Limitless by Cr8tive M3dia, Limitless by Cr8tive M3dia is adult game about Limitless is very loosely based on the idea of the film of the same name. You play as a man who was kicked out of home at a young age and has barely gotten through life since then. That is until one day, when you are approached by a stranger to look after some merchandise for him, your world is turned upside down. All thanks to a magical pill.

You will encounter many different people along the way as you improve your life and hopefully get back in contact with and in a relationship with the ones you left behind, as well as others. How close a relationship you build with each person will be purely down to your choices and preferences.​

Updated: 2024-01-19
Release Date: 2024-01-19
Developer: Cr8tive M3dia Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censored: No
Version: Day 6 Part 3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Corruption, Graphic Violence, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Interracial, Creampie, Drugs, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, POV, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Lesbians, Group Sex, Twins

1. Extract and run.
Day 6 Part 3 – Released
Changes made:
New Special images added to mobile wallpaper
New Animations: 21
Images: 646
Lines of Code: 2927

Day 6 Part 2 – Released
Changes made:
New Images added to Image Gallery for Mary (Twins Mum) and Twins
New Animations: 36
Images: 483
Lines of Code: 2376

Day 6 Part 1 – Released
Changes made:
Replay Gallery has been completely re-vamped, now with whole scene replays. If not starting from fresh (Old Loads) you will need to just input MC and a few other names for it to bring up the correct info.
New Images added to Image Gallery for Mia
New splash screen
New Animations: 20
Images: 652
Lines of Code: 2605
*** New Main Menu now added (30.04.2023) ***

Day 5 – Part 3 Release
Renders: 850
Animations: 31
Line of Code: 2828

Day 5 – Part 2 Release
Renders: 1305
Animations: 67
Line of Code: 2745

Day 5 – Part 1 Release
Renders: 1250
Animations: 26
Lines of Code: 3109

Day 4 Release (Day 4)
Renders: 2638
Animations: 101
Lines of Code: 6643
+ Brand new built in walkthrough (Accessible from start and then editable from phone system)
+ Separate Image Gallery
+ Separate Replay Gallery
+ New improved animation for Meadow on Day 1
+ New improved animation for Rita on Day 2
+ A number of larger animations converted to .webm
+ Full proof-reading of the whole game re-done from very start (Thanks to BTLD)

v0.3 Release (Day 3)
Renders: 2610
Animations: 116
Lines of Code: 6224

v0.2 Release (Day 2)
939 New renders
42 Animations
7500 New lines of code
10 New characters (6 with routes that can be explored)
+ Renders from previous day have been changed to 1920×1080
+ Many renders from previous day have been re-rendered
+ Spellchecking from Day 1 gone over
+ All renders from day 1 and new day 2 have been converted to .wepb format
+ Stats system added to VN, accessible at top of screen
+ Some music and sound effects have been added
+ Home page image re-done

v0.1 Release

Future Info
There could be the possibility of an MMF scene with Dion, which will NOT include a LI and WILL be completely optional.
NO NTR will be within this game, NO sharing of a LI will ever happen..

*** Game loads from Day 3 or prior will require a fresh start as will cause errors. From update Day 4 will be all fine., no restart required. ***


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