Become Taxi Driver v0.24 by Neptuno, Become Taxi Driver is an adult game about You are 26 years old and you never leave home, you don’t have friends or a girlfriend, but one day you receive a call from a neighbor who is planning to move, there you buy (or steal) an amulet that contains the soul of a beautiful woman, she is a veteran taxi driver who will teach you the profession from scratch, taking you out of your comfort zone

Your car has many features that you can improve. Are you worried about having an accident? Invest in brakes; Are you superstitious? Increase your level of luck; You like speed? Make your engine roar… No matter what your style is, your car will adapt, go out on the street and be the best taxi driver in town! (Or second best)​.

Updated: 2022-05-13
Release Date: 2022-05-13
Developer: Neptuno Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.24
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Real Porn, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Female domination, Groping, Handjob, Male Domination, Milf, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Slave, Sandbox, Dating sim

1- Download zip and extract.
2- Open the html file to start playing.


  • x2 New mini-events (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • x2 New New unlockable phones (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • x7 New events with Priya
  • x7 New events with Alexa
  • x3 New events with Skylar
  • x1 New events with Scarlett
  • x1 New events with James
  • x1 New events with Carlos
  • Enhanced Quest (More intuitive): A glimpse into the past
  • Changing swimming instructor is now more intuitive
  • New Quest (Perfectly balanced as all things should be)
  • New Quest (The Forbidden Kiss)
  • New Puzzle (Alexa/Scarlett)
  • New option available in the VR with Arabelle
  • Bug fixed: VR with Arabelle


  • x1 New Maid (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • Bug fixed: Event in the quest “A beautiful woman, a thousand documents” was not triggered
  • Bug fixed: Event with Caroline was not triggered
  • New secondary character: Eliza
  • x4 New events with: Priya
  • x2 New events with: Dexter
  • x3 New events with: Litzy
  • x1 New events with: Foster
  • x5 New events with: Skylar
  • x2 New generic events with: Skylar.


  • x2 New mini-events (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • x2 New New unlockable phones (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • Media-Pack checker, improved
  • x5 New generic events with Dexter
  • x3 New events with Litzy
  • x3 New events with Bella
  • x2 New events with Neptuno
  • x2 New events with Priya
  • x2 New events with Skylar
  • x2 New unlockable phones with event
  • New unlockable phone
  • New event with Dexter
  • New event with Caroline
  • New Quest
  • New unlockable maid added
  • New Main Character: Skylar
  • All things related to Skylar added (images, location, etc…)
  • Skylar’s house added
  • Message: “Content in progress” at Caroline’s house deleted
  • Bug in an event with Bella fixed
  • Change in tracking system (now more efficient and scalable for future updates)
  • Bug in image with Brittney fixed

New mechanic, exclusive unlockable phones (For Supports) Thanks <3
x2 New mini-events (For Supports) Thanks <3
x2 New New unlockable phones (For Supports) Thanks <3

Bug in abandoned house – Fixed
Bug in text line with Bella – Fixed
Bug not triggering event with Bella in the kitchen – Fixed
x5 new events with Litzy
x3 new events with Priya
x2 new events with Caroline
x1 new event with Dexter
Wifi at Caroline’s house implemented


  • (x1) New Passenger (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • Bug Fixed: When driving the truck in the quest “A Scooby Crisis”
  • Bug Fixed: Small red warning in the side menu
  • Bug Fixed: Event with Bella
  • Added on Laptop as secondary character + VR: Cosette
  • Added on Laptop as secondary character: Priya
  • Added on Laptop as secondary character: Bella
  • (x3) New Events with Neptuno
  • (x2) New Events with Caroline
  • (x1) New Event with Alexa
  • New Quest: “Helping ex-offenders”
  • New Secondary Character: Litzy
  • (x2) New Events with Litzy
  • New Secondary Character: Priya / D3XT3R
  • New location available: Phone store
  • New Mechanics: Unlockable Phones (Collectibles)
  • (x3) Phones added
  • (x8) New events with D3XT3R and his mom
  • (x5) New generic events with D3XT3R and his mom


  • (x2) New Maids (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • (x1) New Maid
  • (x4) New events with Caroline
  • New secondary character: Cosette
  • New secondary character: Bella
  • (x9) New events with Cosette
  • (x1) New event with Neptuno
  • Change: (Talk to Chat) for generic conversation with emoticons
  • New mini-game
  • New unlockable map location (Bella’s House)
  • (x12) New events with Bella
  • New item in the store (Trap)
  • (x1) New Quest (Connecting friendships)
  • (x2) New friends of Bella
  • (x2) New events with Alexa
  • Media-Pack reminder when sleeping
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Bugs with some videos/images for subscribers on SS fixed.

x2 New passengers (For Supports) Thanks<3
(x3) New events with Caroline / James
(x2) New events with Arabelle’s Maid
(x2) New Repeatable Quests
(x1) New unblockable passenger
Typo in event with barmaid corrected
Quest edited to make it more descriptive (A glimpse into the past)
System of emojis corrected (more than 135 emojis fixed one by one)
Friendship tracker with Neptuno corrected
Bug in the quest A glimpse into the past fixed
Melody added on Laptop
Now you can use the VR with Melody
New Event with Alexa
New mechanic added (With Arabelle’s maid) in Merida


  • x2 New passengers (For Supports) Thanks<3
  • x1 New passenger
  • Bug on congratulating Alexa on her wedding fixed
  • x2 New repeatable quests
  • x2 New events with Melody
  • New event with Arabelle
  • “Cheats” menu added in the bedroom
  • Changes in the “Support” window


  • x1 New passenger (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • x1 New passenger
  • x4 New generic events with Caroline
  • New quest with James
  • New quest with Alexa
  • New event with Alexa


  • x1 New passenger (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • Help/Hints/Guide in game: Puzzles
  • Help/Hints/Guide in game: Lexi’s documents
  • Multiple visual enhancements on small screens
  • Bug when apologizing to Britteney (Error in previous save files will be automatically fixed)
  • New quest with Caroline
  • New Event with Caroline
  • Bug showing VR button with Amulet before the quest (Fixed)
  • Bug VR with Nathaly
  • New event with Arabelle/Melody
  • New unlockable Maid
  • Bug in the amount of money in the wishing well (x-ray) fixed
  • Bug showing the x-ray button before the quest
  • Enhanced TV (+Tracking)
  • Bug with Victoria’s quest
  • New store option (Buy x5 items at a time)
  • Caroline Tracking added (Laptop)
  • x1 New passengers


  • Passengers always available (For +10$ Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • x2 New passengers (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • x5 X-Ray in Merida Better Quality (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • New mechanic (Passengers) Added
  • New mechanic (Repeatable Quests) Added
  • New Repeatable Quest (Halloween) Added
  • Bug in the amount of fruits with Nathaly (Fixed)
  • Bug VR Angela (Fixed)
  • iPhone video bug (Fixed)
  • x5 X-Ray in Merida
  • x1 New passenger
  • Corrected several typos
  • x2 New events with Neptuno
  • x2 New quests
  • New secondary character (Arabelle)
  • Change in video format
  • Changes in the menu: Street
  • Changes in the menu: House
  • Optional shortcut to work added (Laptop)
  • Neighborhood (Added)
  • “More info” added in the main menu (With curiosities about BTD!)
  • Change in some images
  • Merida implemented
  • Use of X-Ray in Merida implemented
  • Bug Fixer: New option added (Fixes problems with X-Ray)
  • New main character (Caroline)
  • Caroline: X-Ray implemented
  • Caroline: House implemented
  • Caroline: Spy camera implemented
  • Other minor bugs and changes
  • Enhanced X-Ray Higher Quality (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • Premium host to play online (Now you can play the latest version without downloading anything from PC, Android, IOS…)
  • X-Ray implemented (Using AI and photoshop)
  • New Quest (X-Ray)
  • Use of X-Ray in different areas of the city implemented
  • X-Ray with: Brittney
  • X-Ray with: Amulet
  • X-Ray with: Lya
  • X-Ray with: Mia
  • Beach walks implemented
  • Cathy (Amulet’s Friend) Implemented
  • Cathy’s synergy with home spying stuff implemented
  • New Librarian implemented (With several scenes)
  • Many visual changes on mobile devices (small screens)
  • 2 New events at the bar
  • Small tip regarding emoji bug added in bug fixer
  • Multiple bugs in street racing (Fixed)
  • Bug in bathroom and other rooms when talking to Amulet (Fixed)
  • More blue tickets at work (Rebalance)
  • Price of several Nathaly related items in the store reduced (Rebalance)
  • Items required to trigger scenes with Nathaly reduced (Rebalance)
  • Scooby Cookies price reduced (Rebalance)
  • Additional money earned for speed reduced from 5% to 2% (Rebalance)
  • Multiplier of money won in street races increased x4 (Rebalance)
  • Increased bets in almost all street races (Rebalance)



  • Cheat: Get Blue Tickets (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • Maids (+2) (For Patreons) Thanks for the support <3
  • New location added to the map
  • Bar implemented
  • Blue Tickets added to inventory
  • Missing emoticons added to the inventory/statistics menu
  • Barmaid implemented (Completely)
  • 3 Previous events in the bar (Strength, Style, Intelligence)
  • Several bar events added
  • Chess girl (In the park) completely implemented
  • Bug preventing to give scooby cookies to Neptuno fixed (Old save files will be fixed automatically)

Hotfix v0.10b
Bug preventing progression with Lexi fixed

Developer Message
All game artwork has been properly licensed by each artist ^^


Download For All Version
BTD v0.23 Media Pack

*1) Unzip and replace
2) Done!

*If you want to play the game with few images and text it’s fine, if you want the full action and more than 1.5gb of extra images and videos, then this media-pack is a must!

Patch Only v0.23 to v0.24

*1) Unzip and replace
2) Done!

*Use this patch if you already had version v0.22 downloaded and you only want to upgrade to v0.23


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