Mered on Save/Load for some players
  • Fixed an issue with the Save/Load for multiple unique NPCs
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs so that they will not continue to play the talk animation after dialog has completed
  • Fixed an issue with the Fenneck Jackal Skin
  • Fixed an issue with Multiple New Skins from v0.3.48->v0.3.59
  • Fixed an issue with the Cock Buldge for some models in some scenes
  • Fixed an issue with the Map which made it difficult to progress through Liquid Gold
  • Fixed issues with Objective Completion with Liquid Gold
  • Fixed issues with save/loading during the endings of Liquid gold preventing progression
  • Changed the Goo Scenes, both the Jar and the Tuvan scene so the Male cannot complete the scene
  • Changed quest objective rewards to increase gold given and fixed some objectives not giving gold in Liquid Gold.



  • Added form “Crocodilian”
  • Added Form – “Male Draconid”
  • Added Quest – “Blood Script”
  • Added Dynamic Sex System
  • Added Outfit “Male City Garb” (6 colour versions)
  • Added Outfit “Male City Skirt” (6 colour versions)
  • Added “Carnal Instinct Vision” (Default is F, but you will probarly need to bind this key in the options menu)
  • Added “Carnal Instinct” stat type. This will be used in dynamic sex to increase your “staying power” scenes will have “Pleasure ratings” at some point
  • Added 40 new animations for the first dynamic sex scene
  • Added male animations for the Dynamic Sex scene
  • Added new F/F Cowgirl Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added new M/F Cowgirl Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added skin – “Black Felian”
  • Added skin – “Ahmes”
  • Added clothing for NPCs
  • Added new dungeon for “Milk & Honey”
  • Added new dungeon for “Footsteps of the Dragon”
  • Added Main/Side quest to the World Map descriptions
  • Added Enemy Zone indicators on the compass
  • Added icons for equipment slots in the inventory
  • Added blinking animations back to the player after the rework
  • Added sound occlusion to various sounds to make them dampened in caves
  • Added healing effect to the player bed, resting now restores 100% HP
  • Added some armor to the void form to compensate for lack of equipment
  • Added new F/F Twisted Missionary Scene for the Dynamic Sex System
  • Added new Torso Cosmetic “Slaver’s Finery” (4 variants)
  • Added new Leg Cosmetic “Slaver’s Straps” (4 variants)
  • Added a new Bedlah option – Dark Bedlah
  • Added 4 new voices for the Dynamic Sex System Actors
  • Added a new Skin for the Playable Crocodile Race “Saltwater Scales”
  • Added “Merchant Haji” into the world – selling male clothing
  • Added [UI] tooltips to indicate how to unlock Forms & Cosmetics
  • Added mouse control to dialogue


  • Fixed an issue where the Void Body would incorrectly allowing clothing to be equipped
  • Fixed multiple issues with unoptimisted textures
  • Fixed an issue where Tomb Robbers would not have the correct death SFX
  • Fixed missing icon for “Breeding Harness”
  • Fixed “Writhing Grubs” having no weight or value stats
  • Fixed a bug where the Acolyte of Seshat could be killed before starting “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would be displayed during “Footsteps of the Dragon” cutscenes
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD would be displayed during “Milk and Honey” cutscenes
  • Fixed bug with “Sealed Tomb Key” not persisting through save games
  • Fixed an issue with ground blood decals being displayed on the players clothing
  • Fixed issue with the form unlock toggle not flipping properly
  • Fixed fire pyres sometimes duplicating the dynamic light
  • Fixed dialogue save files not being deleted properly
  • Fixed an issue with white item popups
  • Fixed an issue where head gear would be removed when loading save games
  • Fixed a bug where item rewards would not popup during “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Fixed a bug where item rewards would not popup during “Winter Winds”
  • Fixed a bug with Footsteps of the Dragon which allowed players to be stuck in the tomb
  • Fixed bug with Apa walking out of the camp bounds
  • Fixed bug where the “Inquisitor of Bast” would start phase 2 multiple times per second
  • Fixed a few LOD issues some various models
  • Fixed grammar issue with Havar’s Note. It’s also been renamed to “Havar’s Letter”
  • Fixed issues with Quest Items appearing in the General Tab. Updated some descriptions.
  • Fixed issues with Jailer Keys for the 6th time
  • Fixed weapon descriptions for iron & damascus variations
  • Fixed dialogue lines for Mesahtnofret saying “Is calls night lotus”
  • Fixed “Human Manhood” & “Equine Cock” having additional text in their descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect audio line and grammar mistake during “Secret Admirer”
  • Fixed locked doors not stating which key is required to open them
  • Fixed a bug with the Void Khopesh attacking faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue where Anubite AI would change skin based on the player
  • Fixed a bunch of LOD issues for optimization
  • Fixed a bug with dragging and dropping in the Inventory and switching tabs
  • Fixed a bug which did not allow balls for DemiHumans
  • Fixed a typo on Havar’s Necklace
  • Fixed an issue with Cum VFX not being in the correct location for the corresponding NPC cock in DSS scenes in some situations
  • Fixed an issue with Caged NPCs World Icon not being removed after saving them
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to give Khaba the scribe notes
  • Fixed “Saltwater Scales” appearing as a legacy item
  • Fixed various game props being climable when not intended
  • Fixed an issue with floating horns on draconids
  • Fixed a visibility hole in the Night Lotus Cave
  • Fixed the collision on various props which caused the player to get stuck
  • Fixed a small bug where “Salt” had no weight
  • Fixed a bug with standard “Level Up” HUD element displaying your Carnal Instinct level
  • Fixed an issue with floating draconic horns
  • Fixed audio volume level for “Blood Script” voice lines
  • Fixed issues with the White Wraps on Female Jackal, Male Jackal and Cursed Ones
  • Fixed issues with the Dark Bedlah on Draconid Skins and the Demi-Jackal
  • Fixed an issue with Seawater Scales being shown in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue with the Loiterer’s dialog during Blood Script
  • Fixed a problem with quest actor tracking during “Blood Script”
  • Fixed a cinematic glitch during “Blood Script”
  • Fixed problems with existing saves not working properly with new forms and cosmetic/dong unlocks
  • Fixed an issue with NPC mouths having strange lighting during dialog sometimes
  • Fixed procedual effects to be more performant
  • Fixed resolution issues on a large amount of Particles, Texture Memory etc
  • Played Elden Ring


  • Changed Leveling and quicksave visuals slightly
  • Changed Ranno to reward 200 gold when choosing the coin reward
  • Changed the players step height slightly
  • Changed the item tooltips to be darker, allowing for better reading when hovering over the inventory
  • Changed the font and icon sizes when reading detailed items.
  • Changed the respawn timer on enemies to be double the current time
  • Changed the default player camera zoom to be closer
  • Changed the default player to be wearing “Brown Wraps”
  • Changed Nepthys to the new Model and speech Animations
  • Changed the Vendor re-stock to fix an issue with inconsistencies between restock and initial vendor stock
  • Changed the view distance on “Carnal Vision”
  • Changed “Carnal Vision” to be toggled, not held
  • Changed Draconic Male to be unlocked via “Footsteps of the Dragon”
  • Changed spelling and punctuation for multiple conversion lines
  • Changed the majority of existing NPC’s to use the new models
  • Changed the “Ancient Tome” to be in the Quest Items inventory
  • Updated credits.



  • Added Quest – “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Added new visuals for the Inventory Screen
  • Added Clothing items – “Sabuthi Sash” (Green, Pale, Black & Red)
  • Added Clothing items – “Sabuthi Skirt” (Green, Pale, Black & Red)
  • Added Weapon – “Kethrite Sceptre”
  • Added Enemy type “Accursed Warlord”
  • Added Quest Dungeon
  • Added weapons to the Inventory player character
  • Added character names to dialogue lines
  • Added numerical selection for dialogue choices
  • Added spacebar to dialogue control for skipping lines and selecting choices
  • Added keybindings for “World Map”, Quests” and “Inventory”
  • Added a sex indicator to the dragon after the Winter Winds quest completion
  • Added Armor stats to the Anubite equipment
  • Added new visuals for interactive HUD elements
  • Added code to the bed so if you sleep it can help fix any issues with the Day/Night cycle
  • Added new visuals and SFX for Quests
  • Added new visuals and SFX for Consumables
  • Added armor scaling to enemy levels
  • Added new animations for ambient npcs
  • Added new sounds for cave interiors


  • Fixed an issue with Quests not tracking correctly when switching quests
  • Fixed bug with dispearing items in inventory when unequipping items
  • Fixed a bug with the Craftsman using female animations
  • Fixed an issue where day/night cycle could potentially get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Beast of Sobek idle SFX would linger after death
  • Fixed an issue where if the player dropped from a great height the roll did not play
  • Fixed an issue where if you left the form screen the enemies would sometimes not unfreeze
  • Fixed a compass issue with Prisoners
  • Fixed an issue in Iraya’s dialog with the choice line being duplicated
  • Fixed an issue with many sounds still being able to be heard even with all options turned to 0
  • Fixed the description on Esi’s shield so it’s now visible
  • Fixed an issue with the loot bag so it doesn’t get broken by opening the In-Game Menu
  • Fixed multiple issues with Nepthy’s dialog
  • Fixed multiple issues Milk and Honey Inquisitor of bast cut scenes and dialog interactions
  • Fixed an issue with the Inquisitor of bast enslavement getting the player stuck
  • Fixed an issue with Neboo that made her less talkative
  • Fixed a bug where Cursed Ones had too much stun resistance
  • Fixed an issue with the Northern Drake Horns
  • Fixed a bug where players could not free Prisoners
  • Fixed issues with Jailer Keys not stacking, they can now also be sold and dropped
  • Fixed a bug with the new item notification not including consumables already equipped
  • Fixed bug where certian enemies would fall through the map
  • Fixed the Fast Travel Icon in the World Map Legend
  • Fixed an issue with the Form screen locking up when holding “W”
  • Fixed a bug where the Dragon stops being interactable
  • Fixed Silver Bedlah being in the wrong inventory slot
  • Fixed an issue where unarmed combat wouldnt allow the player to leave the state
  • Fixed a bug where the balls were unlocked in the map despite being unlocked by default
  • Fixed the form screen not inlcuding the inventory top bar
  • Fixed a bug where quests wouldnt hide in the main HUD or when hiding the UI
  • Fixed an issue where quest objective popup would also appear when taking a new quest
  • Fixed in game main menu changing typeface font when hovered
  • Fixed a bug where enemy particles would persist after death
  • Fixed desert cats and crocs cannot be back stabbed anymore
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to use WIP magic system
  • Fixed a bug which caused dungeon lighting code to be consistent throughout time of day
  • Fixed sound classes with several WAV files
  • Fixed grammar issue with Havar’s Note. It’s also been renamed to “Havar’s Letter”


  • Changed the voice lines for the dragon increasing the volume
  • Changed multiple text lines accross the game to resolve some grammar issues
  • Changed the combat system to use only one type of targeting
  • Changed various combat animations
  • Changed Thurst Attacks to be peformed with light attack, while sprinting
  • Changed the overall damage of various enemy AI
  • Changed the Save/Load system to resolve the SaveGame issues
  • Changed slightly lowered the random idle animation timer
  • Changed tweaked spear input buffer
  • Changed Longsword weapon speed reduced slightly
  • Changed the world sky material
  • Changed the speed and damage of Longswords



  • Added Form – “Female Jackal”
  • Added Form – “Demi-Draconid”
  • Added Form – “Demi-Felian”
  • Added Form – “Demi-Jackal”
  • Added Jackal Skins “Golden Coat” and “Mahogany Coat”
  • Added Sex Scene – “Dragon Cock”
  • Added Extreme Exotic NPC – “Ancient Dragon”
  • Added Exotic NPC – “Ranno of the Merchant’s Guild”
  • Added Quest – “Winter Winds”
  • Added Quest – “Law and Order”
  • Added Merchant NPC – “Epaphos”
  • Added Merchant NPC – “Nem-mestu”
  • Added Item – “Frostforged Khopesh”
  • Added Item – “Frostforged Sword”
  • Added Item – “Frostforged Daggers”
  • Added Item – “Frostforged Spear”
  • Added Item – “Ice Shard”
  • Added Camp System – “Cooking”
  • Added Prisoner(s) In Distress location – “Cook”
  • Added Raw Items – “Niloticus, Rainbow Trout, Sabuthi Eel, Sabuthi Perch, Raw Meat”
  • Added Cooked Items – “Steamed Niloticus, Fried Rainbow Trout, Jellied Sabuthi Eel, Grilled Sabuthi Perch, Charred Meat”
  • Added Meal Items – “Savage Broth, Seared Meat, Salted Trout, Euphoris Stew, Nusr Steak, Rich Offal Stew”
  • Added Seasoning Items – “Onions, Salt”
  • Added new Anubite Warrior NPC Models
  • Added Clothing Item “Anubite Bra” (+ alt skins)
  • Added Clothing Item “Anubite Collar” (+ alt skins)
  • Added Clothing Item “Anubite Mask” (+ alt skins)
  • Added Clothing Item “Anubite Skirt” (+ alt skins)
  • Added Procedual Effects (More dust, leaves blowing .ect.)
  • Added Procedual Effects Options (Turned on by default, disable for improved performance)
  • Added new Ambient SFX
  • Added Reworked Cosmetic – “Northern Horns”
  • Added new conversation with Nepthys for the ending of “Diamond in the Rough”
  • Added voice acting for Neb-oo
  • Added gold drops to humanoid enemies
  • Added new Merchant Dialog + Voice Lines
  • Added a filter to the character customization screen so you can show/hide locked customization options
  • Added multiple new SFX
  • Added map area “Kusma”
  • Added new animations for Cursed Ones
  • Added new SFX for Cursed Ones
  • Added new behavior for Cursed Ones


  • Fixed a bug which made zooming revert the player movement to running state, even if they were previously walking
  • Fixed a bug with blocking without hard-locking, it will now keep you hard-locked to the target
  • Fixed “Leap” attacks to deal intended damage, it is now slightly lower
  • Fixed “Leap” attack stamina cost, it now consumes more
  • Fixed an issue where the Cursed Felian Form would not have cock options
  • Fixed an issue where Havar’s Amulet wasn’t being removed after “Secret Admirer”
  • Fixed a bug where Djeda would take 50g twice when paying to “Ride the Pony”
  • Fixed a typing error on “Join”
  • Fixed an issue where the Cursed Felian Form would not have cock options
  • Fixed a bug where enemy AI levels would be set to 1 when saving/loading
  • Fixed various issues with rocks and terrain around the world
  • Fixed an issue with enemies dropping outdated equipment, these will be back working with the new system soon
  • Fixed a bug where certain NPC’s heads wouldn’t be synced to their body
  • Fixed with bells on so you can now complete the quest
  • Fixed an issue where you could be killed by enemies while in the character customization screen, inventory, quest UI etc
  • Fixed mapping issue in water line
  • Fixed a bug where you could infinitely craft items after only meeting the requirements once
  • Fixed a bug stopping Neb-oo’s character name from being visible in all dialogue lines
  • Fixed an issue with the spike trap’s visibility
  • Fixed various issues with the world and terrain
  • Fixed an issue with arrows causing a pickup loop
  • Fixed a bug with Anubite Skirts showing testicles
  • Fixed bug with missing Draconid Horns icon
  • Fixed bug with Jackal ear tuffs
  • Fixed a bug where Dhasa would give the wrong mesh for item “Northern Horns”
  • Fixed an issue with the players foot IK floating above the ground
  • Fixed multiple issues with footsteps on Desert Cats & Beasts of Sobek
  • Fixed and updated the landscape materials


  • Changed the dialogue and saving system to hopefully resolve some issues
  • Changed the default player camera
  • Changed night lighting properties slightly
  • Changed the angles for easier swimming lock
  • Changed the world landscape materials slightly
  • Changed max weight to 999 as it’s not currently used and doesn’t impact the player
  • Changed large sections of the map surrounding the Great Temple of Anubis.


  • Hotfix – of some broken stuff :)


  • Added Sex scene “Naga Oral – Average Cock”
  • Added item – “Novice Helm”
  • Added item – “Novice Garb”
  • Added item – “Kethrite Spear”
  • Added Tracked Quest Objective to the World Map screen and player compass
  • Added first implementation of swimming mechanic
  • Added Fast Travel Locations
  • Added feature to the World Map to let the player quickly find their position
  • Added a new legend to the world map (Press ‘E‘ while in World Map screen)
  • Added animations for the spear weapon type
  • Added dynamic combat music to non-boss enemies.
  • Added a new drop table system – you will now “roll” for chances of getting items, this will become much more involved when more and more loot is added.
  • Added replenishing stock over time for Merchant NPCs
  • Added new UI visuals for notifications, including Quests and Saving
  • Added an automatic save feature for when the game is exited without saving manually
  • Added hover over information for markers on the World Map Screen
  • Fixed a problem where Nepthys would have “Diamond in the Rough” quest marker before the player has completed “Milk & Honey”
  • Fixed a bug where Djeda would give the player multiple breeding harnesses
  • Fixed a bug with the Void Titan Manhood would not be in the world
  • Fixed a bug where the Void Spirit cutscene would re-play on load
  • Fixed inconsistencies with camera positions during conversation with Havar, Nepthys and Melhva
  • Fixed input buffers on certain weapons to have better response times
  • Fixed the world map icons to have working information hovers
  • Changed the combat default walking speed to 300 up from 200
  • Changed the size of the compass indicators slightly
  • Changed compass icons
  • Updated In-Game Credits


  • Void Titan Manhood is now available at the void ruins
  • The Void Spirit Cutscene will not re-play on load


  • Djeda will no longer give multiple harnesses

The “Glory of the Gods” update (Content Update 2) is now live for our Ascended Tier Patrons! In this update, we’ve further expanded the map to pave the way for future updates, added two new Quests (“Glory of the Gods” and “Secret Admirer”), added new Draconic, Feline, and Equine genitals, a new sex scene featuring a HUGE insertion, Bug fixes and More!
In this update, we’ve added a short quest with a one-time scene at the end. This quest will be expanded upon in future updates, but the first stage is suitably festive.

v0.1.42 C

Key additions:
 blood particles added into combat.
Added new crosshairs for locking onto enemies and aiming with bows.
Added new dialogue option to Ahmes to give players access to the Oral Scene after quest completion.

Also included in the update:
 the player camera in both free roam and combat. Now when you block with [Right Mouse Button] you will not enter the zoomed-in aiming mode.
Fixed an issue where Quests would not save progress.
Fixed the Elixir of Energy not working as intended, they should now regenerate much more stamina over a longer duration of time.
Fixed the skintone on genitals not loading correctly.
Fixed the hitbox on the Khopesh light attacks.
Fixed an issue with defeated enemies leaving behind footstep sounds.
Fixed an issue with animations leaning the player too much when accelerating.
Fixed one handed Anubites not properly playing footstep sounds.
Fixed player footsteps from sometimes duplicating when entering the combat state.
Fixed collision on various objects in the world.




Download For Win (Unreal5)
Download For Win (Unreal4)
MEDIAFIRE *i just completed the game with just a few minor armor pieces missing.
To anyone who might want to just enjoy what the game has to offer without any of the grinding, heres a .7z file with the save game:
ps. the save file goes in, C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\Carnal_Instinct\Saved\SaveGames
pss. The save files are for {ver. 0.3.55} of the game…

Keywords: Download Carnal Instinct Game.

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