Malevolent Planet Unity2D is the 2D version of Malevolent Planet, which originally was built as a text game. The story follows a female protagonist who’s been training and finally gets assigned an interstellar space travel mission by the International Space Academy. As you undergo your training and embark on your mission, you discover the hidden purpose behind your mission. The choices you make will plot your lifepath in the alien universe.
Will you fight for the salvation of humankind and alienkind, or give in to the newfound temptations of the forbidden knowledge that uncovers itself over the course of your mission?​

Updated: 2024-06-23
Release Date: 2024-06-23
DeveloperSugarMint – Patreon –
Censored: No
Version: The Mist Explorer & Scientist
OS: Windows, WebGL (browser), Android
Language: English
PrequelMalevolent Planet Text Game
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Sci-fi, Animated, Female Protagonist, Adventure, RPG, Corruption, Stripping, Big tits, Unity2D

For PC: Unzip the file and run the Malevolent Planet.exe executable
For WebGL/Cross-Platform: Play the game online on itch
For Android: Install the .APK and run the application.
The Mist Explorer & Scientist Changelog:

Graduation – The Paparazzi Changelog:

  • 3-4 New Illustrations
  • Bugfixes
  • New ISA Ending Content
  • QoL Changes


Day1 to Day3 Summary Changelog (NEWEST):

  • 5 ISA Garden Animations (Lesbian, MFF, Solo, etc.)
  • 3 ISA Gym Scenes (Visual Candy)
  • 4 ISA Med Room Animations (MF, Harassment)
  • 7 ISA Sanitation Animations (MFF, Lesbian, Solo, MF)
  • 1 ISA Simulation Animation (Solo)
  • 3 ISA Simulation Scenes (Visual Candy, Spying)
  • 3 ISA Storage Animations (BDSM Machine, Lesbian, Toys, MF)
  • 2 ISA Study Room Scenes (Manipulation)
  • Updated Intro Cutscene to be VN-style with illustrations
  • Updated Most Characters in the ISA to use new Chibi Artstyle with Four-Directional Movement
  • 30K+ Word Count for Dialogues that happen in Day1 – Day3 Content
  • 15 ISA Quests that can be started & finished in Day1 – Day3 Content
  • 9-10 Unique Dialogue Avatars in Day1 – Day3 Content

Day3.3 Blackmail Letter Part 1 (NEWEST):

2 New Animations (Lesbian, MMF HJ)
New Blackmail Quest
Save to File & Load from File currently available on Windows
Very many changes to memory management, cpu usage and so on. I hope it doesn’t break things.

Day3.21 Lustful Perfume (NEWEST):

  • 1 New Scene (bringing the last animation that will happen in the ISA Garden)
  • Removed all texture compression, no matter what graphic quality setting your game may have by default
  • Updated crewmate chibi sprites to use four directional chibis and movement, together with some timelines where the NPCs are moving around.
  • Many critical bugfixes I encountered during my own playtesting
  • Disabled the Unity 2D Lighting System which should lead to better performance and stability, especially on Android


  • 2 New Scenes (with 2 New Animations)
  • New Avatar Artstyle
  • New Chibi Artstyle + Four Directional Movement
  • Many Bugfixes
  • New Dialogues

Day 3.2 (NEWEST)

  • 2 New Scenes (with 2 New Animations)
  • New Avatar Artstyle
  • New Chibi Artstyle + Four Directional Movement
  • Many Bugfixes
  • New Dialogues

Day 3.1 (NEWEST)

  • 1 New Animation
  • Around 3-5 New Illustrated Scenes
  • New Map
  • Critical Inventory Bugfix (the inventory is a possible source of many bugs people have, so it’s disabled until it’s actually supposed to be used)
  • Tons of new dialogue content
  • Performance Optimizations, bringing 3 New Quality Settings
  • General Bugfixes

Day 3.0

  • New Quest Released, Suspicious Grass. The NPC involved in this quest is Julia, found on the eastern side of the ISA Garden.
  • 2 New Animations.
  • 1 New Sleeping Illustration.
  • General Bugfixes.
  • QoL addition: If the save you are loading was saved in a different game version, there’ll be a warning when you try to load it.

Day 2.0

  • New Day Of Content, Dialogues, NPC Interactions
  • 6 New Scenes: 5 Illustrations, 1 Animation
  • 1 New Bedtime Scene
  • 2 New Gym Scenes
  • 2 New Classroom Scenes
  • 1 New Animation
  • New Clothes
  • New Dialogue UI
  • New Abilities to interact with the Dialogue: Auto Play Button, Hide Button, Skip Button
  • Many Bugfixes
  • New Map
  • Quality of Life Improvements

Day 1.2

  • 2 New Animations
  • General Bugfixes
  • Multiple New Dialogues for Day1 Ending

Day 1.1

  • 3-5 New Animations
  • 2-3 New Scene Illustrations
  • NPC Inventory System
  • New Map (the developed ISA Medical Room)
  • Minimap
  • Options Menu Redesign and new Toggles for Movement Type and Muting Audio
  • General Bugfixes


  • 2 New Animations
  • Upgraded Chibi Art
  • Inventory Menu
  • Character Screen
  • New Map


Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android
You should try it!
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malevolent-planet-unity2d-sugarmintsome good things about this game 1:hot ass red head 2:the sex scenes active the lizard part of my brain 3:the art is fucking fantastic all in all this game is one of my favs and when i get my pay check i will sub to the creators patreon cause this was amazing but it does have some bugs which need to be ironed out like sometimes characters spirtes would just change rapidly (like naked to nightdress to space suit) or characters sprites would just appear naked very much nitpicks and non issues tho.