Unholy Arts v0.2.11 by Deep Interactivity, Unholy Arts is a game about passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

A Role-Playing Game, a Simulation and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Game blended together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up in your clutches? Or will you end up in theirs?​

Updated: 2021-07-16
Release Date: 2021-07-16
Developer: Deep Interactivity Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.2.11
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Genres: RPG, text-based, dating sim, adventure, simulator, turn based combat
Main tags: Female protagonist, monster girl, lesbian, female domination, female submission. Optional: futanari
Other vanilla tags: Caressing, vaginal, anal, kissing, teasing, oral, virgin, handjob, footjob, etc. etc. etc.
Other non-vanilla tags: Fantasy, bdsm, mind control, transformation, draining, hypnosis, bondage
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Story Events
– Added Story Event after day 10 (playable by starting on the second Quickstart bookmark), featuring the new merchants. There are a few ways that involves each Candidate leaving the event with a bondage item locked on her. There are many checks, mainly for will, but also charisma, agility, luck, and domination, submission and sexual tension between different characters.
* All previous story events that started after day 10 have been pushed one day forwards.


– Altered states may now have turn effects, which is custom functionality that gets executed every scene turn.
– Added scopes for altered states: days (the altered state will last for a set amount of days) and equipment (the altered state will last until the piece of equipment that caused it is taken off).
– Items may now have actions. Characters that equip an item will learn its associated actions, and they will lose them upon unequipping it.

New features
– Added ruined orgasms. When enabled, an orgasm may become a ruined orgasm if the proper circumstances are met: either the orgasming character is being denied that turn, or all of the character’s genitals (pussy, dick) are currently locked.
* Ruined orgasms provoke the character’s lust to be restored back to 80% of its max value, rather than 100%. The character’s energy, willpower and social drive are damaged by 10% of their max values. A character that only gets ruined orgasms will not be restored to maximum lust at the end of a scene.
* When a character is the bottom in a generic sex scene, ruined orgasms will reduce romance (-5) and love drive (-2), and increase sexual tension (+10), submission (+15), enmity (+5) and pleasure drive (+3). If this character only has ruined orgasms, they will also get high increases to sexual tension (+20), enmity (+20), submission (+20) and pleasure drive (+10).
* When a character participates in a generic sex scene with dynamic lead, ruined orgasms increase sexual tension (+5), enmity (+5), pleasure drive (+3), domination drive (+1) and submission (+5), and reduce romance (-2), love drive (-2) and cooperation drive (-2). If the character only has ruined orgasms, they will also gain sexual tension (+20), enmity (+20), pleasure drive (+10) and domination drive (+5), and lose romance (-20), love drive (-5) and cooperation drive (-5).
– Added punishments. Punishments are complications forced by the Priestess Regent on Candidates that gain excessive infamy.
* At a certain point, Drishtya will buy 18 random bondage items.
* Upon entering the personal room menu, each Candidate’s infamy will be compared to the infamy limit and two thresholds (120% and 140% of the current infamy limit, respectively), which will determine the amount of bondage items the character should be put in as punishment. If the amount of required punishment bondage exceeds the amount of currently worn punishment bondage, a random valid bondage item will be equipped on the character.

Items flavor
– The player now requires free eyes in order to know who is in adjacent rooms and which events are taking place in the current room.
– Nipple suckers and buttplug: Now provoke an altered state that deals a small amount of lust damage during scenes.
– All weapons now have a battle action (see below).

New actions
– Deny orgasm: Single target denial sex action. Requires free arms. If the target’s current lust is at 10% of its max value or below, provokes 15% of the max lust as lust damage, and sets the “denied” turn tag. Otherwise, the action does nothing. Requires ruined orgasms to be enabled in settings.
– Tease locked pussy and tease locked dick: Single target denial sex actions. Require free arms, require the target to have either a locked dick or pussy. Deal small lust damage. Additionally, if the target’s current lust is at a given threshold (ranging from 10% to 20% of the target’s max lust) or below, provoke 25% of the max lust as lust damage, and sets the “denied” turn tag. The base damage and the threshold scale with the actor’s charisma, empathy, agility and perception. Requires ruined orgasms to be enabled in settings.
– Staff swipe: Single target battle action. Requires free arms and staff of battle. Deals lust damage, controls damage, and recovers a small amount of control for the user. Damage scales with resilience and physique, hit chance scales with resilience, agility and perception. Costs 3 energy.
– Bold jab: Single target battle action. Requires free arms and knuckles. Deals lust damage and control damage, but it may damage the own actor’s control if it fails. Higher accuracy than other physical hit attacks. Damage scales with physique, resilience and agility, hit chance scales with agility, physique and perception. Costs 2 energy.
– Channel aether: Self recovery battle action. Requires a wand. Recovers a percentage of the actor’s willpower, scaling with the actor’s will and intelligence.
– Flaunt: Self buff battle action. Requires a hand fan. Gives the actor the altered state “Flaunting”, slightly increasing physique, agility, will, perception, charisma and sex actions’ dealt damage.

– Reduced base assault infamy from 5 to 3.
– Hypnotic glance: Reduced actor’s will’s effect on damage from 0.15 to 0.1, reduced lust damage by 20%.
– Embers: Reduced willpower cost from 2 to 1. Increased actor’s intelligence’s effect on damage from 0.3 to 0.4, and target’s will’s negative effect on damage from 0.1 to 0.2.

– Nashillbyir now starts the game with a staff of battle.

Flavor ~ Relationships
– Added 46 different descriptions for levels distributions in relationships. This classification may be re-used later for story purposes.
* These descriptions are now shown in the personal room descriptions.
* These descriptions are now shown during the gossip interaction in generic conversations.

– Added short story scroll: “Punishing the Traitors”, which teaches the actions “Deny orgasm”, “Tease locked pussy” and “Tease locked dick”. It may only be found after day 10.

Battle Demands
– Added “Unequip bondage” battle demand, which forces the defeated character to unequip all bondage items on one character that doesn’t share a domination relationship with. If the freed character is anyone other than the winning character, this option will reduce infamy by 1 point and increase the freed character’s friendship with the winner.
* AI characters are highly likely to choose this option to free themselves from bondage. They are more likely to free a third character scaling with friendship, romance and cooperation drive, and less likely scaling with rivalry and enmity.

– Added sex preference “denial”, related to actions that seek to deny pleasure.
* Has a base weight of 40, adjusted to 30, 50 and 60 for Padmiri, Claw and Valtan, respectively.
* Adjusted weight for role to 10, 110, 80, 150, 10 and 200 for passive, active, romantic, competition, submission and domination, respectively.
– Added check to sex scenes’ AI algorithm to make sure denial actions may only be selected if the target is close to orgasm.
* Added another check to make sure AI characters won’t deny their own orgasms.
– Reduced weight of love and pleasure drives when selecting the target during sex scenes.
– Updated decision-making regarding the equipment of bondage on submissive characters at the end of the day.
* Usable bondage will be distributed accross all submissive characters that require extra bondage.
* A submissive will be considered to require extra bondage if their overall power compared to their dominant exceeds a given threshold. This threshold varies depending on the dominant’s drives (+cooperation, -domination), relation with the submissive (+friendship, +romance, -sexual tension, -enmity, -rivalry, -submission, +domination) and type of relationship.
* The selected bondage item during each iteration will depend on the target’s stats, the items’ strategic tags, and dice throws.

QoL improvements
– Added button to auto-resolve a scene when the player character is not participating, next to the “Next turn” button.

Supporter Rewards
– Added options to modify the infamy limit, the duration of special relationships, and the duration of forced equipment in the Cheat Menu.
– Added option to modify a character’s infamy in the Cheat Menu.
– Added items menu, which allows to create any item for any character, and unequip any item that is currently being worn by anyone.

– Several typos fixed through the game. Thanks to b-l-s-r–s and Critical Existence Failure for pointing out several of them.
– Various formatting fixes.
– Fixed issue that provoked some temporary effects from special relationships to never be finished.
– The following conversation interactions have been fixed to require a free mouth: Gossip about [character] and Ask about values.

– Refactored scene actions to get them stored in setup instead of State.variables. This will decrease the save file size and improve performance.



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