Princess Tower v0.7 by Euphemismus, Princess Tower is a game about kinky trainer-style game made in Ren’py. The player takes on the role of Frim of Coombmere, a hedge wizard in the employ of the Dark Imperium. He is tasked with taking care of Princess Ariane in order for the Dark Imperium to tighten its grasp on conquered territories. Frim decides to approach the task with… a certain level of intimacy.

The current version is an early release and saves will not be compatible with later versions. The word count for v.0.5 is 14,461. These early versions are being updated on a weekly or biweekly schedule.

Updated: 2020-11-30
Release Date: 2020-11-30
Developer: Euphemismus Patreon – Itch.io 
Censored: No
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
Personal notes:
– New interactive h-scene! It’s not repeatable yet, but it’s there!
– Can now reach heart level 1
– New scene! Begins immediately after the Ari-sitting-down-scene from v.0.6
– New interactive h-scene! Features:
– 3 Moveable clothing items: skirt (2 positions + off), waistwrap (1 position + off), chestwrap: (2 positions)
– 1 Rubbable region: left breast (3 positions)
– 2 facial expressions
– 2 bonus images that are shown when this scene first plays out in the story
– This, like, weird little system that lets Ari move her arm, which is relevant to how this scene first plays out in the story
– Added exciting new bugs!
– Total word count: from 16,634 to 19,549
– General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentences, etc.)
– Changed the description and name of what’s shown in the Quests menu when no quests are active.
– The new interactive h-scene is quite different internally in very cool ways that will be useful in the future
– A small bit of content that got made for the interactive h-scene but then cut, might be repurposed later.

Personal notes:
– Implemented a scene I’ve been excited about for a long time! :D

– Added one new scene.
– Added two more traditional CG-s for the new scene.
– Added a new variant of Ari showing her panties where she, uh, isn’t wearing panties.
– Total word count: from 14,461 to 16,634

– General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentence)

Personal notes:
– This one’s a bit backstory-heavy. I’m happy with the writing and it’s the right moment for this backstory dump, but it *is* a backstory dump. :D

New Content:
– Added a new heart level and a bit of a twist that accompanies it!
– A single new image of Ari revealing her chastity belt in PJs
– Total word count: from 11,819 to 14,461

– Removed some superfluous dialogue lines (oof, right in the word count! :( )
– General editorializing (fixing typos, messy sentences, etc. – this time)

– Game saves should be cross-version compatible from this point on.
– Changed from Renpy 7.2 to 7.3, because I needed access to some of its features.



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