Agent17 v0.23.8 by Hexatail, Agent17 is adult game about Sex life at Hexa school full of beauties You play as a Nerd who found a damaged cellphone after a nearby accident and make a decision to take it from the scene. After that you get a call to the found cellphone from a `Agent17` who follows any order given. NTR is avoidable​

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Release Date: 2024-03-06
Developer: Hexat1il – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.23.8
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, blackmail, cheating, corruption, cosplay, fantasy, groping, handjob, harem, humor, incest, male domination, male protagonist, milf, ntr, oral sex, sandbox, school setting, sexual harassment, titfuck, vaginal sex

1. Extract and run.
Gesture For Android
Swipe up: Open Menu
Swipe down: Hide Interface
Swipe right: Skip
Swipe left: Rollback
v0.23.8 Bug Fix
-Dana display error on Christmas map
-Luna does not move
-Dishwashing error



New Map
-Massage Shop

-Fishing drone Pick up only one per day.

Modeling remake
-Amber (mom)
-Main Character

Quality up
-Aria interaction
-Alice, Ruby First Say
-Anriel Hand Scene

-Repair wall
-Sticker Claw Game (add drop system)
-New Puzzle
-Add eye drops

-Renew Phone Button

-Add Midnight
-Skill System
-Coom System
-Sex Log System
-Barbecue System

-Sticker UI renewal
-Add Status Menu
-Selection condition display

Official language
-Indonesia (New)
-Thai (New)
-Arabic (New)

Bug Fix
-Phone button not visible after prison
-Display problem when dialogue exceeds 4 lines
-Fixed gift shop text overlapping issue

Coupon Codes
924-788-9264 ~ Agent
966-571-8790 ~ Teacher
792-340-5464 ~ Class-rep
243-895-3600 ~ Chloe’s Love
121-933-3254 ~ Sticker Home

817-132-1019 Agent
115-948-4696 Sticker Red Rose
308-175-8929 Sticker Sakura
259-592-2488 Dana Love
847-336-9519 Elsa’s Love (Agent Grade)


The game contains Anti-cheat features to bypass it use Anti-Anti-cheat linked below
Agent tier patreon code: 318-301-5947


VERSION 0.23.8 (Latest Version)

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Mac
Download For Android
Download For Compressed Win/Lin/Mac
Download For Compressed Android
Download For Anti-Anti-Cheat
MEDIAFIRE  *unzip & place it in the game folder.

Stable v0.20.3 build (Old Version

Download For MAC
Download For Android
Download For Compressed Win/Lin/Mac (576MB)

Download For Cheat Mod
MEDIAFIRE *EXTRACT & PASTE IT INSIDE GAME FOLDER. Code could be better but a mod for the phone. Instead of a 6 digit code just enter a number from 0-29 followed by the # button. 

ANDROID LOCATION: For mods you either need a good file explorer or access to a pc so you can see the application files. Place them in Android/data/hexatail.agent17/files/game and if you don’t see a ‘game’ folder make one but it should be right next to the saves folder.


Cheat 0: Christmas Fairytale
Cheat 1: Mithril Fishing Rod
Cheat 2: Agent Valentine
Cheat 3: Event 500$
Cheat 4: Fishing Drone
Cheat 5: VVVIP Membership
Cheat 6: ADD $500 Teacher
Cheat 7: Diamond Shovel
Cheat 8: House Fairy 2
Cheat 9: Elise’s Panties
Cheat 10: Skip Button
Cheat 11: Event 500$
Cheat 12: Gold Shovel
Cheat 13: ADD $500 Student
Cheat 14: Aluminum Fishing Rod
Cheat 15: Titanium Fishing Rod
Cheat 16: G18VN REWARD
Cheat 17: Shotgun
Cheat 18: House Fairy 1
Cheat 19: Lockpick
Cheat 20: Event 500$
Cheat 21: Pistol
Cheat 22: ADD $1,000 Agent
Cheat 23: I LOVE GEMS
Cheat 24: Autokey
Cheat 25: Titanium Ingot
Cheat 26: ADD $500 Class Rep
Cheat 27: Event 500$
Cheat 28: Update Delay Reward
Cheat 29: Iron Fishing Rod
Download For Coupon Code
Agent tier patreon code: 318-301-5947 in the OP

Both work as of v0.19

Disclaimer: Coupon codes have expiry dates i.e. they can’t be used for new updates.

Keywords: Download Agent17 Game.

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