Milky Ways v1.00 by Kerni is a game about this time you play as Marc , a voluntary test subject for a new vaccine. Just wanting to do something else than the usual work on a space station and maybe having a shot at the CORE android on the planet. But… you really hope the vaccine works… like intended.​

Updated: 2023-02-27
Release Date: 2023-02-27
Developer: Patreon
Same dev of Abandoned: A Tale Of Forgotten Lives
Censored: No
Version: v1.00
OS: Windows 64, Mac, Linux

3D game, Big breasts, Bondage-bdsm, Fantasy, Group, MILF, Male protagonist, Sci-fi
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
A few hints for newcomers:
Press tabulator for the inventory, quest and minimap
Press to skip through the dialogue
F5 to F8 is quicksave and F9 to F12 is quickload
Dev Notes
Some technical details:
– About 3000 VN frames.
– 5 GB unpacked
– Using DX 11
– Needs about 5! GB of RAM (heavy texture load , please consider to use the half texture resolution load!)
Known bugs:
– Performance is very low due to high polygon 3dChars from Daz3d ( i did not optimized the models itself only the clothes a bit)
– My engrish is… ahmm.. xD
– Loading time for a savegame is horrible slow , thank Unity 3d For this! (C# related)
v1.00 Final version
– Added about 100 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)

– Added the elevated XXX chair as buildable item (needs finish of main story)

– Added a new lingerie suit (needs finish of main story)

– Fixed some hash table related issues

So… for the final version i quickly built in one last device the player can just built once the main story is finished and one last very sexy lingerie outfit which needs to be found first. (hint.. It is near the place where the 3d Printer is)

change log : Version 0.96 public open beta

– Added about 100 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)

– Added the milking bondage cryo pod (only one time buildable)

– Added quest text on top of screen

– Added some quality of live thingies

change log : Version 0.95 closed beta

– Added about 100 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)

– Added triggerable events for the old wooden horse

– Added the handcuff restrain machine from the third person game as buildable item (only one time buildable)

– Added repeatable dance event

change log : Version 0.96 public open beta

– Added about 100 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)

– Added the milking bondage cryo pod (only one time buildable)

– Added quest text on top of screen

– Added some quality of live thingies

change log : Version 0.92 (Open beta , Story complete)
– Added about 200 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)
– Added a feature in which you can “spy” onto the girls with the tablet menu
– Added a feature to call a girl when in free roaming mode (tablet menu)
– Added a feature to control a girl after finishing the game (minor feature , not much to do here for now)
– Added a new GUI for switching the clothes of the girls
– Fixed : Small bug fixes and added some new functions to the background framework

v0.84 Beta
– Added about 400 VN frames (Minigame Related)
– Added the monopoly minigame
(currently the Win/loose rpg events are not implemented yet)
– Added (hidden function) Nested variables built from string
– Fixed : a bug that was causing the NPCs to walk indefinitely on one spot

v0.83 Beta
Not available.

v0.80 (open beta)
– Added about 1000 VN frames (mostly story related)
– Added a new clothing item (dream girl clothes from Malia)
– Added some AI life events for Juna in Yukaris base (only a few)
– Added some dialog options for Juna in YUkaris base (also.. only a few)
– Fixed a bug (hopefully) in where the player was not able to enter Mayas home even if a quest pointed to it

V0.75.5 (Open beta release)

– Added A minimap (trigger with key M)

– Fixed a bug in which the “resett the keypad” quest is triggerd again

– Added about 500 VN frames (mostly repeatable events)

– Added simple mouth gag as useable device for the girls

– Added a few more events for when the girl is gagged

– Added the blindfold as equipable item

– Added a new cltohing set which can be aquired via Mayas optional event

– Fixed a bug with the mining droid

v0.72 Alpha
Monthly alpha for the alpha tester
I included the save from last time into this build and it would be better if you quickly run through the first testing level sicnde i had to fix stuff and redo some VN events.

You can do two routes , either you “call” the support unit to “guide your through” or you can use other devices for… the.. ahh you all know where this is going xD

change log: Version 0.70
– Added about 300 VN frames (only generic , no story events)
– Added Syringe can now be used as generic event
– Added Maya and Malia will now interact with each other (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base)
– Added Clothing option : No cloththing xD (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base)
– Added Yukari can also interact but must be questioned first
– Added Yukaris skin can now be reset in the in game tablet menu (Needs a save and load from the save)
– Fixed: Resource generator should work properly now
– Fixed some little things i have forgotten about after fixing

Change log: Version 0.69 (patreon beta)
– Added about 5000 VN frames
– Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
– Added cheating menu for resources (use the tablet in game)
– Added new part of the new pirate base to explore
– Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression) + new pirate base part
– Added 2 new machine to place (needs story progression)
– Added ability to change breast size of Yukari (needs story progression)
– Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)



Download For Win/Lin
Download For Lin (v0.96 Beta)
Download For MAC (v0.96 Beta)

Keywords: Download Milky Ways Game.

Basic principles
1. Read about the game control and use them (control keys).
2. Follow the prompts/hints=quest (tab key).
3. Explore the area and talk to everyone.

1. Investigation of the territory, search for objects and characters.
2. Bringing found objects in working condition. Meet the characters.
3. Performing tasks related to the characters and the work of objects.

QUESTS (tab key)
Until the quest is completed, the information about it will be in the menu. If the quest has a continuation, then information about it is also updated (each step can be seen in the hints). To quest information disappeared from the menu you need to complete the quest. (quest completion almost always implies a final dialogue with someone).

Using hints

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To avoid questions where what to find you need to complete the task of the game – the study of the territory. If you go around 30% of the island instead of 100%, then you can endlessly ask where things are. You can always track your location on the map by clicking “tab”.


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Walkthrough 2

can be made or found

  • CHEMICALS (exit from the main base, always follow the indicated road)
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Jioptbj3 o

  • REPAIR (inside the main base)
Lpc28fbw o

  • Storage location, drone to collect resources
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Keywords: Download Milky Ways Game Walkthrough.