Back to Freedom v0.27 by Bald Games, Back to Freedom is adult game by Bald Games about you are an ex-military man who made a mistake during a mission and caused the death of several allies. The consequences were harsh and you were sentenced to ten years in prison. When you are finally released, you just want to live a peaceful life again. But will the past let you live in peace? The game is a visual novel style made in Twine/Html with several choices to be made, a basic character stat system that builds up according to your choices, a money system, minigames, lots of fully interactive content released according to your choices and stats, and a fully functional replay gallery.

What to expect from this game:

1 – The game is not a sandbox. It’s a visual novel with some branches and more advanced and interactive systems than a regular visual novel. We have stats, money, stores, minigames, and things that are usually not present in most visual novels. However, there is no grind. I tried to achieve a balance between a simplified visual novel and a complex sandbox.

2 – At first, the story is simple and focuses on the character’s everyday life. As you advance, you discover a little more complex plot and individual problems of each character. Please don’t judge the game story by the first 30 minutes.

3 – The main character is a former elite soldier, so you can expect him to be fit, strong, and very good at hand-to-hand and ranged combat. Plus he’s a sex-machine. I need him to be like this to tell the story the way I planned. If you want to play with an inexperienced guy, who is despised by women and who will only have his first sexual experience after a long time, maybe this game is not for you.

4 – Some people complain about not being able to refuse some characters in the game. I need it to be clear: You can’t avoid starting a relationship with the main cast characters. Once the relationship has started, you can refuse any character as much as you want until the next stage of the relationship. And many scenes will only be available if you meet some requirements like stats or previous choices. Please keep in mind that this is an adult game. Getting to the end of the game by bonding with just one or two characters would be like playing an FPS and trying to finish the game without taking a shot. Side characters on the other hand can be refused and ignored. And maybe you don’t even find some in the game depending on your choices.

Updated: 2024-04-21
Release Date: 2024-04-21
Developer: Bald Games Patreon – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: v0.27
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Male domination, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Titfuck, Footjob, Handjob, Voyeurism, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Big tits, Big ass, Spanking, Teasing, Stripping, Pregnancy

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
– 1 new in-game day.
– 1 new side character.
– 6 new scenes.
– 106 new clips.
– Added a progressive hint system to the ventilation ducts route on day 18 and Nina’s massage route on day 22. Now for each failure in these events, you will see a tooltip with a more advanced tip until you have the complete solution.
– Fixed Jessa’s scene 8 and Kelsi’s scene 11 not being properly unlocked in the gallery. Note: You need to redo the scenes in the story mode to make it work.
– Fixed an infinite loop in Kelsi’s scene 1 in the gallery.
– Revised texts from days 10 to 14.
Note: This work started many versions ago, but I stopped because of the lack of time. If you find grammar errors and spelling mistakes on any in-game day, please report them.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 6 new scenes.
– 87 new clips.
– Another pregnancy possible.
– Changed the trigger for Lulu service on sandbox mode to allow the unlock-gallery cheat (tier 3 or higher) to unlock Lulu.
– Added names on the character stats screen to identify them more easily.
– Some interactive scenes before day 13 didn’t generate stats or generated fewer stats than the usual +1 love +1 lust. Now, most interactive scenes grant at least one love point and one lust point.
– The main characters’ interactive scenes now generate a love point and a lust point whenever you manage to make them climax three times. Note: All interactive scenes in the story have been adapted to this new mechanic (except side characters’ scenes since they don’t have stats). Note2: You will see the stat gain notification during the third climax, but stat points will be granted only at the end of the scene.
– Rebalanced the number of climax points granted in each position of interactive scenes to make it easier to reach three climaxes and take advantage of the new mechanic.
– Added stats points in interactive scenes that weren’t granting them before.
– Revised and improved texts on all interactive scenes from days 1 to 24 to bring them to the same quality standard as the most recent ones. Note: Some were heavily changed, while others had minor changes since they were good enough.
– Fixed a minor, long-standing bug that caused some cumshot videos of some interactive scenes to be smaller than intended.
– Made some behind-the-scenes changes in some codes to make them cleaner.

– Sandbox update.
– Added 39 more story scenes in the sandbox mode. Note: The sandbox mode now has most of the relevant content of the story mode. There are around a hundred scenes and lots of events, with many more planned.
– 4 new sandbox-exclusive scenes (Lana – 1, Alex – 2, Lulu – 1).
– 7 new locations available.
– Improved the tooltip system to give more accurate information throughout the story. Note: This is a long-requested quality-of-life change. I had a lot of work to change every tooltip in the game to give accurate information to the player. I hope this improves the experience for everyone. If you find any tooltips warning you about the need to have made a different story choice, please let me know, and I will change it to the new standard.
– Increased the maximum number of friendship points required with Jason to unlock Abigail scenes 6, 7, and 8 to make then easier to get.
– Fixed Alex’s first scene and Adriana’s last scene not being properly unlocked in the gallery. Note: You need to redo the scenes in the story mode to make it work.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 8 new scenes.
– 133 new clips.
– 1 new side character.
– Jillian’s scene in the office on day 12 was rebalanced to make the optional scene on day 13 easier to obtain.
– Slightly changed the code for the dialog boxes to a cleaner version. Note: Please report if you find any errors in any dialog box appearance.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 6 new scenes.
– 103 new clips.
– Another pregnancy possible.
– Fixed a bug in one of Lana’s scenes in the sandbox mode.
– Fixed a minor image bug and some typos reported by players.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 9 new scenes.
– 136 new clips.
– Two new pregnancies possible.
– Added a special event at the start of the day that allows the player to lose all corruption points or maximize the corruption. Note: This is a midgame chance to change routes without the need for cheats.
– Added instructions on how to proceed in the bridge sniper mission. Also, a skip button has been added for all parts of the sniper mission. Note: Keep in mind that when you use the skip button, the game will consider that you chose to spare the enemies’ lives by shooting their legs. So, if you want the maximum amount of corruption and Reed’s respect, you will need to manually shoot enemies.
– You can now activate or deactivate mod on the online version by typing “mod on” or “mod off” without quotes in the cheat password textbox.
– Stat gain notifications are now animated with a glowing effect to visualize them better. Note: If you find any notifications still using the old standard, please report them.
– Fixed a bug preventing the gallery unlock for Nia’s third scene. Note: You need to redo the scene to properly unlock it in the gallery.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 8 new scenes.
– 104 new clips.
– A new mob mission.
– Another pregnancy possible.
– Reduced the maximum amount of fails required in most minigames before the Autowin button becomes available. Now after failing twice, the Autowin button will become available in minigames like fighting, dancing, and shooting.
– Added an Autowin cheat button for most of the minigames in the cheats area (only available for $5 supporters and higher). Note: Please report if you find any bugs in this new feature.
– Added a new stats button where the corruption indicator used to be in the left sidebar. By clicking on this button, you can now easily check all the stats of all characters in the game without having to access each gallery.
– Increased the main character’s standard weekly wage from $1000 to $1500. If you had a raise before, the new weekly wage is $2000 (increased from $1500). Note: This change is only for story mode.

– Sandbox update.
– 13 more story scenes were adapted and added to the sandbox mode.
– 4 new sandbox-exclusive scenes (Haley – 2, Amirah – 1, Lifeguards – 1).
– 9 new sandbox-exclusive characters.
– 2 new districts and 5 new locations (Abigail’s house, Haley’s House, Park, Beach, and Beach Club).
– Added an event schedule in the left sidebar to help players know where to find the events by day.
– Moved some tooltips to improve the layout of links in sandbox mode and removed others, as they became unnecessary with the addition of the event schedule.
– New design of stores and inventory buttons on the left sidebar, as well as a slight change to the menu and in-game buttons.
– Reduced the time spent on many events in the sandbox mode.
– Increased maximum number of save slots from 8 to 15.
– Fixed a bug introduced in the last version that prevented players from getting their money back from Romi at the end of her first scene if the requirements are met.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 9 new scenes.
– 115 new clips.
– 2 new side characters.
– 1 new minigame (racing).
– Another pregnancy possible.
– Slightly changed the design of the “Others” gallery to group scenes for each character, making them easier to identify.
– Changed the code on the first strip club visit on day 8 to a simpler and cleaner one.
– Fixed a bug on the first strip club visit on day 8.
– Fixed some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes reported by players.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 6 new scenes.
– 135 new clips.
– 1 new side character.
– Added lots of assets for future content.
– Replaced the navigation links in the sandbox mode with new image links.
– Added 5 more story scenes in the sandbox mode.
– Added 2 new locations in the sandbox mode (gym and mall).
– Fixed a bug in the video games minigame in the sandbox mode.
– Added a tooltip before Erica’s quiz remembering players about the in-game car store accessible from the left sidebar where you can check the specs of each available car.


– Added the new sandbox mode in the game. The sandbox mode will be available at the end of day 23. From that point on, you can access it through a new link in the left sidebar menu at any time.
– Added 44 story scenes in the sandbox mode.
Note 1: The sandbox mode has been requested by many players for some time now. The goal is to give players something more to do between updates. However, keep in mind that the sandbox mode is not and will never become the main focus of the game (at least not until the end of the main story). Even so, this mode will have many additions over the course of updates. For now, we only have scenes already present in the story mode (not all of them yet) with the necessary text adaptations and some changes in some events. But the idea is to have many exclusive scenes and characters in this mode.
Note 2: The sandbox mode is not like a sandbox-exclusive game, where there is usually a grind of many stats to advance in events. Instead, I chose to let the player replay events already unlocked in story mode. Think of sandbox mode as a much more interactive gallery, where you can replay whole events and not just the resulting scene from them.
Note 3: Money, stats, items, and cars will be shared between the two modes. However, you will not be able to increase stats in sandbox mode (not without using cheats), but you will be able to earn and spend money and items in sandbox mode. You can make money in some ways, such as betting at the casino on weekends at night, participating in Megan’s show, and working. Unlike the story mode, the amount of money earned will be proportional to how much you worked throughout the week. You can work twice a day on weekdays. Each time you do this, you’ll earn $100. Money earned from work can be collected at the end of the working day. If you don’t collect the money, you won’t lose it, and you can accumulate as many days as you want before collecting it (as long as you don’t leave the sandbox mode – once you leave, non-collected money is gone).
Note 4: Just like in story mode, every Friday you will have to pay the weekly bills. The total to be paid per week is $620. Keep in mind that you will not be able to continue in sandbox mode until you pay the weekly bills. Remember to save money for that.
Note 5: The gallery will not be available in sandbox mode, as too many variables are shared and this could cause bugs. Also, whenever you enter sandbox mode, you will start in front of your house on Monday morning. When you exit sandbox mode (link available only in front of your house), you will return to story mode exactly where you left off before entering sandbox mode.
Note 6: This is just the first version of the sandbox mode and I ask you all to be patient since this may have some bugs (please report all you find). Also, I know there is still a lot to improve and add like new locations, characters’ homes, more events, and much more. Constructive feedback is welcome.
– Added an Autowin button in every fighting minigame after losing the same fight three times. The same mechanic is already present in the dancing and shooting minigames.
Note 1: In the semifinals of the tournament, you can only auto-win the minigame with more than 85% life to unlock Lyia’s scene if you are NOT tired. Otherwise, you will still have the auto-win button, but with life below 85%.
Note 2: In the tournament final, you can only auto-win the minigame and get the car as a prize if you are NOT tired since this fight is not meant to be won if you are tired.
– Added a few missing tooltips reported by players.
– Fixed a few grammar errors reported by players.
– Fixed Adriana’s scene displaying video tearing on some devices.
– Fixed a bug in the casino roulette minigame that was happening when the number 0 was drawn.
Note: I could have easily fixed the bug and still kept the number 0 as drawable. But since many roulette wheels around the world do not use the number 0, I chose to remove it from the minigame, leaving the roulette wheel with 36 possible numbers.
– Changed the beach event with Gina on day 20 so that Erica can show up if you’re using any car available in the car store. Prior to this change, Erica would only show up if you were using the most expensive car. You still need a buyable car and do well on her quiz to be invited to races in the future.
Note: The idea behind this change, as well as the fight tournament prize car in the last update, is to provide players who don’t have access to money cheat a way to participate in Erica’s race events in the future.

– 1 new in-game day.
– 7 new scenes.
– 113 new clips.
– 2 new side characters.
– A new fighting tournament event.
– You can no longer use the back button during fights. There is a warning about this change before each fight and a hint to save your game before joining the fight.
Note 1: The back button is not intended to bypass mechanics as a form of cheating. The back button is there to review some recent text or choose another recent route.
Note 2: Nothing prevents the player from saving during fights. I hope everyone understands the change.
– To counterbalance this change, most of the fights were rebalanced to make it slightly easier.
– From this version onwards, some important corruption and non-corruption routes will be exclusive according to corruption levels. For example, in a specific event in the current version, if you have a certain amount of corruption points, you’ll only be able to choose the corruption route. If you have fewer than needed corruption points, you will only be able to choose the non-corruption route.
Note 1: My goal from the beginning was to make the players not feel like they have a better route to take. Almost every route has both good and bad consequences. Most stat-affecting decisions (including corruption) will continue to be freely chosen. This is necessary to build up stats. But the idea is that some important decisions are stat-exclusive. Until now, the player who invested in the corruption route had a clear advantage because he could choose both the corruption route and the non-corruption route, while the player who invested in the non-corruption route only had the non-corruption route available. This change is to try to balance corruption and non-corruption routes. And this will become more evident in the future.
Note 2: Modified an important Nina event decision from the last version to reflect this change. Your saves won’t be affected, but if you play the event again, you’ll notice that only one route will be available according to your corruption when you choose to approach her.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the game from remembering some player decisions, blocking some options in the gallery after restarting the game. For example, when you get home early on the first day, you get Angela’s full scene as a reward. However, when restarting the game to try other routes, the gallery couldn’t remember this decision, and consequently, the scene was incomplete when trying to revisit it.
Note: Keep in mind that this change will only take effect by restarting the game and revisiting needed events.


Warning: This update has no new main story content. Instead, we have an updated sandbox mode. Please, read carefully the changelog.


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