Arenus Demo by Arvus Games, Arenus is a game about in Arenus you and your gladiator will give your best to reach the top of the Arena. During this you will experience a great story, many sexy scenes and important decisions that allow for a high replayability. We also love sci-fi, haha.

Updated: 2020-09-26
Release Date: 2020-09-26
Developer: Kaliyo – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.6C
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other GamesRoundscape, Below Sunshade

2dcg, RPG, 2D Game, Male Protag, Female Protag, Char Creation, Furry, Sci Fi, Eventually every fetish under sun becasue Kaliyo
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.

Here’s a small patch for Arenus. We had planned to release a bit bigger, content patch for Arenus but decided to do so early next month with the steam demo as I would like to take a break from crunch time.

See you folks later this month with a Roundscape Content Patch tho!

Fixed Issues

– Missing file in the Nova Lounge Bathroom has been fixed
– Seed generation for inflitrations have been fixed
– Elona’s Bust during Inflitrations has been fixed
– We’ve removed the ghoooosts from the Nova Lounge
– Arena Fights are a bit more challening now to counter the inflitration rewards
– Target Information for the 3rd and 4th Arena Bosses has been fixed
– The dialogue during the shower scene referring to Armida has been removed
– The Toilet scene for male PC’s now works as intended
– We’ve also added a small new encounter with Elona to the start of the game
(We’re aware of some bugs like the health/energy bars looking weird until the first hit and are working on it)


New Content


  • Inflitrations have been reworked to offer more variety. You can now chose paths and temporary buffs as you fight through an inflitration including a new enemy.
  • We’ve added a new room to the Nova Lounge: Toilets. They will be used for CG Scenes. One of them already included.
  • Taxi! You can find one at both ends of the city. They drive you back home for only a small fee.


  • Inflitrations have been fixed
  • Elona Kebab Gift Request has been fixed
  • We’ve integrated a new NW.js version for better perfomance and x64 support
  • Double Elona bugs have been fixed
  • Several smaller fixes


New Content


  • Warden Skilltree
  • Gladiator Gift Request
  • New NPC encounters
  • New Items (Storm Modules)
  • Many new small mechanics have been added to the management Aspect of Arenus
  • To level up in power/mind/agility you now need to attend to a gym task
  • opening times for shops
  • New skills for both Elona and the Warden
  • Vendors get new items over time
  • More email notifications


  • The whole management Aspect of Arenus has been rebalanced
  • You no longer gain stress on a succeded task
  • You still get the rewards on a failed tasks
  • Unused Action Points decrease Stress


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