Big Brother in Space v0.10.0 by Lewd Fiction Games, Big Brother in Space is an adult game about a new take on the ‘Big Brother’ game. You’re stranded in space with your ship’s hyperdrive damaged until you reach a space station of the Federation.
Being the first humans who made contact with the Federation, you’re assigned to your own section of the station and two of you (Ann and Lisa) are found to be useful by the station administration and are given jobs.

The other two (Alice and you) are classified as drones, so you’re not allowed to leave your section until the administrator decides otherwise.
The other surviving crew member Kira is going under medical examination because of a parasite detected in her stasis pod.​

Updated: 2024-05-11
Release Date: 2024-05-11
Developer: Lewd Fiction Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.10.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, sci-fi, milf, voyeurism, monster, sandbox, big ass, big tits, teasing, parody, animated, oral sex, spanking, mobile game

1. Extract and run.

Incest patch (just put it in the /game folder and it will appear as a new ‘language’ in the game settings).


  • 230 new images
  • 50 new animations
  • two new events with Lisa, one with Alice and Kate
  • changes to the schedule to add Kate on Monday nights


– added new paths to Ann’s quest
– extended Kira’s quest
– extended Kira’s events with sex scenes
– over 280 new images
– over 150 new animations

– complete rework of the opportunities to new character quests
– added a VN mode
– fixed a few bugs
– added/extended some of the repeatable events to reflect the story progression in 0.8.0

Just keep in mind you either need to load a complete save from 0.8.0 or start a new game in order for the new quests to be properly migrated. Also if you want to play in the newly added VN mode, you have to start a new game. There is no way to switch between game modes mid-play. Once all the current content in the game is over in the VN mode, it will fallback to the usual sandbox. You can save your progress in both the VN play or after it’s over, the game will remember your choice and once I release the next version, it will pick you from where you left and continue in the VN mode (until of course the new content is over and falls back to the sandbox mode again).

0.8.5 does not add new story progression in the game, but it does add a few repeatable events like the blackjack game with Olivia and Lisa, the evening TV event with Alice is extended to include the scenes in 0.8.0, her blog events as well include the masturbation and the handjob choices and also you get the night events with Olivia and Lisa depending on who lost the blackjack game and has to sleep naked.

– 7 new steps in the ‘Blog’ opportunity (4 new scenes)
– 5 new steps in the ‘Schoolmate’ opportunity (3 new scenes)
– ~100 new animations
– ~150 new images

– added the Festival event
– over 120 new animations
– over 280 new images
– a couple of new characters

– 150 new images and animations
– extended the event with Alice when you massage her feet or shoulders while watching TV (Ann should be gone to Eric’s place)
– extended the event with Alice when you apply sunscreen at the pool
– new event with Kira in the bathroom
– a new voyeur path for the event with Kira while she watches TV at night
– extended the event with Lisa while you help her with her homework
– new event with Ann when she’s doing yoga (drug her the night before to make it easier with the random chance)
– bugfixes

– added new quest “Schoolmate”
– added new steps to “Lisa”, “Kira”, “Alpha” and “Omega” quests
– added ~400 new images and animations
– new 6 new repeatable events, some of which have multiple variants

For those of you who already played 0.6.1, you don’t need to download this since it includes just two missing images reported earlier today,

– over 80 new images
– 10 new animations
– added new steps in the Alpha/Omega and Party opportunities
– added or extended several repeatable events:
* Alice’s blog
* Ann and Eric watching TV
* Leaving a Xenomorph egg under Alice’s pillow
* Alice leaving and getting back from the club
* Massaging Alice (now you can convince her to take off her pants / top if you progress enough in the ‘Party’ opportunity even if you didn’t give her the nose spray during the day)
– refactored the early opportunities, so they don’t depend on events
– improvements on the “Opportunities” screen, so you know when an opportunity depends on another
– Added Olivia to the “Characters” screen

– 270 new images
– 25 new animations
– 4 new quests:
– Alpha / Omega (depending on your earlier choice regarding Eric)
– Blog
– Party
– Spiders
– one new dream scene (if you’re feeling nostalgic about the original BB, I think you’ll appreciate it)
– a few new / extended repeatable events

– started Lisa’s quest
– added events with all the girls where you can use Alice’s drugs on all of them at night (check on them in the morning to see the effect)
– added dreams with Kira and Alice+Lisa when you use the drugs on yourself
– expanded Kira’s TV event at night
– 20 new animations
– 180 new images

– new characters in the game: Kira and Eric
– new and extended events with Alice
– new events with Kira and Eric+Ann
– ‘Blackmail’ opportunity is finished
– two new opportunities: ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Kira’
– one new minor character introduced: Zenta
– ~25 new animations
– ~160 new images
– new character stats screen

Initial Release.

Dev Notes
This is not your usual remake of ‘Big Brother’ nor it is just an ‘extension’ of the original story – we have enough of those already. If anything it’s a sci-fi parody of the original game with new character looks, a fresh new take on its story and new opportunities. Of course people that have played the original will see the connection to it, but you should not expect the same rules or events to apply to this game.


Just keep in mind you either need to load a complete save from 0.8.0 or start a new game,
in order for the new quests to be properly migrated.
Also if you want to play in the newly added VN mode, you have to start a new game.


Download For Win/Lin
Download For Mac
Download For Android (v0.6.2)
Download For Compressed Win/Lin
 MEGA KRAKEN MIXDROP PIXELDRAIN **You need the Hotfix below
Download For Compressed Mac
MEGA KRAKEN MIXDROP PIXELDRAIN **You need the Hotfix below
Download For HOTFIX (Might not needed anymore!)
MEGA *You need the Hotfix (v0.9.4).

Unzip the content anywhere, move all content to your main folder (where the .exe is). Overwrite all necessary files. (Half tested).

You need to copy paste every content from the update only folders into their respective folders, overwriting where necessary, if the folder is not existing you can copy the whole folder (To see the content of an app, right click the app and pick Show Package Contents)

Download For Cheat Mod

*Game Versionv0.9.4
**Installing in Windows:
After you download the file (right click and “Save as”)
Extract the Zip file in base folder. (Zip archive is packed with folder format)

UnZip file using “Extract here” option in the <Game Folder>


  • Gallery added & updated with most scenes (within Character screen)
  • Add/Remove Buffs & Add Inventory Items.
  • 100% Chance and Reset Event for Peeking & Sneaking in.
  • UI modified for Character and Opportunity Screens.
  • Character Stats can be modified on the go.
  • Choices Highlighting and Stat Changes
  • Opportunities are categorized based on the progress.
    • Each Opportunity Stage status is shown.
  • Mod can be turned ON/OFF from the Preferences menu.
Download For Patch
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big-brother-in-space-lewd-fiction-gamesIf you do play it, and you liked the original game and you don't mind playing it all over again, you will most likely enjoy yourself. The out-of-space setting allows some deviation from the original and the Dev is starting to explore this option. Unfortunately, he sticks very close to the BB opportunities and chose to use different models. Whereas they are nice to look at as well (except Kira), it feels strange to read the familiar names Lisa, Kira, Alice.. but see different faces.