Aurelia v0.22.1 by Mirthal, Aurelia is an adult game set in a fantastic medieval world full of beauty and wonder where you will take the role of a young man that, on a sudden twist of fate, has become entangled with a girl and a mystical amulet. The game will be a high-quality visual novel, with skill-based minigames, RPG themes, dating sim mechanics, multiple character storylines to unfold and tons of gratuitous sex. Set yourself for an adventure, my friend!

Updated: 2021-06-08
Release Date: 2021-06-08
Developer: Mirthal Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.22.1
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Adventure, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Oral sex, Handjob, Romance, Mobile game
1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on “Aurelia.exe” to start playing.
Cheat Code
SLUMDOG = 1,000,000 Gold
TOTHEBRIM = Unlocks all the achievements
VSZOMBIES = Plants saplings in the garden
THEBLACKMAGES = Obsolete cheat, was used for the garden to grant loads of mana in earlier versions
PANACEA = 100 of each potion
LEWDMAGE = When talking to Ivy, she is naked
APOTHECARY = 100 each of certain ingredients
FUCKMEUPFAM = Deletes your entire savegame information
WISEMAN = Instant level 100/ Max attribute points
DEBUG = Debug menu (Type in DEBUGOFF to turn it off)
DUORESET = Resets Ivy/Scarlet Questline
Hotfix .5

  • Changes to the dungeon UI.
  • You can interact with dungeon rooms with the map open.
  • Dungeon UI shows Epox currency.
  • Main menu / Settings are now accessible while in the Dungeon.
  • Fixed the [Very pointy hat] not tracking maximum mana in some instances.
  • Added a new monster: The Mimic
  • Chests of higher rarity [Steel/Gold] are now more rare. From [33% Wood/Steel/Gold] to [50% Wood, 30% Steel, 20% Gold]

Dev Notes: There’s no Naamu clues at the moment, to progress through the new content go into Janet’s store at the mornings. (As long as you had completed both Janet’s and Crystal’s questlines)
All the items required can be found in the dungeon (all can be found before floor 14).

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case change it back to .apk and install. If this doesn’t work, try using a different file manager to open the file.v0.21.4


1. We’ve changed the way full gems are made, by mixing 3 fragments of the same type in Lily’s Alchemy set. The old way of doing it (via Naamu) is still in the game even if more expensive, and we will be removing it shortly to put more emphasis on the Alchemy crafting. That said, there’s no crazy combinations (at the moment), so please don’t waste hours mixing every item.
2. Both Luna’s and Ki-ki’s scenes are not in the Journal, to push the build out asap. They’ll be added there in a hotfix.
3. Recipe for Ancient silky cloth is 2 ectoplasm, 1 ancient rag (the numbers were accidentally flipped in the dialog.)

v0.19.1 Hotfix 2
Fixed the Journal Luna’s and Ki-ki’s scenes having incorrect dialogue.
Fixed Ki-ki’s Journal page displaying Luna instead.
Fixed Arbac’s horn (wasn’t working in the dungeon)
Decreased how much mana Arbac’s horn gives in the Bar minigame.
Increased the amount of mana needed to use the Bar minigame Slow time skill.
Decreased the amount of time the Bar minigame slow time skill stays activated.

v0.19.1 Hotfix
Added Ki-ki’s and Luna’s first scenes to the Journal.
EXTRA ART added to the achievements gallery.
Fixed the “reached X level” achievements not triggering if you surpased that level beyond their introduction.
Dungeon enemies have now a chance of dropping items once defeated.
Fixed a crash triggering in the GAME TIPS submenu.
Bugfixed some dialogue issues.
Very slightly improved file size.

-Animated scene for Luna
-Mini-scene for Luna
-New Character, Ki-ki, the goblin whore.
-Animated scene for Ki-ki
-Mini-scene for Ki-ki
-Brothel management


Animated scene for Ivy/Scarlet
Mini-scene for Ivy/Scarlet
Mini-scene for Janet
Mini-scene for Scarlet
4 more mini-scenes for other story segments.
Added a progression system, with levels, experience and attributes.
Reworked all the minigames so attributes affect them.
Melkor’s Domain Minigame (dungeon crawler)
Lily’s Alchemy Set (Potion crafting)
Added 21 Potions
Added Equipable Artifacts
Complete visual rework of most of the menus.
And another billion things.



Here’s the official change-log that I have edited neatly for your convenience. Please remove the old change-log for 0.17.3 since that one is outdated and incomplete.


——-Start of Change-log——-

Build 0.17.6
New character: Karos, the Minotaur.
One animated scene for Scarlet.
Two mini-scenes for Scarlet.
Updated BG for Ivy’s room.
New minigame: Karos defense.
-Bug-fixing and QoL changes.

How to start the new content: Talk to Ivy in her room at the morning.

Hotfix .1:
Added 2 EXTRA ART to the game.
-Fixed Scarlet’s sleeping in Ivy’s room crash error.
-Removed Scarlet from the couch at night.
-Corrected some dialogues where the name of the player was substituted by “MC.”
-Fixed the back buttons on both the Kings list and Orson’s board.
-Fixed visual glitches happening at the archery and bar minigames.
-Added a click buffer to the Karos Defense minigames, so controls feel more fluid.
-Fixed a control glitch that made the player enter on a reloading loop on the Karos Defense minigame.
-Keybinded the Karos Defense Skills/Spells to Q-W-E.
-Added a wave counter to the Karos Defense minigame.
-Added a wood counter to the Karos Defense minigame, and it will inform the player of how much wood is needed.
-Fixed a small visual error on the Achievements sub-menu.

Hotfix .2:
-Fixed one of the EXTRA ART pieces not displaying correctly.
-Fixed the “Arrow barrage” animation getting stuck on some situations.
-Fixed a bug that was causing background events to be clickable while still on a conversation.

Hotfix .3:
-Fixed “Arrow barrage” freezing the player.
-Removed some unintended testing code in the Karos defense minigame.

Hotfix .4:
Added ENDLESS MODE to Karos Defense.
-Balanced gold received from Karos Defense.
-Karos Defense will now display your higher wave completed.
-Karos Defense will now display two different messages, in case you lose or leave.
-Fixed a visual bug that was causing some background elements to stay on conversations.

Hotfix .5:
-Fixed a bug added in Hotfix .4 that was disabling events in the evening/night.

Hotfix .6:
-Reverted the changes done to events in Hotfix .4.
-Fixed a crash error that happened when shooting the Golem on Karos Defense as soon as he was spawning.

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case, change it back to .apk and install. If this doesn’t work, try using a different file manager to open the file.

——-End of Change-log——-




  • New animated scene for Scarlet.
  • New mini-scene for Scarlet.
  • New side-character, Karos.
  • Scarlet dialogues.
  • Ivy dialogues.
  • Karos dialogues.
  • Soran dialogues.
  • Orson dialogues.
  • New minigame: Clock’s enigma.
  • New minigame: Karos defense.
  • New interactuable items on Ivy’s room.
  • 16 new items.


  • Ivy’s room background
  • Added a new option to give Merah different fruits.
  • Reworked inventory pop-ups.
  • Added inventory pop-ups to old dialogues for consistency.
  • Changed how music is played in-game to avoid memory issues.
  • Changed how transitions from place to place are handled to avoid memory issues.




  • New character: Amber, the dark elf dancer.
  • New character: Luna, the dryad madam.
  • One animated scene for Amber.
  • One mini-scene for Amber.
  • New location: The brothel.
  • Bugfixing and QoL changes.

Hotfix .1:

  • Fixed the Journal not adding Amber scenes at the correct moment in her questline.
  • Fixed the EXTRA ART scenes starting on image 2.
  • Corrected the “All content completed” so it accounts for Amber scenes.
  • Fixed Amber’s deepthroat scene [Outside cumshot] incorrect animation.

Hotfix .2:

  • Fixed Janet not giving the guitar correctly if her questline wasn’t advanced enough.

Android Installation: If you download the .apk, please make sure that the filename hasn’t changed after the download, some phones change the extension to .zip for security. If that’s the case change it back to .apk and install.


-A new animated scene for Janet.
-Mini-scene for Janet.
-Two new backgrounds.
-New Intro.


Hotfix .1:
-Fixed Janet BJ loop scene not loading properly, fixed some minor dialogue issues.

Dev Notes
But you’ll think, what’s does the game offer now?
-Pixel art scenes and characters
-An Autosave system
-Old Save file compatibility*, so you don’t have to restart the game on every patch.
-Multiplatform, PC and Android/Fire.
-HD support (1080p)
-Really simple, yet robust menu systems, no wandering around in complicated submenus.
-A skill-based mini-game, to test your fingers.
-Day/Night cycle.
-2 scenes
*The retro-compatibility might make you jump over some dialogue in future updates, we will advise on some builds of the game, to restart the adventure to get a full experience (you can still choose not to do so).
Also, what I have in mind for the future?
-All the pixel art! Characters, scenes, backgrounds, etc
-Pixel art animations
-A growing world that will get bigger every patch, adding new locations to explore and characters to meet.
-More minigames!
-A dedicated Gallery mode
-Multiple endings
-Secrets and unlockable art


Download For Win/Lin
Download For Android (v0.21.5)

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