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Sileo: Tales of a new dawn v0.54 Patreon by Werecat Entertainment, Sileo: Tales of a new dawn is a game you will like if you into a gay and furry romance stories, this is worth a try. Although for now the contents are minimal, there is no lack of suggestive images and interesting scenes. A nice pastime that will certainly improve over time.

Updated:  2023-05-07
Release Date:  2023-05-07
Developer: Werecat Entertainment Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.54 Patreon
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Furry, Gay, 2dcg, Mobile game
1. Extract and run.
v0.54 Patreon

New Patreon Build Content:

  • One new chapter in Tai’s Route (20×2).
  • Three New Illustrations.
  • Introducing Rusty, a brand-new character who will play a major role in Lukas’ Route with his first appearance happening here in 20×2!

New Public Build Content

  • One new chapter in Tai’s Route (20×1).
  • One new illustration.
  • One new background – the new location of Tai’s Garage.
  • One new sprite outfit/variation for Tai.



v0.49 Patreon

Adds Chapter 2 of the new Intro Remake, currently accessible via the Tales screen.
[*]Significant improvements to the structuring of Chapter 1 of the Intro Remake, as well as numerous spelling/grammatical corrections.
[*]Changes and improves the title animation sequence in Chapter 1 of the Intro Remake.
[*]Replaces the Hilltop BG with a newly drawn version with three variants.
[*]Updates the Bonus Material gallery menu to the new design. Other menus to follow.
[*]All music tracks have been replaced with versions whose average volume has been matched to approximately -20dB. This should improve volume consistency, however, quieter tracks may now seem louder than before – if any of these seem inappropriately loud, please let us know so we can make adjustments.
[*]Slightly reduces the volume of the “click” when dialogue is advanced.
[*]Fixed an issue where the information window on the final page of the Jukebox would be slightly taller than intended.
[*]Fixed an issue where Adrian’s outfit would change for several lines on TaiDay19x4.
[*]Fixes a repeated word on DiegoDay16x3.
[*]Fixes minor visual artifacts present on Diego’s Intro CG & Train Station BGs (x3)


• Adds Chapters 1 and 2 of Day 18 to Tai’s Route.
• New Special Scene with 8 Unique Images.
• New Drawn Background for Tai’s Office.
• New Drawn Background for Lukas’ Office.
• New Drawn Background for Tai’s House Exterior (3x Variants).
• New Drawn Background for River Swimming (3x Variants).
• New ‘Irritated’ expression for Diego.
• Added a warning message to Day 11 of Tai’s Route if Animated Sequences are enabled.
• Misc Fixes, Improvements and Enhancements

• Adds Chapters 1 and 2 of Day 18 to Tai’s Route.
• New Special Scene with 8 Unique Images.
• Updates Logan Nude CG to better represent his current design.
• New Drawn Background for the Festival.
• New Drawn Background for Gym.
• New Drawn Background for Train Interior (3x Variants)
• New Drawn Background for Arcade.
• New Drawn Background for Boardwalk (3x Variants)
• Updated Lukas’ Communal Area BG with an improved version.
• Misc Fixes, Improvements and Enhancements


• Adds the conclusion for Day 12, Day 13 and three quarters of Day 14.
• Introduces a new side character named Glenn.
• Adds 2 new CG’s, 1 of which is treated as a mini-special scene.
• Adds fully nude sprites for 2 characters! Can you guess who?
• Updates Logan’s face to be more anatomically correct + 3 New Expressions.
• Adds 2 new expressions for Russell.
• Adds one new expression for Jay.
• Adds the ability to disable animated scenes. Also shifts the Full Screen/Window Toggle in the settings menu to a new location and no longer displays this option on Android.
• Fixes an array of spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors throughout Tai’s route.
• Corrects a good number of sprite and background issues. Most notably, several errors including shading issues have been fixed for Axel.
• Makes several changes to existing days to ensure continuity. The only substantial change is on Day 6 during the Café scene with Tai, where a chunk of dialogue has been rewritten.
• Fixes an issue where the players name may not be correctly retrieved from the save file.
• Fixes the spare bedroom background sometimes not displaying during the intro segment of the game. (Issue introduced in 0.23.1)
• Fixes the spare bedroom background not displaying if a save was loaded where the old one was being displayed. (Issue introduced in 0.23.1)
• Attempts to address sudden and unexplained crashing at the beginning of the animated sequence on Day 11 on a very small selection of devices. Because of the rarity of the issue and the fact that it produces no errors or logs, this is a stab in the dark that might work. (Issue introduced in 0.23.1)


  • Updates Ren’Py Engine to, addressing a variety of issues across several platforms.
  • A massive amount of dialogue and story error fixes, fixing myriad typos and other issues.
  • A smaller, but still significant amount of audio and visual fixes addressing a wide range of minor issues.
  • Increased the speed of skipping dialogue.
  • An attempt to fix an uncommon crash that occurs on or shortly after boot. Currently only reported on Windows but may also affect other platforms. We have zero information to go off, so this fix is a stab in the dark and may or may not work.
  • Improvements to initial setup of analytics which should improve preferences menu reliability.
  • Adds Days 9 and 10 to Tai’s route.
  • Two new CG’s, a total of 9 variants.
  • Spencer now has a range of facial expressions.
  • Tai has 3 new outfits.
  • Implements Analytics. This is optional. You will be asked if you’d like to turn it on the first time you start the new build.
  • A new expression for Axel.
  • General improvements to Lukas’ expressions.
  • A more subtle surprised expression for Dom and Axel.
  • Your antivirus will be less likely to complain now. An array of other improvements, enhancements and bug fixes.

Changelog v0.21b
Updates Engine Base to Renpy, fixing several major issues.
Fixes a crash on Day 11 of Diego’s Route.
Fixes a dialogue error on Day 7 of Tai’s route.

This is just a bug fix update, addressing 2 issues.

  • Fixes an uncommon issue where choices on Day 6 could result in an endless loop when using a save imported from an older build of Sileo.
  • Fixes a dialogue error that occurs during the foodcourt scene on Day 10.

Hopefully there’ll be no more patches this month. Be sure to let me know if you run into any issues

August is upon us! Attached are your exclusive August Patreon Builds. As previously mentioned, you get Days 7, 8 and 9, an optional and potentially missable sex scene, several new CG’s and drawn backgrounds, a new side character introduced in Day 9, updated sprites for Diego and Tai, lots of plot development and a few other surprises to boot.
This is definitely the largest and most ambitious build we’ve released so far. We’ve done a few interesting things here, hopefully you all like it!
Now the time has come to focus on next months content. No rest for the wary!



Download For Android

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sileo-tales-of-a-new-dawnThe game has a lot of potential, although it's still in a germinal state, the images are well done and the story looks nice and well curated, surely the future will make it better and better. If you like gay and furry romance stories, this is worth a try. Although for now the contents are minimal, there is no lack of suggestive images and interesting scenes. A nice pastime that will certainly improve over time.