Soldier’s Life by Pyorgara, Soldier’s Life by Pyorgara is a game about you’ll play as a soldier who suddenly got promoted over his ice queen superior officer. She made everyone’s life a living hell and now you have power over her.​

Updated: 09 / October / 2017
Developer / PublisherPyorgara
Other Game: New Desk
: None
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows, Mac , Linux
Language: English

Simulator, Adventure, Big tits, Sexual training, Humilation
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “SL V1.01.exe” to start playing.
No bugs were reported so the only difference from version 1.01 is that I added a button in the System menu to go back to the main menu screen.
Version 1.01:
-Gallery. (This took so long to build but it’s now up and works great. You’ll have to replay the game to put the scenes in the library, though, as the markers didn’t exist before.)
-End splash screen.
-Updated the credits. (Sooooo many names to add.)
-Added a one and a half scenes to dueling Vanora.
-Tweaked numbers. (A lot of changes in the backend. I think that the game is a little more smooth now.)
-Give more troops for first 3 sorties. (A little scene added and you’ll now get 2 extra troops for those turns.)
-Stop reputation losses for first 3 sorties. (General Daniska will absorb the rep loss from defeat, retreat and not fighting anything for you, giving you a better foothold on rep at the start.)
-3 endings pics. (one for each endings)

Version 1.00

5 new scenes for “serve troops as maid”, ending that branch.
1 new scenes for “lend her NPC – Saraid”. (Pro tip, only send Vanora there if you don’t mind some violence. Saraid has a LOT of anger stored for our favorite ice queen), ending that branch.
3 endings to cap everything.
3 new pics added for minotaur scene.

“When you’re in town, go to “utility” and then “cheat”. It will ask for the password below.”
Password: “thankyou”



Download For Win
Download For Lin
Download For MAC

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So Lewd!
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soldiers-life-pyorgaraGreat trainer. There are multiple endings, a lot of fetishes arent in the tags like bdsm, sex in all orifices aviable and bestiality, well if big dicked fantasy beasts are counting as bestiality. there are multiple endings based on how humiliated and dirty the girl is at the end, its all based on your actions and how you decide to treat her.