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A sensual point-and-click adventure game where military intrigue and paranormal fantasy collide. Get the better of your teammates, gather hints, and learn the Peach Hills Division’s mysteries!

In this planet, Peach Hills, a military training center renowned for its intense combat simulations, is where people with unique talents are scouted to polish their skills. The squadrons that excel and gain their positions as elite special forces units will be rewarded with fame, wealth, and prestige.

You take on the role of Jim, a new recruit with mediocre skill who nonetheless manages to get accepted into this esteemed university. Jim has to make it through his daily workouts and discover a dark web of secrets, make friends with the paranormal, and win the hearts of several attractive ladies. Previously recognized as Peach Hills Academy.

Updated: 2024-07-12
Release Date: 2024-07-10
Developer: Peach Hills Patreon – Twitter – Instagram – Discord – Steam –
Censored: No
Version: 0.19 EA
OS: Windows
Language: English

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1. Extract and run.
v0.19 EA
-Fixed some audioglitches
-Fixed a few misspellings in both avaliable languages
-Fixed some UI glitches
-Fixed quality settings, Low is now Low quality setup
-Fixed some visual artifacts
-Fixed various crashes (saves)
[Dev Note]Some hdds and sdds may cause an issue with the savefiles, we have a functional workaround on this.

-Performance optimized for low end machines (Tested on a core i5 6th gen, 8g ddr3 ram and a GTX 660. 30 fps, 720p)
-GPU Overheating due to overworking the GPU is now fixed.

New content:
-Added two new scenarios
-Added a new character
-Added at 50+ Gallery Images

Update ready! The goal of this version is to lay the performance foundations so that the game runs fluidly on mid/low machines. For those of you who had problems getting the game to work, you should now get a much more stable experience and a much higher framerate than in previous versions.

In a few more days, we will be releasing v0.19, which we were able to finish as we advanced on this update. In it, we add new content in the form of characters and scenarios, as well as the continuation of the main story. Tomorrow we’ll make a post with a summary of the contents of that update.

For those who had problems playing the previous version, this update should allow you to do so. For those who were able to finish it, in a few more days we will be releasing 0.19, where the story continues.

— We recommend deleting the Gatolobo folder from Documents before starting a new game with a new update. —

Dev Notes

– COMMAND respect and admiration by lending aid to your neighbors and friends
– EXPLORE the facilities of the Peach Hills and its surrounding environs
– UNCOVER the mysteries behind the paranormal incidents occurring on base


My recommendation is to save often, as you will encounter bugs.


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