Treacherous Desires Final by HirumaY, Treacherous Desires is a game about The main character moved in to stay with his cousin and her friends. He could never have guessed the bizarre and lustful experiences that awaited him.

Because of the nature of the plot, heavy and unavoidable femdom elements exist in the first parts. The game will feature both vanilla content and a plethora of fetishes, but never on the extreme version, so I invite everyone to keep an open mind and have fun. :3

Girl summary currently:
Megan: “Romantic femdom / BDSM” The house keeper dominates the MC from get go. What is it that drives her?
Julia: “Foot,Thigh fetish” The MC’s cousin seems to care about nothing in this world.
Amy: “Vanilla” Innocent, kindhearted and THICC. What else does someone want? 

Sophie: “Vanilla” A nympho that always seems to stir up trouble in the house! Ιs there more depth behind her straightforwardness?
Kaori: “A mix of many things” Cheeky and confident, this girl will turn the world upside down to get what she wants.
Valerie: “MommyDomina” She arrived with the intention of getting in the way of the MC and her daughter, Amy. Will the MC embrace, or get past her?​

Updated: 2021-08-03
Release Date: 2020-07-30
Developer: HirumaY Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, BDSM, Female domination, Teasing, Big Ass, Big Tits, Pov, Footjob, Masturbation, Sex toys, Handjob, Lesbian, Animated, Blowjob, Humor, Vaginal sex

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run




  • 300 new renders
  • 3 animations
  • Intimate scene with Valerie
  • Intimate scene with Julia
  • Intimate scene with Sophie


Download For Win
Download For Mac

Download For Compressed Win/Mac
PIXELDRAIN WORKUPLOAD *This Compression is unofficial and untested, use at your own risk. Compressing process reduces quality and can break the game.

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