Queen’s Brothel v1.9.0 by DPMaker, Queen’s Brothel is a RPG style game about where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel. You can attract various clients through quests by leveling up certain body parts that they are attracted to. Complete quests to add more girls to your brothel!​

Updated: 2024-05-11
Release Date: 2024-05-11
Developer: DPMaker – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: v1.9.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, Female protagonist, Animated, Monster, Oral sex, Management, Prostitution, Vaginal sex
– Extract to desired location.
– Click on “WaterWorld.exe” to start playing.

  • Added “Hounds of Love” main story quest
  • Added wolf outfits for Queen, Esxea, Scarlett, Ardura and Natasha
  • Experience required to level up has been reduced significantly
  • Girl’s stat gain per level has been increased slightly



  • Added “Township Rebellion” main story quest
  • You can now drag and drop mods onto the game window to import them
  • Added mod URL download option, this allows for mods on Android and browser

This quest is considered a main story quest so it has a tough boss battle and has more pictures than a regular side quest! Hope you guys enjoy!



  • Added “The Beach Vacation” side quest
  • Added “A Happy Taluga Day” side quest
  • Greatly decreased gallery loading time
  • Buying an outfit in the clothes shop now keeps the same character open and auto-selects the first outfit
  • Fixed some instances of text not appearing correctly when using Russian or Chinese translations.


  • Added “Tastes Like Candy” side quest
  • Added “Natasha’s Worst Enemy” side quest
  • Added visual cast bar for skills that last a long period of time


  • Added “Lucifer” side quest
  • Added “Lilith Comes Home” side quest
  • Added critical hit chance when pressing the “Fuck” button in battles
  • Removed Natasha’s “Nullify” skill
  • Added new ability for Natasha, “Lucky You”, increases critical hit chance to 50% for all girls
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) translation


  • Main story complete. Enjoy!
  • Added all Underworld outfits
  • Added all Witch outfits
  • Added new image to Lilith’s quest


  • Main story progression
  • Added “Ardura the Knight” quest for paid players
  • Added Ardura titfuck animation
  • Added new background image for the crossroads
  • Added new background image for Nigel’s castle
  • Added image for when you meet Arietta
  • Added image for when you meet Sabrina
  • Fixed clothes shop tabs glitching after buying an outfit
  • Fixed quest log showing the character’s outfit id instead of the name
  • Fixed dialogue for answering a question in the “Human Cow” quest
  • Fixed corrupted save files crashing the game

• Main story progression, Lilith’s quest
• You can now choose between story mode or gameplay mode when creating a new save file
• Added Ardura anal animation
• Added 7 new images for existing main story quests


  • Added Scarlett Hucow quest for paid players
  • Added Frat Party quest for paid players
  • Added c*mshot animations during battles
  • Added Ardura throat animation
  • Removed brothel management.

• Added drag and drop in brothel
• Updated brothel rooms to show sex scenes
• Updated brothel rooms to have a better UI
• Finishing a client in the brothel now removes the girl from the room
• Girls no longer use stamina in the brothel
• Added quest log button to brothel
• Add spinning gold coin animation for when you receive or spend gold
• Changed King of Avia’s scale.

• Natasha’s Quest is complete
• Added 58 new outfits
• Scarlett’s default outfit has been changed
• Updated existing images to match Scarlett’s new outfit
• Starting production of map highlighting when hovering over buildings on a map
• Two new images for the Orc War quest
• Added gold cost to outfit buttons in Cassie’s shop
• Made vertical scrollbars bigger
• Added an “Add All Clients” button to the brothel


  • Main story update
  • New images
  • New animations
  • Added modding
  • Added werewolves

• Queen’s Brothel has been re-written using the Godot game engine. Expect postive performance enhancements
• New battle mechanics
• UI for most menus has changed
• Some image quality improvements
• New animations for battles
• EXP is now rewarded for every ‘attack’ a girl does to the client. This includes DoT skills.
• Updated map art for Easthollow University
• Lots of texture management enhancements that lower the amount of RAM needed to play the game
• Added image of Queen getting a cumshot by Darren
• Added image for Nigel’s introduction
• Re-wrote Scarlett’s questline
• Added sound toggles to gallery
• Added battle UI skill animations

Bug Fixes
• Characters are cleaned before a dialogue starts (cum is not cleared off of girls)

Known Bugs
• Text does not look clear on some devices
• Girl moans always start from the beginning of the sound file, instead of a random position
• On slower devices, you can accidentally double click menus to open two of them.


  • Added Queen breast animation
  • Colored Suki’s p**sy animation
  • Added picture of Lilith prepping a minotaur
  • Added picture of Suki being taken away from a minotaur
  • Added picture of Queen and Suki kissing in the morass inn
  • Added picture of the girls after the morass boss battle
  • Added picture of the Orc campsite background

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typos

Version 0.12.8

  • Added Substitute Art Teacher side quest for paid players
  • Added info for free players to help understand what the difference between the free version and paid version of the game is
  • Scarlett’s Hucow quest now appears after the introduction of the orcs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lots of typos
  • Fixed Suki’s futa scene images being swapped


Added a new side quest about Queen being a naughty maid (paid version)

  • Added unique animations back into the battles
  • Animations have low quality and high quality versions that you can toggle in the settings. Mobile players are defualted to low quality to prevent memory issues
  • Animations have been changed back to image sequences instead of video files due to videos flickering on some devices
  • Cumshot animatiions will now appear to the left of the regular animations during battles
  • Added a picture of Suki flashing Daniel for the quest where you meet her for the first time
  • Added a background for Lilith’s throne
  • Added a short snippet of the dean walking in on Scarlett being milked in her Human Cow side quest
  • Added a picture of futa Ardura fucking Suki during Natasha’s quest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some typos

Human Cow side quest for Scarlett (paid version)
Frat Party side quest for Suki and Scarlett (paid version)
The Halloween quest is no longer available, but the outfits have been put in the clothes shop (beat final boss to see them)
Hovering over buildings now has a nicer looking UI
Switched the gallery to a page style UI to help with lag
You can now go to the next / previous image when looking at gallery images by clicking the left or right side of the screen
Added EXP bar to house
Added +3000 EXP reward to Lilith’s quest
Added +200 EXP reward to The Prince of Avia side quest
Added permanent stat boosts for beating bosses
Greenhaven – +2 Pussy and Throat
Morass – +1 All Body Parts
Avia – +2 Tits
Mountain – +2 Anal
Final Boss – +1 All Body Parts
Scaled Daniel’s size down
Fixed Queen’s Basketball side quest, where Jaycob and Darren’s clothes were not jerseys
Bug Fixes
Added support for browsers that can’t use indexeddb or local storage (Firefox in incognito)
Switched audio renderer back to Web Audio because Android players couldn’t hear audio
Fixed cumshot animations still playing even if battle animations were turned off


  • Halloween 2021 Quest! Available for both free and paid players
  • Made the settings menu look nicer
  • Added battle settings to help with asset loading errors
    • Toggle battle animations
    • Toggle battle sound (try disabling this first)
    • Toggle battle client icons
  • Switched audio renderer to HTML5 instead of Web Audio. This should help with asset loading errors

Version 0.12.4

  • New Scarlett side quest for paid version of the game
    • 16 new quest images
    • 10 new NPCs
  • Save files are now stored in the browser’s indexeddb
  • Mods are now saved in the browser’s indexedb and will be saved unless you clear your cache / cookies
  • Compressed audio files, to hopefully increase loading times
  • Queen has new sex sound effects when she uses her ultimate
  • Queen’s ultimate damage reduced from 10 to 5, but now lasts 15 seconds instead of 6
  • Added heart popping animation when Queen’s ultimate is active
  • New blowjob sound effects for Natasha. They are slurpier
  • Added voice lines for Scarlett when you use her ultimate
  • Added backgrounds
    • Trasonia Dorms
    • Trasonia Library
    • Trasonia Classrooms
    • Morass Inn
  • Added new music
    • Avia boss battle
    • Mountains boss battle
    • Hell location music (current music has been replaced with the boss battle music)
    • Morass boss battle
  • Resized the goblin boys to be smaller
  • Added buttons in the save menu that will let you copy to clipboard and paste from clipboard

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where if you were wearing an outfit from a mod, it would be taken off after restarting the game
  • Disable / Enable Music button text not toggling properly

Version 0.12.2

– Added high quality animations back in the game (1920×1080)
– Added separate animations for each girl back in the game (not unique)
– Added an image of Esxea walking into a door
– Added an image of Sabrina torturing Suki
– Added an image of Sukibus riding a minotaur
– Forest outfits have a new design
– Added a Diary button in the house menu, to let you rewatch previous quest dialogue
– Added topless variants to existing outfits
– Added button to turn the girls into Futa
– Cassie takes off her top when meeting Queen for the first time
– Changed the size of Dathea to be smaller on the screen
– Added Kyle and Reed to basketball side quest battle
– You can now turn off music, but leave the girl’s voice sound on
– Cheat menu lets you unlock each girl one by one, and now progresses the story when unlocking
– Cheat menu now has a level up and down button
– Changed Greedy clients to be a darker shade of blue

Bug Fixes

– Clothes from mods will now remain bought even if you start the game without the mod
– Fixed girl moan sounds that were still playing after battles
– Fixed some typos
– Fixed ‘Clients Made Cum’ not incrementing
– Fixed cum sometimes not appearing on girl’s body after fucking lots of clients
– Clients are now removed from memory after finishing, to hopefully prevent crashes on mobile
– Clients not appearing on the screen and now set to invisible, to hopefully reduce lag when having lots of clients
– Client textures during battles are not generated per client card, saving resources, to hopefully prevent crashes on mobile

Enabled modding
Added mod tools
Updated Battle UI
Changed animations from image sequences to .mp4 videos
Updated battle mechanics and level design for the entire main story
Added cumshot animations for all girls. Activated when a girl finishes a Cummer/Exploder client
Added sex scene for Natasha x Arietta’s quest
Added 6 sex scenes for the final boss quest
Updated gallery to play videos as you browse it
Added background for Avia’s slums
Added background for Avia’s castle
By default, Cummer clients aim for the girl’s mouth
You can now have the girls take a shower at the house
Eating cum only restores 5% of the girl’s stamina back, reduced from 10%
Trapper clients changed to stay on a girl for X amount of seconds before being able to be removed
Added Greedy client type. Greedy clients don’t let other clients fuck the girl at the same time
Added Exploder client type. Exploder clients cum on girls 3x as much
Added Picky client type. Picky clients will only fuck specific girls
Added Big Dick client type. Big Dick clients take up 2 spaces on the battle UI instead of 1
Scarlett’s base Tits stat has been increased to 80
Scarlett’s base Recovery stat has been increased to 2
Removed battle soundtrack
Bug Fixes
Fixed Natasha’s default animations being available at any point in the game

Version 0.11.5

  • Main story progressed to the final boss battle
  • Paid players now have a sidequest that lets you unlock Suki’s succubus outfit
  • Added Suki anal animation back into the game, available after beating Lilith’s quest
  • Added boss menu back into the game
  • Added two new quest images for Scarlett’s bored tit fuck scene
  • Added two new quest images for the Ardura and Daniel quest
  • Moved default battle animations to the bottom of the gallery
  • Added soundtrack for the Crossroads
  • Added soundtrack for the Mountains
  • Added soundtrack for Trasonia
  • Added soundtrack for the Demon World
  • Added soundtrack for Nigel’s Castle
  • Added a background for the Univeristy gym
  • Added evil aura background for dialogue scenes
  • The main menu export save file button will now show a menu with both the raw text and a download button
  • You can now press the ‘Escape’ key on your keyboard to get out of some menus (Quest Log, Settings, Save Select, Dialogue Questions, etc.)
  • Made the gallery menu bigger
  • Lowered the volume for Ardura’s voice lines
  • Moved date on the HUD bar a little bit to the left

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed the minotaur boss battle showing the mountains background instead of the demon world
  • All girl’s demon world outfits appear in the clothes shop after beating the quest

Version 0.11.4

  • Main story progressed to fifth boss battle
  • Added basketball sidequest for paid players – contains 6 new quest images
  • Added 5 new NPCs
  • Added background for Easthollow classrooms
  • Added background for Greenhaven houses
  • Increased Esxea’s ultimate length to 14 seconds
  • Added a text speed option in the settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed some ultimates not having a dynamic timer
  • Suki’s classroom fuck quest image now shows up in the gallery properly after beating the side quest

Version 0.11.3

  • Main story progressed to fourth boss battle
  • Added a setting to disable girl’s voices after you make a client cum
  • Avia Guard has been renamed to Pete
  • Added another Avia guard named Lennie
  • After beating a boss for the first time, the clothes shop gets updated with new outfits
  • Dialogue changes for the Anal Training quest line
  • Queen’s ultimate now only provides a 20% damage increase for every girl
  • Scarlett’s ultimate now provides a 300% recovery increase for every girl
  • New quest images for when Queen meets the goblins
  • Updated brothel with better progression. Clients are no longer scale relative to girl level
  • A bigger “cum amount” text displays on top of the girl after she finishes a client during a battle
  • Changed the King’s name to King of Avia
  • Increased Ardura’s base attack rate to 0.6
  • Increased Ardura’s base anal stat to 10

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Naknu’s disguise not showing up during the quest dialogue
  • Fixed a Naknu dialogue scene being started on the Morass pond instead of the house
  • Fixed 2 typos in Scarlett’s quest dialogue

This build stops after the first boss, please give me some time to finish the whole story.
Unique animations have temporarily been removed as I find another place for them in the game.


  • Major story progression
  • New main menu
  • Dialogue Editor is now available
  • The mod menu page has been changed to accommodate the new mods page
  • Finished artwork for the house & brothel map
  • Updated Esxea’s pussy animation to have 4 more frames (thanks Dex)
  • Added an “Arietta Seduce” quest image for Arietta and Natasha’s main story quest
  • Added voice lines for every girl after they make a client cum
    • 10% chance to play the unique sound line instead of 100%
  • The house will have a quest icon when you have to go to sleep to continue a quest
  • Cafeteria Lady is now named Phyllis and she has artwork
  • Added artwork for ScaryMan
  • Intro dialogue changed very slightly and now contains a quest image
  • Suki goblin feet quest image added for the morass quest


  • Major story progression
  • Fixed typos
  • Changed the elf girls to a different art style
  • Changed dialogue for when the Scary Man goes to Trasonia
  • Reduced the enemy levels for the orc boss battle
  • Trasonia alley changed to hallway
  • Made dialogue text higher on the screen and made the word wrapping cleaner
Always have the cheat menu available if you just want to see the s*x scenes. Click the gold icon in the top left 7.


Due big of a code change old saves don’t work


Download For Win x64
Download For Linux
Download For MAC
Download For Android