Sex Valley v0.5.10 by Zehmun, Sex Valley is a game about you will be in the control of a young man living in a small village in a small port town in a large magical land. Being the only man in age to reproduce in the village, you shall partake on various activities with diverse types of girls!

Just returning from long years of training, you will see the changes time made on the village you grew on and on the girls that live there. Are you ready to utilize your powers to help the growth and prosperity of a little village?​

Updated: 2023-07-27
Release Date: 2023-07-27
Developer: Zehmun Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.5.10
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Big tits, Fantasy, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Futa, Creampie, Monster girl, Footjob
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
Dev Notes
Finally a new update! It’s been so long. I’m getting acclimated with RPG Maker now that Zehmun is unavailable, so this one It’s a very simple update with no bug fixes.
We’re adding a new type of scene: “The Mini Scene”. The mini-scenes are what the name says, it’s a smaller scene with no sex, mostly just for eye candy and some exposition on the character.
Sorry for taking so long on this update, a lot of stuff happened since the last one.
Edit: Kinda fucked up the Party Bunny scene. The download is already updated with a fix. If you played it already and did the party bunny scene, interact with the statue in front of the clinic to fix the player entering walls
New Content:

  • Added Party Bunny Hapi Gloryhole scene.

After unlocking Hapi AND the gloryhole at night. (Hapi is unlocked at the end of the caves and the gloryhole is unlocked by talking with the tavern lady)
A bit more than a 20% chance to happen when you enter the tavern bathroom at night.

  • Added 3 new mini-scenes for Lamir, Lene, and Elinnie (Unlocked from the start)Talk to them at the bathhouse at night (18:00~22:00).
    Lamir can only be interacted with outside the bath, choose the option “Bathe with Lamir”. The option is only there Sunday
    Lene is only available on Sunday
    Elinnie is available Sunday and Wednesday


  • Added a mini-scene for Shy Bunny. Talk to Hapi near her home on Friday or Saturday at 12:00~18:00


  • You now can only enter the tavern bathroom to see the gloryhole scenes at night


As the only man in town you will be forced to partake on various challenges to help the little port town you live in. Like helping the village nobles or just living your own life creating relationships with the various girls that live there.

You are bound to fight terrible monsters and create relations with various girls. If you do a good job you will be rewarded by the lovely females.

On the game the protagonist will be able to choose how he will interact with the world, but most importantly he will choose how he will speak with the girls, choosing from 3 specials choices the correspond to three different kind of answers, those being:
– The Gentle
– The Naughty
– The Submissive

New Content:

  • Added the final chapter for the Caves Story.
    • It continues directly after where the last story quest left on.
    • It takes a few days until the quest automatically begins.
      • The final fight, depending on your weapon choice at the end, gets easier the more girls “loves” the protagonist (all quests completed)
  • Added a “Gift Shop” at Elinnie’s
    • It’s always there, just talk to Elinnie when she’s on the counter.
  • Added a new character.
    • She will be at Peach’s tower after the quest ends.
    • She will be expanded on another update.


  • Increased the day duration, again.
  • Decreased the enemy encounter rate on the caves.
  • Drastically decreased the enemy encounter rate on the forest.
  • Added the Peach x Obscuria scene to the map scenes.

New Content:

Added the next chapter for the Caves Story.
It continues directly after where the last story quest left on. (It actually continues a few days after completing the last quest)
Added Peach x Obscuria x Protagonist Threesome
Unlocked by completing Peach’s Quest and destroying the seal in the Caves Storyline.
Triggered by talking with Obscuria and choosing the new option.
Nice scene. Good scene. Fun scene.
Fixed an oversight where you could repeatedly fight the High Priestess boss.
Fixed the spacing in some quest names
Fixed a problem where you could break the game by using the teleport stone inside the Goddess Domain dungeon.


  • Added Clarine Third Quest. (Recommended Level 14)
    • Unlocked after completing Clarine Quest 2 and raising Clarine’s affection to the max.
    • The quest starts automatically as soon as the required affection is met and the player sleeps.
  • Added Clarine third quest repetitive scene
    • Unlocked after completing Clarine Quest 3. Talk with Clarine at morning (06:00~12:00) on Weekdays and choose the new “Invite to a walk” option.


  • Fixed Maribel Quest 3 repetitive scene not appearing on the map.
  • Fixed Maribel third heart on the map not updating after finishing her third quest.
  • Added Peach’s scene on the list of scenes available on the map.


New Content:

Added a new area to the caves, the Goddess Realm.
It is unlocked after saving Peach in the dark forest and going with her to see the seal. After this the quest will start as soon as the player reaches level 15. (if you meet all conditions and the quest still doesn’t start you have to update your save in the statue in front of Maribel Clinic).

Added Peach as a Party Member.
She is unlocked as soon as you enter the Goddess realm.
Peach is a witch that comes with big pp spells and healing.

Added an option to shop at Maribel Clinic.
She sells powerful healing items and revives.

Added a new item, “Singing Herb” to the creepy girl shop at the caves.
The item heals the new effect “Silence”
Added new soundtracks to the Tavern and to the city at night.
New Enemies: Goddess Cultists and Goddess Priestess.
New Character: The Goddess.

Minor tweak to the protagonist’s angry face.
You can now enter the caves and the forest without a party member.

New Content:
Added Lene’s Third Quest. (Recommended Level 14)
Unlocked after completing Lene Quest 2 and raising Lene’s affection to the max.

Added Lene third quest repetitive scene
Unlocked after completing Lene Quest 3. Talk with Lene Monday or Thursday, at 1800~22:00 inside the tavern.

Increased the duration of the day.
The days now last twice as long as before. If your save file isn’t new (that is, made on this update) you’ll need to update your save file by interacting with the statue in front of Maribel’s clinic to get the longer lasting days.

Fixed some dumb bugs.


New Content:

  • Added Emma Sex Scene
    • This scene has no requirements to unlock, and is available by talking with Emma inside the Tavern, on Mondays and Wednesdays, between 18:00~22:00.
    • Emma costs either 50 gold and one potion or 150 gold.
  • Added a small side quest for Peach
    • Unlocked by talking with Peach after completing the forest questline (that starts after reaching the end of the caves, right after the Naga boss).
    • This quest has an optional scene with a futa crow girl. Like all futa on male quests, it is unlocked by doing Lene’s quest 2 scene (or the repetitive variant) and choosing the submissive option there.
    • If you haven’t done Lene quest 2 when you get to her, or choose to push the crow away will result in her being removed from the game.


  • Increased the duration of the Shady Repellent.
  • Added a warning before every boss fight.
    • This gives the player a chance to back off and heal.
  • Added an option to save before bosses
    • Together with the warning to back off a boss fight, you’ll have the option to save the game
  • The game audio is now lower by default.
    • You can increase the game audio in the in-game options.


  • The rocks in the caves now properly respawn.

New Content:

  • Added Illyana’s Third Quest. (No combat)
    • Unlocked after completing Illyana Quest 2 and raising Illyana’s affection to the max.
  • Added Illyana third quest repetitive scene
    • Unlocked after completing Illyana Quest 3. Talk with Illyana Tuesday, 1800~22:00 inside the bathhouse.


  • Art Update – Illyana
    • More info here
  • Changed Lene’s scene (Tuesday, 1800~22:00)
    • We made a few tweaks to the image.
    • We made it easier to figure out what type of scene it is before it begins.
    • Fixed some typos in this specific scene.


  • Fixed typos at the city tour and at the main characters introductions.
  • Made the rain right at the beginning of the game quiete


New Content:


  • Added a new introduction to the game (and some little scenes as you progress through the caves)
    • It adds motivation for the protagonist!
  • Added Repetitive #62 69 scene
    • Talk with #62 inside the abandoned house north of the city after completing Lene quest 2 and unlocking #62 schedule, 06:00~12:00hrs, Wednesday.
  • Maribel now sells a revival item!
  • It only works on companions.
  • Added a fast travel hole to Peach’s tower.
    • It’s unlocked after saving Peach.
  • It’s right beside the entrance to the tower, and it leads all the way to Hapi’s house.


New Content:


  • Added the Final part of the forest questline
    • You can start it by continuing through the area behind the fox house. (to unlock the forest area, you need to explore the caves up to the end of the third area and defeat the Naga)
  • New Character: Peach
  • New Area: The Seal
    • Not much to see here, but it’s there now.
  • New Area: Dark Forest
  • New Area: Witch’s Tower
  • New Scene: Succubus
  • New Scene: Winged Demon *Futa content
    • Both are located in the dark forest, with the Winged Demon being a rare encounter.


  • Fixed some very dumb bugs.
    • Thanks to everyone that pointed them out for us

New Content:

  • Added New Scene – Creep
    • After you become her friend (Reaching the bottom of the caves), talking with her in the cave entrance will unlock a new option called “Friend”.
  • Added New Monster – Arachne
    • She can be found in the forest in the area just before the fox’s house. That location is temporary, and we plan on moving her to another area next update.
  • Added #62 Schedule
    • After completing Lene Quest 2 she will move to the abandoned house east of the caves.
    • Made a few expressions for this cutie without the sewn mouth.
  • Added Nihil as a Party Member.
    • After completing her quest and entering the caves, Nihil will be unlocked as a companion.
    • Unlike Viz, she should act as a tank character.


  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in various early scenes.


New Content:

New Scene: Lene
After completing Lene’s second quest and allowing her to fuck the protagonist at least once (Lene fucking the protagonist happens during the second quest, or during the repetitive scene related to the second quest). Wednesday 06:00~12:00, Futa on Male.

New Scene: Demonic Commoner
Just defeat her in battle (Enemy at the last area of the Forest, just before the Fox house.)

New Scene: Jill
Speak with Jill in the north of town during Fridays 12:00~18:00.


A few bugs were fixed, and some stuff was changed on the code


  • New Character: Hapi (Bunny Girl)
  • New Enemy: Harpy
  • New Enemy: Giant
  • New Enemy: Fox Girl
  • New Scene: Harpy
    • Just defeat her in battle (Enemy at the Forest)
  • New Scene: Giant
    • Just defeat her in battle (Enemy at the end of the Forest)
  • New Scene: Fox Girl
    • Available after completing the current forest questline (Forest)
  • New Music!
    • Each area of the caves and the forest now has different music to go along with it.
  • More dialogue with the creepy merchant in the caves.
    • Now she isn’t just a shop.


  • Forest Rework
    • Just like with the caves, we reworked the forest area north of the city. Now you need to explore the caves until the end to unlock the entrance to the forest.
    • The passage of time no longer will stop while inside the forest.
  • Added a Fishing Cheat (At the toilet)
    • We are still planning on fixing the fishing, but for now if you find any problem with it there is a way to circumvent the need to play the fishing minigame.


Caves! The focus for this update was the caves system, making it more rewarding and challenging! We made a lot of changes to its overall progression, now the merchant near the entrance is a character that acts like a “guide” to the place, selling to the player useful items and giving them tips on how to advance.


It was also added a Companion System allowing the player to have another character to accompany them inside the caves. For now, the only one available will be Viz’Zera, but there are more planned for the next updates.

We also tweaked a few older monsters and added a few new to the caves, the more prominent are the generic bandits (And the mercenaries from Elinnie quest) and a new variant for the generic goblin in the caves (with changes to her scene image). And because we made the caves bigger we needed more enemies, so the Naga and the Goblin queen were added as bosses together with the Minotaur.

This was probably the most difficult update we made to date, and there is a big chance some bugs made through. Because we tweaked a lot with the combat and progression, we really need feedback for this version, both to find bugs and to see if the game is not too hard or easy, comment on this post or send me a PM with your feedback.

We highly recommend everyone start a new save file to avoid most bugs, we tried to avoid this outcome but some stuff will break on older saves. In case you want to have an easier time with the new save and rush back to where you were you can use the toilet in the player’s home to activate some cheats, you can also use the game guide to see where all the scenes are.

Game guide update.

New Content:

  • New Character: “Creep”
  • New Enemy: Goblin Queen
  • New Enemy: Naga
  • New Enemy: Scorpion Clan Apprentice
  • Changes to the visual of some older enemies.
    • Visual Rework Generic Bandit
    • Visual Rework Generic Humanoid
    • Visual Rework Captain Mercenary
    • Visual Variant Generic Goblin
  • Added new scene: Scorpion Clan Apprentice
    • Just defeat her in battle (Caves – F3)
  • Added a Companion System
    • Now you can have someone to fight beside you! Right now the only available companion is Viz’Zera, unlocked by completing a new quest she gives.


  • Caves Rework
    • Added a new caves system, adding more to it and creating more objectives and incentives to explore! There is also a new questline related to the creepy merchant.
    • The passage of time no longer will stop while inside the caves.
  • Changes to the Battle System
    • Added new skills for the playable characters and monsters.
    • Tweaked some older skills.
    • Rebalanced enemy strength.
  • Added new items, equipment, and weapon recipes.
    • Items to stop enemies encounters, to instantly exit the caves, to revive fallen companions, and more.
    • Weapon recipes are to be used to learn to craft them at Sarah’s forge.
  • Added a Cheat Mode
    • If you find the new game mechanics to be too much or you just want to enjoy the game, you can use some cheats to make your game easier! Cheats are available at the toilet inside the player’s house.
  • Changes to Viz’Zera quest
    • Some small changes to the dialogues and the quest is now obligatory to continue the cave’s questline.


  • Bunch of bug fixes.



  • Added Illyana Bathhouse scene.
    • Talk with Illyana inside the Bathhouse at night (18:00~22:00) on Saturdays, after completing Illyana’s Quest 2.
  • Added Honeui Cunningulus Scene.
    • Honneui are found in the new area, The Woods. (Level 5)
  • Added new AOE skill for the protagonist.
    • It’s always a pain dealing with groups of enemies, and because of that, we are adding an area attack to make group fights faster.
  • Added a new area north of town, “The Woods”. (WIP)
  • Quality of life implementations
    • The Player character can indicate the direction it wants to go before moving when he is not running.
    • Some fog was added to the bathhouse to simulate steam, together with a few visual changes to the place.
    • Increased the size of some enemies during combat (we’ll steadily fix the rest in the next few patches)
  • HUGE batch of bugs fixed.


Download For Android (v0.2.151)


Download For COMPRESSED Win (175mb)
WORKUPLOAD GOFILE PIXELDRAIN*This compression is unofficial which reduces media quality and might break the game.
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IMAGE  *Here is the missing image if someone needs it.


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