Mystic Ville by FruityChoco Studio, Mystic Ville by FruityChoco Studio is adult game about After your pitiful demise, you have been given a second chance to live again by a goofball called Misty. But there’s a catch! You can’t live in the world where you’ve already died!
So you have to start fresh again in another world and obviously in another town!

Welcome to the town of Mystic Ville!
Meet strange new people and get to know them, maybe they’re keeping some secrets that you might wanna find out!
Who knows? Maybe a vampire is in town? Wait a minute… how come you have Misty’s magical power now?
She’s not going to take this lightly… you know? With her power, your life now has never been easier than before.

NOTICE! – 14th February 2023
Hey Everyone! Chapter 3 is here! Happy Valentines!
Just a heads up, Red is taking a break from this chapter.
So, in this chapter, Sunflopp is the artist, but hopefully he’ll be back soon!
(Hopefully Chapter 4!)

Also, we’re hosting a special promotion on our Patreon page!
You can get a limited Velvet tier with doubled benefits for half the price!
(Current patrons are automatically upgraded to the Velvet tier.)

Updated: 2023-02-18
Release Date: 2023-02-14
Developer: FruityChoco Studio – Patreon– Itch.io – Discord
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 3
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, harem, humor, male protagonist, mobile game, monster girl, point & click, pov, romance, superpowers, exhibitionism, teasing, ahegao, creampie, handjob, internal view, oral sex, sleep sex, masturbation, vaginal sex, virgin, possession,

Windows, Mac, Linux:
1. Extract and run.

1. Install APK.

Chapter 3
Continued the story from Chapter 2.
– Added a sex scene with multiple progression.
– Replaced CG Viewer with a full-fledged Scene Replay.
– Added one new character (Allison).
– Changed Gallery screen design.
– Revised some bits from the first chapters and removed the dull & boring parts.

Chapter 1
– Changed versioning from 0.6.1 to Chapter 1 (Otherwise would be 1.0.0)
– Includes the second half or continuation of the previous version.
– Current game length is around 1 hour.
– Changed posing system so it’s now more efficient and less timeconsuming.
– Added 2 more characters. (Cynthia & Rachel)
– Added a teaser for the next chapter.
– Added a point-and-click system for navigation and spicing up gameplay.
– Added a total of 5 backgrounds with clickable areas.
– Added a bunch of music to accompany the game.
– Added 5 animated visual effects for spells and magic.
– Added 2 adult scenes.
– Changed how the character name looks.
– Fixed a blinking/flicker bug in the previous version.

– Improved performance even more (Finally found what really caused the horrendous lag)

– Added/replaced Misty’s first encounter with the ANIMATED version.
– Changed how I showed character expression symbols from the ground up. (Thank god we’re still at the first half )
– Changed the Splash screen design that you see when launching the game.
– Changed Gallery screen design. (removed animated background to make performance better)
– Changed the In-game Navigation menu background image.
– Gallery images are now locked from default, and you have to see them in-game to unlock them in the gallery.
– Revised, added a few dialogues, and fixed some typos, nothing major though.
– Removed animated background from the in-game navigation menu (Causes lag).
– Removed the sound that plays when you click (I’ve heard complaints but never heard anyone actually liking them, so I disabled them).

Initial Release

Developer Notes
We’re hosting a special promotion on our Patreon page!
You can get a limited Velvet tier with doubled benefits!

We are also on Patreon! By pledging your support on Patreon, you will allow us to invest more time to work on developing Mystic Ville and also make this passion of ours a full-time job along the way! Basically, you’ll save our miserable butts! Mystic Ville will always be FREE! No matter what! But… we do need to pay the bills as well… So, if you enjoyed our work… Please consider pledging! It helps us both a lot!

All Patrons REGARDLESS of their tier will have the chance to be DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the development process of Mystic Ville!



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