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The chill in the pitch-black darkness woke me. Everything is left in the dark, and I have nothing. The girl moves forward and turns on a small light, giving you complete control over her options. The girl had no idea how greatly she had erred in trusting a sexual offender such as yourself. As you assist this girl in her quest to reclaim everything she has lost—such as her virginity, pride, common sense, etc.—you risk losing even more in the process.​

Updated: 2024-06-26
Release Date: 2023-07-11
Developer: Almichadia DLsite – Ci-en
Censored: Yes
Version: 2.07
OS: Windows
Language: English (Fan Translated)

2DCG, 2D Game, Big Ass, Big Tits, Censored, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Japanese Game, Loli, Monster, Oral Sex, Rape, RPG, Tentacles, Turn Based Game, Vaginal Sex, Virgin
1.Install the Japanese language pack
2. Run a Japanese locale emulator or just run a Japanese locale
3. Extract and run
Ver. 2.07.
Some problems were fixed

Some problems were fixed


Bug Fixes
Slightly Revamped translation.

Ver.1.08 fixed
・Fixed a bug that “ProvokeXXX” could not be read.
– Fixed a bug that “ChildCharmXXX” could not be read.
・Fixed a bug where <Onaho state> did not occur when using [Strip].
・Fixed an issue where the image would shift when used with [Temptation] and [Taunt].
-Fixed an issue where the donation amount would be reset if a specific event was not held after the donation event.
・Fixed an issue where [Refresh] was not discarded when the deck had 5 cards or less.
・Fixed an issue where the game would stop if [Refresh] was used when the deck had 5 cards and the number of cards drawn was 5.
・Fixed a bug where the number of sexes counted was different.
・Fixed a bug where the amount of sperm was incorrectly set for a specific enemy.
・Fixed a bug where the virginity was not lost when <Cowgirl>.
・Fixed the power of [Pressure]. (Added minimum guaranteed value)
・Fixed a bug where the image of the other party was not displayed when <exposure>.
・Fixed a bug that unintentionally becomes <anal creampie> under certain conditions in recollection mode.
・When the main character is inviting you, change to say positive lines about the other person’s ejaculation.
-Changed some event flags.
・Changed the draw conditions of [Pressure].
・Changed some statuses of the main character in reminiscence mode.
-Fixed a bug where gasping voices were not played correctly in some scenes.
・Fixed a bug where [Power Rush] was not discarded even if used.

Ver.1.07 fixed
・Fixed a bug where <Virginity> was not lost in certain events.
・Fixed a bug where cards under development were in the deck in reminiscence mode.
・Fixed a bug where using [Refresh] during <Cowgirl> would cause the deck to go crazy.
・Fixed a bug where the main character’s name would not change under certain conditions.

◆Ver.1.06 Fixed
・Fixed the bug that the game freezes if you continue to use [Grind/Pressure]・Added a method to obtain “Resurrection Misanga”.
・Partially changed BGM

◆ Ver.1.05 fixed
・Fixed the problem that the probability of the option of the ADV part is strange. Considering the difficulty in infinite rush mode, the probability is slightly relaxed. ・Fixed an issue where the AP consumption in the explanation of [ Unlimit
] was different from the actual effect (match the actual effect)
・Fixed the fluctuation of the wording of [Refresh]Fixes
・Fixed a bug related to image error ・Fixed
the behavior of [Super Strong Card] in the inserted state (so that it also receives pleasure damage)
・Improved durability in recollection mode. Since it is due to automatic recovery of LP / RP, it is recommended to switch ON / OFF of automatic recovery depending on the purpose.
・Fixed so that “Faith” and “Morality” do not take values over 101.
・Added a method to obtain “Resurrection Misanga”

◆ Ver.1.04 corrected
・Expanded the click hit judgment of the rank selection of the round bonus ・
Changed so that the combination of semen state can be selected in recollection mode (eg: bukkake + vaginal cum shot)
・Under certain circumstances, virgin vaginal cum shot
・Added options to some events ・Fixed a bug
where environmental sounds did not stop playing in some events ・
Partially changed the description at the beginning of the game
・Added <Discard after use> attribute to [Grind]・[Ride On] Added [Pressure] to derived cards
・Added play manual to game folder ・
Fixed a bug that caused card cost processing to go wrong under certain circumstances ・Fixed a
bug that stopped movement during the final boss battle
・Title Added completion reward

◆Fixed in Ver.1.03
・The effect of [Unlimit] persists across battles.
・An error occurs when “Hypnosis spell” and “Brainwashing spell” are used in succession.
・Upgraded the power of [Grind].
・ Changed not to consume “key” in some events.
・Fine adjustment of the probability of occurrence of battle after the 100th floor.
・Changed so that sex skills can be used in reminiscence mode.
・Implemented ON/OFF function of automatic recovery



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