Princess Tower v0.12 Public by Euphemismus, Princess Tower is a game about kinky trainer-style game made in Ren’py. The player takes on the role of Frim of Coombmere, a hedge wizard in the employ of the Dark Imperium. He is tasked with taking care of Princess Ariane in order for the Dark Imperium to tighten its grasp on conquered territories. Frim decides to approach the task with… a certain level of intimacy.

The current version is an early release and saves will not be compatible with later versions. The word count for v.0.5 is 14,461. These early versions are being updated on a weekly or biweekly schedule.

Updated: 2022-05-28
Release Date: 2022-05-28
Developer: Euphemismus Patreon – Itch.io 
Censored: No
Version: v0.12 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
I literally just changed the version number


  • Fixed issue where loading an end-of-content save from v.0.11 and earlier might fail to give access to v.0.12 content
  • Fixed the end-of-content scene for v.0.10 showing up when it isn’t supposed to
  • Fixed issue where loading a pre-v.0.10 save might not update the savefile to v.0.11 and beyond
  • Fixed “Have her lie down” punishment option incorrectly being unavailable after quest ‘Somatosensory delights’


  • Replaced placeholder line with actual content when using upgraded read task
  • Fixed crashing in some cases when the wax candle is first used
  • Fixed getting stuck on heart path if chains path is already completed
  • Fixed issue where finishing heart path would cause end-of-day events to never fire


  • Added menu for giving potions as an action
  • Fixed crash when trying to give potions as an action that was caused by not having a menu for giving potions as an action
  • Fixed ‘Return her into chastity with an infraction’ option during cleaning task not actually giving an infraction
  • Fixed issues that came up from the “reached max fire” checks being an absolute mess (eg. repeatedly starting the ‘Of Magics and Mountain Copper’ quest)
  • Finally got the pause menu stuff (eg. “Preferences”, “About”) to not look like crap


  • Ported all of the fixes in v.0.11.public.1 to this version


  • Added new quest: “Manual Intervention”
  • Added 1 new interactive h-scene, which works quite a bit differently than previous ones.
  • Added a new CG of Ari sitting down for tea, which has a plethora of variants.
  • Added new Frim paperdoll things:
  • 1 new position to stand in which has 4 variants.
  • Some new expression elements for ari.
  • Added new stuff to laying down interactive h-scene:
  • 1 new spankable area: stomach, 2 new waxable areas: l and r thigh.
  • Some new UI elements.


  • General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentences, etc.)


  • Implemented stuff for h-scenes which feature a position that can be animated.
  • Implemented possibility for Frim to respond to h-scene activities.



  • Fixed small visual glitch when swapping Ari’s underwear
  • Fixed a bunch of paperdoll image stuff when repeating Ari’s cleaning task for a third time.
  • Fixed Ari outfit getting stuck on casual & cotton panties
  • Fixed Ari cleaning task not advancing time
  • Fixed Ari read task repeatable not increasing droplets as intended
  • Fixed some issues when reaching max fire of 8 while wearing the royal outfit
  • Fixed ‘New Task Options’ upgrade given to the player twice
  • Fixed ‘More Intense Chastity Checks’ upgrade being readded every time chastity checks were done with the upgrade available but unpurchased
  • Fixed the potion menu getting stuck on the droplets potion
  • Fixed days eye potion not properly making the ‘give Ari a potion’ action available
  • Fixed teatime issues with days eye tea
  • Fixed issue where teatime suboptions were not correctly displaying whether they are selected or not
  • Fixed the ‘give Ari a potion’ action not working as intended
  • Fixed last heart-path scene repeating every night
  • Fixed ‘Feel her up’ punishment during the ‘Somatosensory delights’ quest not properly checking for droplets temperament
  • Fixed the cleaning punishment scene not capping fire score on repeats
  • Fixed wrong level being marked in ‘Unlocked by’ text for some upgrades
  • Fixed Ari’s heart level not increasing at the end of v.0.11 content
  • Added an end-of-content note to the ‘Raise heart level’ and ‘Raise chains level’ quest descriptions



  • Can now advance to ⛓ level 4
  • Added 3 new scenes.
  • Added 3 more traditional CG-s for a new scene.
  • Added new stuff to the lying-down interactive h-scene (new stuff currently on chains path):
  • 1 new moveable clothing item: shirt (2 positions)
  • 1 new position for chestwrap clothing item (off)
  • 2-and-a-half new rubbable regions: thigh, side (the ‘-and-a-half’ part bc the side region works slightly differently with Ari’s shirt on)
  • 2 new spankable regions: left/right thigh
  • 1 new waxable region: stomach
  • new facial expression – Ari winces when the ruler or wax candle tool are used.
  • Technically, there are two new quests, but they’re just very small pointers to scenes.
  • Total word count: from 28,924 to 34,124


  • General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentence)
  • Fixed visual glitch when using rub tool on area reddened by ruler.
  • Fixed issue causing tool tutorial animations to get stuck on first frame


  • A bizarrely specific change: dialogue now advances on mousedown, not renpy’s default mouseup. This fixes some interactive-scene-to-dialogue transitions where the key might be held.

Known issues:

  • Visual glitch:in some situations, returning to h-scene from dialogue, text notifications (eg. “*Rub!*”) may be stuck on the screen until replaced

– Skipping intro gives 4 of either fragment instead of 3
– If Ari has Daily Task rule active without Help With Paperwork rule, player is prompted about whether to ask Ari for help when doing paperwork

– Hopefully resolved ‘maximum recursion depth exceeded’ error that showed up when saving/loading
– Upgrades no longer have crosstalk issues between savegames
– Important typo in chains quest description fixed (“raise :ari_bang: to 3” -> “raise :ari_bang: to 4”)
– Fixed an issue with the bottom quick menu disappearing during spank scenes and never returning
– Disabled the quick menu during interactive h-scenes – it can cause issues and I should have done this long ago
– Disabled rollforward during interactive h-scenes until I find a fix for why some variables aren’t correctly changed when rolling forward
– Fixed visual glitch where the ruler was sometimes still shown during h-scene interjection scenes
– Fixed issue where Ari’s Temperament wasn’t changing properly on levelup
– Fixed Linux issues caused by renpy.get_mouse_pos() returning float in Linux (thanks, Sep, for including the exact line causing the issue and also a fix with your bug report :D)
– Fixed issue where the Thaumaturgy Cabinet menu buttons were accessible even if the Upgrades menu was open
– Fixed issue where spank scene max bang interjections weren’t firing correctly
– Fixed some issues with incorrect heart path scenes firing after end-of-content
– Candle upgrade should now always appear when reaching chains level 2
– Small editorial fixes (typos and grammar and sentence structure and stuff. Thanks for the help on that, HeavyEavy)

Known issues:
– there’s a small visual glitch when rubbing areas that have been spanked red

– Mechanically, the daily loop is almost completely different
– Content ends at about the same point
– Something like 30% of the dialogue until end-of-content is rewritten to some extent
– I recommend playing through the intro again – it has fewer changes than elsewhere, but still
(Renpy’s skipping system *should* be working fine during the intro so you can skip the stuff you’ve seen)
– All of the content is now accessible through all paths.
– The ⛓ and ♥ paths are now trying to move towards slightly different goals – ♥ is about Ari being pleasured, ⛓ is about Ari pleasuring Frim
– the different paths are now also trying to give Ari *slightly* different motivations so
– There are a few extra Temperaments (eg. – Ari is horny af) and a bunch of places where that causes a variation in the scene
– There’s some completely new dialogue scenes added inbetween existing stuff, eg:
– The pacing of how Ari becomes friendly is a lot smoother (but not actually slower, just… I wrote it better this time)
– Frim is less *unnecessarily* mean – I feel like I really wasn’t considering sub-y players enough and failed to make Frim an attractive dom (tho I guess tastes vary)
– Some new rules and repeatable daily actions (demanding Ari show her panties is now a daily event)
– Tiny tutorial animations for the tools in interactive h-scenes! *Way* too many people were having trouble with them to not fix this.
– *HEAVILY* changed how the mechanics of the daily loop work:
– It’s more-or-less rebuilt from the ground up. Any similarities with v.0.8 are more happenstance than things purposefully left in.
– Explaining all of the changes is basically like trying to form an exhaustive feature list, which is nah dawg, I’m not doing that
– Heavily changed the basic progress path (including quests) that the player goes through and how all of the scenes are accessed.
– The number of quests changed from 3 to 7, of which only the intro remains with the same name and progression as before
– Cut *a lot* of existing dialogue/text, focusing on two areas:
– Any text that’s repeated a lot is shorter (eg. paperwork infraction dialogue went from 14 lines to 8)
– What used to be the quest A Gentle Touch was heavily gutted because:
– it was a severe problem with the pacing of how Ari becomes friendly
– the ⛓ path was giving Ari the same reasons to give in as the ♥ path, this was replaced for v.0.9 so the paths work better in parallel
– removed a lot of spaghetti code
– added a lot of spaghetti code
Known issues:
– there’s a small visual glitch when rubbing areas that have been spanked red
– sometimes there’s a visual glitch that leaves the ruler visible when the ruler tool is disabled
– rollback and rollforward during interactive h-scenes can cause issues (I’m having a devil of a time fighting this)
– the backend has a massive amount of dead code that was left in due to crunch. I absolutely do not recommend looking at it.

Personal notes:
– New interactive h-scene! It’s not repeatable yet, but it’s there!
– Can now reach heart level 1
– New scene! Begins immediately after the Ari-sitting-down-scene from v.0.6
– New interactive h-scene! Features:
– 3 Moveable clothing items: skirt (2 positions + off), waistwrap (1 position + off), chestwrap: (2 positions)
– 1 Rubbable region: left breast (3 positions)
– 2 facial expressions
– 2 bonus images that are shown when this scene first plays out in the story
– This, like, weird little system that lets Ari move her arm, which is relevant to how this scene first plays out in the story
– Added exciting new bugs!
– Total word count: from 16,634 to 19,549
– General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentences, etc.)
– Changed the description and name of what’s shown in the Quests menu when no quests are active.
– The new interactive h-scene is quite different internally in very cool ways that will be useful in the future
– A small bit of content that got made for the interactive h-scene but then cut, might be repurposed later.

Personal notes:
– Implemented a scene I’ve been excited about for a long time! :D

– Added one new scene.
– Added two more traditional CG-s for the new scene.
– Added a new variant of Ari showing her panties where she, uh, isn’t wearing panties.
– Total word count: from 14,461 to 16,634

– General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentence)

Personal notes:
– This one’s a bit backstory-heavy. I’m happy with the writing and it’s the right moment for this backstory dump, but it *is* a backstory dump. :D

New Content:
– Added a new heart level and a bit of a twist that accompanies it!
– A single new image of Ari revealing her chastity belt in PJs
– Total word count: from 11,819 to 14,461

– Removed some superfluous dialogue lines (oof, right in the word count! :( )
– General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentences, etc. – this time)

– Game saves should be cross-version compatible from this point on.
– Changed from Renpy 7.2 to 7.3, because I needed access to some of its features.



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