Artificial Academy 2 with Mods by Illusion, Artificial Academy 2 (ジンコウガクエン2, Jinkou Gakuen 2) is an eroge high school social simulation, sequel of Artificial Academy and released by Illusion on June 13, 2014. Create and play any of up to 25 students of varying gender, orientation and other interaction abilities and personal inclinations. Make friends and lovers as the class competes for achievement in academics, athletics, popularity, and romance.​

Censorship: No (Modded)
Developer/Publisher: Illusion
Platform: PC / Windows
Version: Final
Language: English
File Size: 15GB
Other Game: Artificial Academy
Genre: 3D Game, Character Creation, Femdom, Maledom, Anal Sex, Animated, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group Sex, Lesbian, Management, Oral Sex, School Setting, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Footjob, Titfuck, Voiced, Rape, Groping, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Combat, Bukkake, Harem, Bullying, Rimjob


First and foremost visit this website, i wont reply to any questions you can find the answer there. Second, the installation might seem very long but i assure you it will take but a few minutes.

I’ve packed the game in a simple manner, most people should understand it without any trouble. The pack includes all the DLC, updates, base game, custom BGM, clothes textures and some popular mods.

1. Gathering the tools for the installation.

You’ll need tools such has HF pApploc (modded version of Applocale) for Windows 7 and Local Emulator for Windows 8 and 10 (NTLEA wont work fully) so you can open the files without changing the system to Japanese. Daemontools Lite (or similar) to mount the files. Winrar (or another) to unzip files.

2. Installing the base game.

  1. Mount C:\Desktop\AA2\1- Installer\DISK1.mdf. If you’re using Windows 8 you can mount it without other programs, otherwise you’ll need Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite – it’s completely free)
  2. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click Startup.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
  3. Refer to Startup.exe picture here: If you can click the second button it means you have to install DirectX 9.0c. The game will not work if you ignore it!
  4. Click the third button from the top (ref. Startup.exe picture) to start the AA2 Edit (aka. Maker) setup.
  5. Click the button with (N) once.
  6. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g C:\illusion\AA2Edit if you want to be able to play the game! Don’t install to “Programs x86 or similar just leave it on C:\” (see picture here and click the highlighted button to change the folder)
  7. Click (N) again a few times and wait while AA2 Edit installs (will only take a few seconds).
  8. When the AA2 Edit setup is complete: Click the fourth button from the top (ref. Startup.exe picture) to start the game (AA2 Play) setup.
  9. Click the button with (N) once.
  10. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. C:\illusion\AA2 if you want to be able to play the game! (see picture here, that’s how it should look)
  11. Click N again a few times, and lastly (I), and wait while the game installs.
  12. About a third through the setup will ask for DISK2 (ref. Insert disk 2 picture): Mount DISK2 with Daemontools Lite, wait a few seconds and then click OK.
  13. About two thirds through the setup will ask for DISK3: Mount DISK3 with Daemontools Lite, wait a few seconds and then click OK.
  14. Wait while the game finishes the installation.
  15. To run the game you need to mount DISK1.mdf again and right-click C:\illusion\AA2\AA2Play.exe and select Run with Japanese locale. (before we apply patch that is)

3. Updating and Patching

  1. Open “2- Updates & DLC” and copy the folders AA2 and AA2Edit into the game installation folder e.g “C:\Illusion” it will ask you if you want to replace the folders, say YES, if it doesn’t prompt you to replace it you’re doing something wrong. This will apply all the paid DLC into the game.
  2. Now open “3- Patch” click “Artificial Academy 2 DLC HF Patch” keep pressing next and choose recommended. (If the patch doesn’t find the installation folder simply do it manually.) When it’s done apply “Artificial Academy 2 HF Patch” do the exact same thing.
  3. The game should now be patched and updated, open the shortcut it created and test the game out before you do anything else.

4. Custom BGM and Textures

  1. Before we jump into modding, let’s teach you some basic things.
  2. First you can put custom music in the game, i shared some of my favorite ones, simply copy the “CustomBgm” into the “C:\Illusion\AA2\data” say yes to replace the folder.
  3. Now in-game activate “Use external music” in the config menu on EXTRA.
  4. Now textures, open “5- Textures” copy the folders into “C:\Illusion\” (assuming you installed there) and say yes to replace. In-game you should now have a bunch more eye, skirts and pantie textures.

5. Modding

  1. I’m not going to teach you everything nor am i going to share a bunch of mods, only the most basic and popular stuff. If you’re interested follow the links i’ll provide at the end of the thread.
  2. Open “6- Mods”. Copy “AA2Install” into “C:\Illusion”. Open AA2Install.exe, once open you’ll notice a list of mods already included inside, it’s just a list of popular mods. Click them and read the description and you’ll understand what each does. Don’t install all of them since some like Custom UI and Custom Background are the same thing just different effects.
  3. I recommend you to install all the HEXA, More Cumming Animations, leave the rest for later.
  4. To install all you have to do is check the boxs and click Synchronize. It’ll take a long time for some mods and i recommend you to do it one by one instead of checking all boxes.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you installed the HEXA mods you will need to copy the “ReiEditAA2” folder inside “6- Mods” into “C:\Illusion\AA2\cheats” replace it so that the .XML files work. (If you want to uninstall them you have to remove the .XML you just copied, remember that).
  6. Now, the game is modded. If you wanna play with just these mods more power to you and were done here. If you want to install more mods (i’ll share links to sources below) copy the Wizard ready mods into “C:\Illusion\AA2Install\mods”.
  7. There’s a large mod i shared called “HEXACC v5.2 [MK-III] Clothing Collection Installer.exe” it’s 20GB+ when installed. It’s a bunch of clothes mods, unlike the other mods it comes with it’s own installer. Click it and follow the installation, it’s pretty large and it’ll take a while if you don’t have an SSD. Pay attention to the folder, this mod creates it’s own game launchers which is required to play the game, so replace the ones the HF Patch created for you with them.

6. Final Words

Don’t ask unnecessary questions, read the FAQ. The same site also tells you how to play the game, mod, troubleshoot… Asking dumb questions make you sound dumb remember that before asking about something you could have read in the one minute it took you to write up your question. IF you have a legitmet problem that’s not reported on the FAQ, than by all means ask away.

Q. Will i share more mod? A. No, look for them yourself.

Have Fun.

OS: Windows 7+ (x86/x64) (Because everything else sucks)
CPU: Minimal Pentium IV 2.4GHz, Recommended Core2 Duo 2.6GHz
RAM: Minimal 2GB, Recommended 4GB
Disk Space: 12 GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
GPU: Minimal 256MB, Pixel Shader 2.0, Recommended 512MB, Pixel Shader 3.0


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So Lewd!
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artificial-academy-2-modsI played that game years ago, and it was fun! It's like a great sims but with adult contents, only porn and you have a school to manage. I really liked it, even if the characters are blank, you can give them a fun personality