Midsummer Final by Shockwave Game, 《Midsummer》 is an interesting independent puzzle game. You need to find the puzzle to complete the level to unlock the beautiful picture. Come and have fun with the girls!​

Updated: 2020-06-23
Release Date: 2020-05-21
DeveloperShockwave Game – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese

Casual, Indie, Sexual Content, Strategy, Nudity, Mature, Puzzle, Anime
1. Extract and run.

version 1.2

*Improved the logic and form of all props dragging. Now the dragging effect will be more intuitive and accurate
*All prompts will have a tone when the mouse is over
*Improved the effect of pop-up prompt
*Now the language will also be saved in the archive after the change. The next time you start the game, it will automatically switch to the last changed language
*The reset button is added in the setting interface. Press it to reset the archive, so as to facilitate the players who want to play again.
*Players who can’t get full achievements by resetting the archive can press the delete key or del key (the upper position of the keyboard direction key), and then exit the re-enter game. They will reset the archive and achievements at the same time. Some achievements can’t be achieved after passing the customs. Check the achievement achievement conditions carefully~
*Modify the guitar logic of 7, now you don’t need to waste energy on it. When you put the mouse on it, it will become transparent, and press it to finish
*Added achievement system

version 1.1

1.Increased the frequency of prompt and changed the display mode of pop-up window.
2.Optimized the seventh guitar connection game.
3.Changed the display of the props bar on the right. When no props are available, the props box will not be displayed.
4.Some other details have been optimized.


The second one in the start menu is the setting key. Click it to change the language.


Download For Win/Lin

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