Beasts in the Sun by Animo Pron this is Miss Big Booba Solving Puzzles​

Updated:  2024-04-08
Release Date: 2024-04-08
Developer: Animo Pron Website – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: Episode 1 Supporter – 7
OS: Windows
Language: English 

3D Game, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Futa/trans protagonist, Monster, Multiple protagonist, Puzzle, Rape, Rpg, Sandbox, Transformation, Urination, Voiced

Future tags: Horse shenanigans

1. Extract and run.
– Run the game
Episode 1 – v7
– Fixed major bug with 2 mummies not spawning after Totem sex scene
– Fixed crashes inside/after Tomb
– Returned basic binds for gamepads, you can also customize Gamepad controls (you still need mouse to use inventory or solve any minigames)

– Character is slightly raised, straightening her legs a bit more, making it look more natural
– Increased inventory slots
– Fixed camera fadeouts before/after sex scenes
– Fixed old bug, where “Interact” widget can disappear while moving (after touching mouse Scroll wheel)
– Added Quickload keybind (F9)
– Returned unused “Hard landing” animation, when dropping from medium height
– Fixed Tara’s damage sound reaction, based on damage type
– Fixed bug where Horse’s active items (saddle and reins) disappeared after saving/loading
– Scrolling wheel now works for switching between multiple items pickup in the area
– A lot of additional small tweaks

– Added 1 more secret area/clothing
– Added 12 collectable cards, you can find in 4 different zones
*** in the next version we will introduce a separate “Collectables” inventory Tab, where all Comics, letters, cards will go (to avoid flooding the regular inventory with these items)

– Added black makeup options for face
– Added finger/toe nails color settings
– Added Eye Iris saturation setting
– Added 2 more tattoos
– Changed slider-limits for Muscle, Breast shape, Nipples

– You can now control Tara’s vertical position too
– Fixed morphs list for Tara
– Removed black borders, now using your actual game resolution to make shots
– “Look-at” icon now invisible on the actual shot
– “Look-at” function is no longer transfers into the actual game from the photomode
– Shot now saved into “Pictures” folder of the current user
– Notification on making a shot

Episode 1 – v5
– Added DLSS
– Added photomode
– Added lipsync for Tara’s voicelines
– Added interactive physical bones in sex scenes/inventory
– Added fast-traveling system
– Ability to call the horse in the open environments – for testing purposes (only for this supporters build)
– Foliage now interacts with the player (certain plants are still not, will be fixed later)
– Mirrors are now disabled if using texture resolution setting “Low” or “Medium” (should increase perfomance in these areas)
– Added fall damage
– Alternative animations for cutscenes, while being a “dickgirl” Tara (hand moves away, so it’s not clipping). No sex scenes affected yet, just cutscenes
– Added 1 more secret

– Body type sliders are now separated to “Upper/Lower body”
– Body type settings are not resetting to default on sex scenes (may create some clipping issues though)
– Fixed issue with “Merc Boots” item, hiding wrong character geometry

Episode 1 – v5
A lot of bugs was fixed, it is a very stable version by now.

– Fixed bugs with Inventory items duplicating/disappearing
– Fixed bug with picking-up multiple items in the area
– Fixed bug with character offset in sex scenes, if you were ragdoll-knocked
– Fixed bug of getting killed (but not “captured”) by enemies
– Fixed softlock, if saving/loading while having One nipple placed for the Tomb entry statue
– Horus statue “state” is now saved after loading the game
– “Interact” widget now shows the actual key-bind in controls
– Cutscene skipping now looks better – with faded sounds/screen
– Added sounds for Ragdolls
– Fixed character offset on Lianas/Ladders
– Improved reaction between Tara+Enemy ragdolls
– Fixed collisions for bullet shells/cases
– You can now change difficulty inside Pause menu options
– Difficulty setting is dynamic now, it can be changed mid-game, all the “difficulty-depend” objects will be updated instantly
– Fixed “dropped bag” inventory items physics
– Fixed bugs for NewGame+, where it keep some object states from previous playthorugh
– Multiple small improvements for objects “save-states” in certain places
– Small improvements on the Map, such as additional Lianas, allowing you to go back if you need

– Enabled shadows for small vegetation like grass/clover/bushes and so on
– Increased Ambient Occlusion strength


Press H to mount your horse



Download For Win/Lin

SPLIT (15.32 GB)

Download For Win - Part 1
Download For Win - Part 2
Download For Win - Part 3
Download For Win - Part 4

Ep.1 Supporter v5 (Old Version but Stable)

Download For Win/Lin

SPLIT Ep.1 Supporter v5 (15.62 GB)

Download For Win - Part 1
Download For Win - Part 2
Download For Win - Part 3
Download For Win - Part 4


Download For Walkthrough
There is no Save/Load,any softlock will force you to restart the game.(FIXED)
Lower FPS means more bugs,hopefully this will be fixed soon(FIXED)
Unequiping the medallion in form of letter S in your inventory will give you a futa dick,it’s just cosmetic in this release,but there are 10 voice reactions each time you unequip it and this will help later in this walkthrough.
You can skip cutscenes with SPACE
Feel free to explore the map,the game will tell you if you are going somewhere where you shouldn’t be.

1.You appear on the beach,you have 2 choices,if you want to explore this small part and find sex scenes go on the left side from where you initially spawn.If not,go to the right to the broken tree branches,crouch and jump to step 5.
2.Going to the left, you inevitably will encounter a cutscene with a shrine,there should be another cutscene right after that one but it does not trigger immediately so you can go to the shore in the distance.If you go 10 meters further and then back,it will trigger a cutscene with Tara pissing and a raptor arriving. You can submit to it by getting hit two times,getting 3 choices of sex poses and 6 cumshots in total.
3.Looking at the ocean,you can go left along the beach,arriving at a four-armed statue. You can have sex with it if you go right in the direction where the statue is looking,swim underwater and find a blue flower. 3 sex choices and 3 cumshots. Behind it is a small cave with some comics and letters. Along the same beach,more at the left, in a bright light is a chest.
4.If looking at the ocean you go right you will arrive at the bunker door. There is some comics and a letter near it. The bunker code is 7153955. Explore it,there are some pissing scenes, a mirror scene, a shower in the bathroom and a striptease sequence, a masturbation scene and a gun in the “living” room. To turn on the lights you should go to the red light(generator) and then look around for the green light.
5.You arrive at the cave, there is some light parcour, nothing specifically hard. Tara can grab the ledges and the vines. Even if you fall down,there is water underneath , fall damage being essentially unexistent.
6.Exiting the cave will trigger a cutscene. Right after it jump into the water below. Pressing control or by directing the character with your mouse, go underwater and right behind you on the right should be two pink glowing crystals with a cave in between. Swim into it, arrive at a door/bookshelf, interact with it, go inside the small cave, at the white big statue of an angel there will be the first nipple. Go back where you came from.
7.In the small pond that you emerged initially in step 6 will be a small island in the middle. Go around it and you will find a path. Going along this short path you will find the second nipple. While going back into the water, go underwater and find a blue flower, it should be on the right side to the small island.
8.Go to the temple, you will encounter a statue of a woman, a cutscene will trigger, after it interact with both her tits to place the nipples found before, another cutscene will play, then a choice 3 poses each with a cumshot.
9.The door of the tomb will open, go inside, go to the small opening on the right, a long cutscene will trigger.(NEXT IS A SECRET,NOT NECESSARY ).Go down the stairs, on the left on the table will be a box ,take it by pressing E, go to the broken column on the opposite of the table. Press RMB which will trigger a trajectory, throw the box by holding RMB and pressing LMB so that the box lands on the other side of the column. Hold CTRL to get down and go in the small opening below. Take the box again and throw it on the high floor in the left corner right in front of you. Climb the box and jump to grab the ledge on the wall. Press D to move on the ledge and D+SPACE when she stops to jump between them. After you get to the wooden planks, press S+SPACE to jump on the other side, then W+SPACE to pull yourself up. Jump down of the other side of the debris. You will find a well, behind it is a skeleton, some comics and a key. Grab them, then jump into the well. Go down, then through the tunnel emerge on the other side. There will be some comics and a chest. Go to the right to exit through a passage right to the beginning of the tomb. Credit : Enthusiass 


10.Go in the front corridor to the statues of 3 women.Go to the left, press the lever behind the column, enter the room, solve the puzzle (Solution below). This will open the door on the right side. Go there,press F to piss into the bowl till it goes all the way down, this will open the dor behind it. Solve the puzzle there and go to the door that opened in the big room with the statues.(solutions credit : Jonathan0009


11.Climb the stairs and interact with a lever to your right open a door. After a cutscene interact with the totem. 3 masturbation scenes in total with 3 squirts.
12.After a cutscene when the mummy appears you can submit to it by getting hit. This will give you 4 poses with 2 cumshots in each pose to choose from. The mummy does not dissapear after sex, they are very slow, invincible, weapons only stunning them. Them being slow, just run to press the levers on the walls in that order:First left from the door you entered in, second right from the door you entered in, second left from the door you entered in, first right from the door you entered in.Easier explained:From the first lever on the left,just make a cross.
13.The door will open, go through it, watch cutscene, go to the door with the hole in it, interact, watch cutscene. Go through. There will be a room, a small corridor after ,and another room further. Go to the last room with a lever, interact with it, go past the mummies in the small corridor, which will have a passage to the right, try to take the mummies with you because the door open very slowly. In the small dark passage that connects tboth rooms is golden key on a piece of wood. When the door near the lever opens go through it, crouch to go below the column and enter a room with pressure plates. 


Go into this order to the opening doors(There are like 8 doors opening one after another so wait).Credit: @Just4m0dss
14.Now this part is bit tricky. As of 31 august 2023, there is a bug with the next room which is a falling ceiling trap room. For this room to work properly you should have at least 60-80 fps(you can toggle the fps counter in Display settings). So lower you graphics settings and/or resolution until you get 80 fps stable. Now:
After the cutscene go left, there is a small hole in the wall, get as close as you can to the bowl in the hole then press F and start aiming to piss in the bowl. It should get a new layer of liquid (slightly blue or transparent but visible) which should go to the top. Aim the piss at any angle you can and move Tara however you can near the hole until you see liquid appearing in the bowl. When it fills to the brim it falls off. After that, run to the second one in the right top corner of the room,same thing there. Getting a Futa dick should help if you have low fps. This should be fixed in the next bugfix update(A week or more)
15.A door opens,g o through it. A corridor with 2 metal doors will be in front of you. Each door has a chest,and to open it you will need the keys described earlier. Contains some comics, letters and customisation. Go further. There will be 2 mummies in a room. Go to the wooden boxes on the right side of the room and climb them, then crouch (Hold CTRL) to go through the hole in the wall. After the hole jump down and go to the left and below to the light.
16.Small parkour room will wait for you there.Jump on the ledge on the wall behind you and climb to the top. By pressing S+SPACE jump to the block of bricks and then to the stone thing with a red mark and to the next door below.
17.A statue of Horus will be in the next room. After the cutscene go left of the statue to grab some Blue flowers, then interact with it. A long scene with 3 poses and 1 cumshot,very hot.
18.After a cutscene the last door opens and you can go outside. There is not much in the terms of exploration in this area so you can go straight to the ship.
19.Go to the ship. Ship has broken into two pieces. Swim underwater into the smaller piece on the left to find a light, near it will be a key.
20.Go inside the big part on the ship underwater to a red light. Swim through doors to arrive to the stairs. At the first floor of the ship on the left will be a chest with lots of clothing and a plug. Go to the next floor. Open the right door.Into the corridor on the right will be a door.Accesing it will use the key you aquired earlier in the small part of the ship. A small scene will be at the table with some customisation in the locker on the left of the door and a letter.
21.Go further, arrive at the bathroom , can interact with a toilet, a urinal (2 poses each), a shower and a mirror.
22.Exit the bathroom, go to the right into a room with a valve and a letter. Take them. Go back to the stairs. Go a floor up the stairs to a room which has some customisation and letter then go back to the broken door. Interact with it, open it. Go through the tight opening. Open the door on the immeadite right. This is your room. Take everything from there.
23.Go to the door at the end of the hall with EXIT written above it. A cutscene will play with a horse. Follow the horse to a minotaur statue
I didn’t include here all letters and puzzles.They are scattered everywhere and are not hard to find by exploring.Hope I covered all of it. I will edit it if something is wrong here

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