Wicked Rouge is an interactive NSFW Adult Visual Novel & Brothel Management Game in development and created by fidless.

After your father’s sudden death by the hand of well known criminal and entrepreneur, you inherit your father’s business which is a pleasure house in the city of Hana.
Can you restore “The Red Petal” to its former glory and exact your revenge?
Only time will tell…​


Updated: 2021-06-24
Release Date: 2021-06-24
Developer: fidless Patreon – Newgrounds – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version:  v0.10.1B Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Version: Wicked Rouge Refine (Remake)
Genre: 3DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Footjob, Prostitution, Oral sex, Creampie, Animated, Brothel management, Humor, Drama, Virgin, Trainer, Simulator, Creampie, Teasing, Groping, Anal sex, Mobile game

3DCG interactive world – Manage your business and interact with your surroundings and other characters.
In-depth management simulator – Train your girls, upgrade your brothel, hire staff, keep track of your and courtesans health & energy level.
Progress through the story – Follow the lives of four beautiful courtesans and enjoy the story as it unfolds.
Side activities – Unlock new events by upgrading your building or interacting with various characters all over the world.
Animated busts & scenes – All the scenes are semi-animated to imbue life into the characters instead of showing only static images.
Fully uncensored & animated sex scenes – Lots of beautifully animated sex scenes.
The game crafted with passion & love!
v0.10.1 B
– Fixed no actors battle UI issue.
– Fixed Saka and Yura events. They didn’t start before.
– Part B of the exploration map was added. 2 Maps. ~13.000 words.
Multiple enemy encounters, ~10 events, ~7 loot points, ~2 traps.
– New Saka and Yura event. ~800 words.
– New Saka XXX event. ~ 1200 words.

– Fixed unskippable with the only mouse or touch Kisayo’s regional map dialogues.
– Fixed some eventing progression issues (related to the main story).

v0.9.7A Public
– Fixed unskippable with the only mouse or touch Kisayo’s regional map dialogues.
– Fixed some eventing progression issues (related to the main story).

v0.9.5 A

– Fixed issue with the requirement of Nekomi to be in the party and changing her stats during “Shadows In The Dark” quests.
– Fixed issue which would cause the “Shadows In The Dark” quest to be skipped.


Wicked Rouge v0.8.3 (Proofread Test only) changelog


– Fixed grammar up to v0.7.3. Please report any issues.

– Fixed Yura’s resting issue.


The gallery works for new saves, if playing using older saves, just synch “saves” using the “office book” option.


Some events require conditions unlocked. Read the changelog for more in-depth information. Proofreading wasn’t applied, things currently are a little bit complicated and I’m in no position to hire additional help currently, but I did my best, hope grammatical errors are not that noticeable.

There was a tiny shift in the writing especially the sex scenes. I still trying to discover my way of writing and the way I realize my scenes. I tried to write them more detailed and hotter, I hope you’ll like them.

Also, I utilized some tricks I learned while animating, small details should be noticeable and I’m sure I’ll be able to bring you even better scenes with time.

Need testing, I’ve manually updated some internal RPGM mv code with newer PIXI and some java additions, highly untested, but should result in a more stable game with fewer bugs/crashes. Report any weird thing happening.

Added Tomomitsu influence growth events (He starts attacking establishment), authorities suspicion ending.

Made multiple adjustments and I hope currently the game is more pleasant to play. That includes the separation of “Study” and “Night activities (Lobby & Stage work). Courtesans can study and work simultaneously.

Lots of bugfixes and VIP/End game shouldn’t bug out anymore.


– Fixed “Task” button transferring player to request scene.


Wicked Rouge v0.6.3 changelog

– Building upgrades cost only coins now.
– Different window skin for choices and “improvements”.
– Improved establishment upgrade GUI
– Revised starting map

– “Wanderer” and “Pedler” classes crashing the game at the start of “intro”.

Fixed dpad appearing in PC versions.


Quest “The Red Petal revival” minor fix to quest description.
A fix for possible event condition bug which prevented some events from appearing. (kisayo hotspring scene, Nekomi training in backyard, Kisayo night scene in the backyard).
Quicksave will now save a file with different save file/image names to prevent possible bug which makes it unable to load. Rename “autosave” file&picture to “save1”.
Fixed an issue preventing talent “Wild and outrageous” from happening.
Fixed the issue with Fudeyo 0 health and not being able to set activity for her.
Fixed new Mei events forcing the game to skip “end day” calculations/profit screen and go directly to “morning”.
Corrected AP requirements for sex training.
Fixed mei encouragement options not showing on some occasions when she’s overpraised.
Correction to encouragement gift (“sexy dress”) text/formula.
Fixed AP decrease amount for regional map activities.
Fixed issue when in “girls overview” or other menu’s, mercenaries are displayed by pressing page up/page down.
Text plays smoother now.
New save&load menu.
A new friend in Nekomi’s room.
Fixed error occurring in the picture gallery.
New 4 part event: 3 goons, 1 boss battle, new character revealed. Multiple part quest.
New event: Chiyo tries to escape.
New event: Keeping company to Nekomi.
New event: Kisayo gamble (2 animations).
Added mini-game. Card match lottery.
new request for Fudeyo (10 animations).
New request for Mei (5 animations)
Fix various bugs occurring during sex scenes (pressing fast forward and change camera, pressing change camera during scene fade out etc.)
Added collection closet to collect heads.

Small other changes not worth mentioned here.


Possible fix for “freeze” error during management dialogues in the office.
Experimental additional changes to courtesans profit calculations.


Fixed “low maid efficiency” indicator not showing.
Added mental states.
Added requests.
Added talents with additional new features. (use item “reset talents” which is acquired by revisiting the office (inventory>keyitem)).
Now shows when courtesans rank up and gain talent points.
Added erotic performance.
Fixed stage profit calculation. (Fudeyo&Yura were skipping theatrical drums improvement)
Changed energy formulas.
New formulas how profits are calculated all over the board.
If max rank reached while studying, courtesan will rest instead.
Removed establishment maintenance daily cost.
Improvements makeover.
Increased rooms and improvements cost.
Increased materials cost.
Increased potions cost…
Fixed HP regeneration for courtesans when they get sick.
New event(REQ): Fudeyo with a married couple sex scene (req: C rank of all skills or the total sum of 784exp points of skills).
New event: Intro to an erotic dance performance.
New event: Kisayo introduction event remake.
New event: Nekomi intro event.
New event(REQ): Saka lesbian sex with “black widow” (sex scene 4 animations)(req: B rank of all skills or the total sum of 1568exp points of skills).
New event: Kisayo hotspring sex event.
New event: Black widow introduction (req: B rank of all skills or the total sum of 1568exp points of skills).
New event: Master asks Mei how she’s doing.
New event: Saka and Yura check on Mei.
New event: Fudeyo talk about courtesans with Mei.
New event: MC and Mei chat in the garden.
New event(REQ): Yura becomes customer “wife”. (req: C rank of all skills or the total sum of 784exp points of skills).
New event(REQ): Mei with inexperienced guy. (req: C rank of all skills or total sum of 784exp points of skills).
New event: Kisayo with MC in the garden during night.
Event changed: Added a section of story where mei gets her new room when she becomes a courtesan.
New event: MC trains with Nekomi (requires dojo and day>37).
New event(REQ): Yura with a giant man. (req: B rank of all skills or total sum of 1568exp points of skills).

Small other changes not worth mentioned here.



Fixed “images not found” for linux, mac, android
Fixed off-center text in some of the dialogue choices
Other minor fixes not worth mentioning

Fixed version display on the title screen
Fixed various pictures display bugs during intro’s

New title screen.
Added combat.
Added relationship window.
Added parameters window.
Added skill window.
Character class pick screen at the beginning of the game.
New short unique intros to each class.
Fixed fade-in effect opening various menu’s/overview screen/when transferring into new maps.
Fixed girls overview screen open/close scene
Fixed bugged mouse cursor when you leave girls overview.
Fixed City Map icon on the selection (added hover effect).
Reworked variable display in overview map etc. Basically new (better) method to display UI management aspects etc.
Added Action Points
Fixed variable display when skills pass their maximum in the girl’s overview screen.
Fixed cursor bug when playing windowed mode and you leave game screen/return with the cursor.
Small changes in the story.
Added party hud.
Added dpad for android.
Added party rearrange
Added mercenary hiring
Added Regional Map (gameplay addition)
Added internal pleasure house traveling between rooms
Added 6 girls rooms
Added Dojo
Fixed auto resting incorrect values when checking when to rest and HP restoration.
Fixed End day UI after the first night with Fudeyo.
Fixed auto resting cancelation upon leaving girls overview screen.
Fixed Mei first time giving no money if she’s sold to the customer.
Fixed Mei after the first-time event (busts problems)
Added entertainment low food&drinks indicator
Added various visuals indications (low maintenance, low cleanliness, low food, low drink, etc.)

1. Extract and run.
How to use old saves
See This Image.
try password is Tsuki, but it’s for old version not sure if it’s still work. On www folder there is a save file, you can edit your save file if you want
cheats? you can try this RPG MAKER MV Cheat Menu Plugin or just simply edit your save file on Save Edit Online.
Most common issues and fixes
The game doesn’t save or start? Run with administrator permission&don’t “hide” game folder.
Game show a black screen? Update your PC WebP codec and make sure your graphic driver support OpenGL 4.1.
Problem playing on “macOS“? Place the game into the application folder.




Otherwise, the game won’t work properly! (if playing with older pre v0.9.x version save data).


New Password: Kuma

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