In the adult graphic novel Netorase Phone, you and your partner explore your sexual desires. The narrative is conveyed through text messages, images, and dialogue between the several individuals. The main objective of the game is Netorase / Hotwifing, with respect and consent from all players.

Updated: 2024-07-10
Release Date: 2024-07-10
Developer: Le Stag Patreon –
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.3
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English

2DCG, AI CG, Anime, cheating, Eroge, Erotic, Narrative, netorare, Romance, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Creampie, Masturbation, Corruption, Exhibitionism
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Run.
– Added Act VI, including chapters 16 to 18
– Added 7 new interludes
– Independent interludes that have already been seen on another run, and their pictures saved on the profile, will trigger less frequently. Interludes that are part of a storyline are not affected yet.
– Set the number of interludes after each eligible chapter back to 2.
– 39 new pictures
– A few pictures that had too many fingers were corrected, thanks to the surgeon skills of FlozelFlowsWell

Reworked Pictures Gallery:
– Added a Settings menu accessible with a button on the top-right of the Pictures app.
– Settings allow you to select a specific character, to only view their pictures.
– Each character button indicates the number of unlocked pictures from that character.
– The Cross-run Pictures option allows you to display pictures acquired previously on other runs, and saved in your profile.

– On PC, holding CTRL will enable Fast Forward mode, increasing the speed of scenes you’ve seen at least once by 80%.
– On PC, pushing Tab when a Messages window is open witll switch through other Messages windows, prioritizing windows waiting for the player to answer, and windows with unread messages.
– On PC, holding Shift enables Pause too (on top of P being able to toggle it).
– Added Public Network setting, hiding NSFW pictures in Messages.
– Added reminders of some decisions in the System App, for debugging purposes.

Issues corrections:
– Moved the game to Unity URP 2D, which should improve performance a bit, especially on mobile.
– Fixed available interludes being forgotten, causing the game to soft lock when ending chapters.
– Selected wallpaper is now correctly saved.

Known issues:
– Because of a change on how triggers are saved, made to improve their usage and avoid them being forgotten, some of them have been… forgotten. Some of your past decisions may not be registered anymore (including if you asked Ashley to stop sending you picture).
– Native Android Back button does not work, the new Input System has decided.
– Android version still uses a lot of battery, I don’t know why.


– Added Act V, including chapters 13 to 15
– Added 29 new interludes
– Temporarily increased the amount of interludes triggered after each eligible chapters, from 2 to 3, to account for the high number of new interludes
– 43 new pictures

– Added the SquareGram application, an Instagram-like social media. Functionalities are limited for now, but some will be added later.
– Added a Memories application, containing a Start New Game button, and a button to start the last update’s content. Checkpoints will be re-added there later in version 0.8.
– Added a View Fullscreen button to the image viewer.
– Added a Pause function, triggered with the P key on PC. Android version cannot be paused yet.
– Added keyboard shortcuts for chat inputs: Spacebar can be used when the player is asked to answer, and up/down arrows can be used to select top and bottom options (or to answer when a single option is available). These shortcuts will be customizable later.

– Improved the way interludes are selected, to create more variety.
– Loading a save created with an older version will restart the current chapter of, if the game had been “completed”, start the new content.
– The Factory Reset option in Settings will now delete all your profile files and save files. Be careful using it, and consider using the New Game button from memories instead.

Bug corrections:
– Added 64 bits version to the Android APK to try once again to improve compatibility.
– Corrected a few issues bricking the game after some chapters ended, and creating illogical situations when loading a save.
– Improved the saving system to avoid making the game lag regularly.


– Act 3 now ends after chapter 9
– Added Act 4, including chapters 10 to 12, all taking place over a single evening
– Implemented Dominant, Balanced and Submissive relationship tendencies, that affect the tone of the messages sent to you by Laura. These tendencies will be determined by your choices in chapters 1 to 8 in the future, but currently, you’ll have to trigger them via debug options in the Settings menu.
– Added 8 new interludes
– 18 new pictures

– Reworked the saving system, added an autosave and five manual save slots. Only autosave is loaded automatically for now, you’ll have to manually load manual saves if you want to use them.
– Added a Gaming Mode setting displaying Tendencies changes on some choices (not all of them, as some may be removed later), and route-specific messages with a colored background (blue when you’re Dominant, red when you’re Submissive). Note that, when you’re in a Balanced relationship, Laura will sometimes send you messages taken from the Dominant or Submissive routes, depending on the situation.
– Added a button in the Settings application to start the story on Chapter 10, and not have to redo all the previous content.

– Added text sounds, and a setting to disable them.

Bug corrections:
– Limited Android version to API version 33 instead of 34, which should improve compatibility with some Android versions (looking at you, Android 14).




Download For Win/Linux
Download For Android