Together Again v1.0.1 by Pink Tea Games, Together Again is a game about you find a girl who wants to kill herself. You treat her by “breaking” her.​

Updated: 2021-10-02
Release Date: 2021-10-02
Developer: Pink Tea Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v1.0.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Other Games: Elven Conquest

2DCG, male protagonist, male domination, spanking, trainer, no sexual content, bdsm, slave
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.

Developer Notes
So after about a month and a half of work, this is what I’ve managed to cobble together.
I really hope you’re not too over-hyped about it because this game STARTS OFF SLOW, and does not actually contain any sex YET.
Instead of going straight to the bedroom/dungeon with her, I wanted to build things up so that when we do get there, it’s more meaningful.
So, what we have so far is an intro and a few ecchi-ish interactions. I feel like I’ve laid down the foundations of what’s to come.
As with previous projects I will try to keep updating this once per month, with a few extra scenes added each time.
I hope you like it so far!
I’m always grateful for any feedback you guys can give me – don’t hold back on the criticisms either – I’m fine with both positive and negative comments. Just be honest.
Again, just to reiterate, don’t expect any hardcore stuff yet!

Thank you all, and may the Dark Lord bless your perverted souls.



– Added ending image
– Fixed various spelling and grammar errors

Version 0.2.7
– Added Happy end scene (Harem outfit)
– Added Public end scene (Public toilet – slave outfit)
– Added message panel to ‘end scene’
– Added outro text and sound effects to ‘end scene’

– Added ending sequence (Appears upon sleeping after reaching rank 7)
– Added ending – Acceptance (Cute underwear missionary)
– Added ending – Punishment (Harness Deepthroat)
– Added ending – Forgiveness (Succubus Titjob)
– Fixed bug in kitchen sex where character names did not display
– Added Naked outfit

– Added Quest 6 (SM club)
– Added dialogue for rank 7
-Changed music for sex scenes
– Added final rank character (Keen, Princess, Timid, Dispirited)
-No longer uses nor requires energy to talk
(Patreon Edition, might also upload the Subscribestar version sometime)

– Added kitchen sex (sex)
– Added Toys (reward)
– Added Bedtime blowjob (Requires: Rank 5 + mood normal. ⅓ chance of occurring when you go to sleep)
– Anal and oral stats now increase after sex cumming anally or orally
– Added option to cheat to any rank (start menu)

– Added Feed floor (rank 5+)
– Added Yoga work

– Added Quest 5 (pet) – There are 3 possible routes to this quest (3 sex scenes)
– Added dialogue for rank 6

– Added sleep together; rank 5 – Has ⅓ chance to occur and requires mood; happy.
– Added work – Clean toilet

– Added cat outfit(Work) rank 4
– Added school outfit(Work) rank 3
– Added Quest 4
– Added Credits page

v0.18 Changelog
– Added hot wax punishment (from rank 5+ – you must cheat from main menu to unlock)
– Added steak to eat at table (from rank 3)
-Added Doggy sex to bedroom sex scene (at end of BJ part, select from the options – rank 4+)
– Added rank 5 dialogues for scenes

– Added shop(Work) – rank 3+
– Added bath HJ – rank 3+
– Added Headpat (reward) – rank 4+
– Adjusted Arousal stat a little so it’s easier to increase

– Fixed quests for memories; your choices lead to the correct scene, but are not saved.
– Added study (Work) – rank 3+
– Added Feet (Punishment) – rank 3+

– Added parfait option to Eat At Table scene

– Added heart eyes when arousal exceeds 90 (Evening after work scene)


– Added arousal stat
– BJ added to TV scene (must reach at least 80 arousal to access)
– Added Bath scene

– Added Quest 2 (Park)

– Added work: Cooking
– Added Quest 0 (mug break)
-Added camera toggle on settings menu
– Added Start Screen background
– Added memory button
– Added outfit: Gothic
– Fixed bug where Setting Menu did save music volume change

First Release


Read the Developer Notes above before downloading it.


Download For Win
Download For LINUX
Download For MAC
Download For Android
Ending guide

For ‘Eager’ or ‘Princess’ character:
Save her from the guy => Happiness ending
Don’t save her from the guy => Accept her => Acceptance ending
Don’t save her from the guy => Reject her => Retribution ending

For ‘Dispirited’ or ‘Timid’ character:
Go to cliffs => Say you love her => Be kind to her => Happiness ending
Fail to find her, or make her run away again => Forgive her => Forgiveness ending
Fail to find her, or make her run away again => Do’t forgive => Punishment ending


Slave of Passion v1.0 (Together again but Subscribestar version)

Download For Win
Download For Lin
Download For Mac
Download For Android

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together-againIt has great potential, not because it is great right now. With the developers track record so far I'm fairly confident that it will get there in time though. The game itself is a trainer game with stats, a kind of game I personally like. It also seems like there will be distinct "kind" and "cruel" routes for the player to choose, which I find reasonable. For people not into BDSM or Dom/sub dynamics, it might be a bit much. I can vouch that girls like that exist though, I have encountered more than one in real life (minus the suicidal tendency).