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An adaptation of mdf-an’s fan-dubbed work “Futanari-Sama and Her Maids” is called Unveiling the Unknown.
With a whole manor of obedient maids at your disposal, ready to attend to your every demand, and plenty of adult content, you play as Lily (futa/trans). This visual novel game offers the option to play as a dungeon diver.

Updated: 2024-06-14
Release Date: 2024-06-14
Developer:HMO Patreon – Itchio
Censored: no
Version: v40.0
OS: Win/Linux, Mac, Andriod
Language: English
Other Game: My Tuition Academia | Friendship with Benefit | Monster Girl 1000

2dcg, adventure, anal sex, vaginal sex, big ass , big tits, corruption , fantasy, female domination, harem , male protagonist, oral sex, prostitution, religion , vaginal sex
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.

  • Steam badges, cards, backgrounds, and emotes are now available!
  • +1 Character “Ember” and Her Route (+1 Character, +2 Sex Scenes, +5 HCG)
  • +1 Dungeon Biome at floor 45+ (Dragon Lands: Find and return dragon eggs in exchange for buffs and treasures)
  • +2 Lady Balethorn outfit options: Default, Boobs Out, Nude
  • Added the ability to bulk buy limitless Maid upgrades (up to x100).
  • Added visible spell MP costs; these gray out if you don’t have enough MP and disappear if the spell is already active.
  • The current MP now turns blue when full on the UI.
  • Added “Daily Income” trackers to the MISC stats page.
  • Hall of Mirrors: Matched the sound effects to the spell cast.
  • Enemy modifiers are now less common, particularly on earlier floors.
  • The Pyramid Map now lets you choose a biome. (Handy to consistently reach the newest biome every run.)
  • Biome Unique Events now have a doubled occurance rate.
  • Added the ability to decline Yuli
  • You can no longer drink another Swift Potion if you’re already under its effects.
  • Significantly reduced the price of Gold and Thorium Attack Upgrades to be more in line with Platinum and Iron variants.
  • Fixed the “Round Fruit” in the Neutral Sewer Event giving too little Max HP.
  • Fixed a rare instance where you couldn’t start Lady B’s hangout on day 25.
  • Fixed some upgrades with incorrect discount coding.
  • Typo fixes


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