Corrupted Hearts by Sinful Studios, Corrupted Hearts by Sinful Studios is adult game about You are a prodigal hacker, plunged deep into the heart of espionage at a company with dark secrets. Your wife, Clara, the most beautiful woman you had ever set eyes upon and an elite secret agent, is by your side, but the waters are treacherous.

Both of you are tasked to infiltrate a powerful company as spies along with your intern, Anna. As layers of betrayal unfold and lines between ally and enemy blur, it will be up to you if you can save the world, protect your loved ones while dealing with your own demons.
But remember, in this game of shadows, trust can be the most dangerous weapon of all.

Note: This is a Netorare focused game.​

Updated:  2024-05-17
Release Date:  2024-05-17
DeveloperSinful Studios – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.5 Part A
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Netorare, Romance, Corruption, Big tits, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run

v0.5 Part B
– 17, 500+ words
– 320+ Renders, excluding 120 Animation Renders
– 4 Animations Added excluding What-If episode animations

v0.5 Part A
– 12,000+ words
– 221+ Renders, excluding 120 Animation Renders
– 4 Animations Added

– 10,300+ words
– 200+ Renders, excluding 120 Animation Renders
– 4 Animations Added
– What-If Episode 1 Added with 30+ Renders and 3 Animations
– Few bugs related to Opacity Slider etc have been fixed

– 19,600+ words
– 341+ Renders
– 2630 lines of code
– 1 Animation (Please do give feedback if you guys would like to see more of them or not)

– 19,000+ words
– 335+ Renders
– UI overhaul
– New music and SFX added (Unfortunately, no lewd sfx yet due to constraints )

– 16,000+ words
-220+ CGs
– Added option to change dialogue color

-16,000+ words
– 60+CGs
– Small fixes
– 170+ Renders
– 8000+ words
Dev Notes

This is a netorare focused game and is choice based(only MC can make choices), letting you decide how you want the story to end. It will be slow-burn and corruption will take precedence. NTR haters should stay away, thx :D



Download For Win/Lin
Download For Mac (v0.5 Part A)
Download For Android (v0.5 Part A)