Lily of the Valley v2.0 by P and P, Lily of the Valley Game is about as longtime players of rpg maker games we would like to introduce you to the game on which we have been working for a long time. Our main goal was to depict the life of a recently married couple. You will be playing the role of “Lily” and making decisions about the course her life will take.​

Updated: 2022-11-21
Release Date: 2022-11-21
Developer: P and P Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: v2.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, RPG, Hypnosis, Corruption, Housewives, Female protagonist, Netorare, 2D game, Groping, Milf, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Stripping, Voyeurism
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “game.exe” to start playing.
Android Usage
  • the <esc> key and therefore opening the game menu is emulated with tapping with 2 fingers on the screen.
  • you can also toggle the textbox/choice list with a two-finger-tap™.
  • you have now up to 4 icons bottom right to open the phone (when available), to toggle the walking animations, to toggle the stats display and to switch movement speed. instead of directional keys touch the respective screen area in the walking animations.
Marcus = 20 minutes; 42 renders; 4 animations and 18785 txt characters.
Massage Center = 14 minutes; 37 renders; 5 animations and 14008 txt characters.
Repairman = 28 minutes; 65 renders; 3 animations and 26144 txt characters.
Settlement = 5 minutes; 16 renders and 5860 txt characters.
Movies = 42 minutes; 105 renders; 6 animations and 29493 txt characters. In total
V.2.0 contains 265 renders, 18 animations, 94290 text characters and 109 minutes of gameplay.

Library = 34 minutes; 96 renders; 9 animations and 31976 txt characters.
Public Bathroom 1 = 8 minutes; 14 renders; 1 animation and 6788 txt characters.
Pool Guy = 15 minutes; 47 renders; 2 animations and 13042 txt characters.
Rick = 16 minutes; 25 renders; 4 animations and 14128 txt characters.
Public Bathroom 2 = 16 minutes; 28 renders; 2 animations and 13963 txt characters.
In total V.1.9 contains 210 renders, 488 CG’s, 18 animations, 79897 text characters and 89 minutes of gameplay.

Here it is guys V.1.8
The results:
Mike = 23 minutes; 45 renders; 4 unique animations (7 including different angles) and (will be updated) txt characters.
Zack = 8 minutes; 16 renders; 1 animation and (will be updated) txt characters.
Jack = 18 minutes; 49 renders; 2 animation and (will be updated) txt characters.
Fred = 8 minutes; 15 renders; 2 animation and (will be updated) txt characters.
Cabin = 30 minutes; 70 renders; 3 animation (5 including different angles) and (will be updated) txt characters.
In total V.1.8 contains 195 renders, 457 CG’s, 17 animations, (will be updated) text characters and 87 minutes of gameplay.

Nick = 2 minutes; 6 renders and 1303 txt characters.
Fred = 22 minutes; 60 renders; 2 animations and 16090 txt characters.
Photo Shooting = 24 minutes; 57 renders; 2 animations and 19355 txt characters.
Pool guy = 18 minutes; 34 renders; 2 animations and 13062 txt characters.
Gym = 14 minutes; 50 renders and 10402 txt characters.
In total V.1.7 contains 202 renders, 6 animations, 60212 text characters and 80 minutes of gameplay.

Lilly of The Valley v1.6

Here it is guys V.1.6. As always we’ve played the update while measuring time on the stopwatch. RPG maker time was not counted.

These are the results:

Fight = 6 minutes; 15 renders and 5298 txt characters.

Dr. Mark = 24 minutes; 39 renders; 2 animations and 21114 txt characters.

Fred = 22 minutes; 38 renders; 2 animations and 17447 txt characters.

In total V.1.6 contains 92 renders, 4 animations, 43859 text characters, and 52 minutes of gameplay.

Thank you for being there and contributing to make Lily possible. We will keep doing our best and we will continue our efforts to make the best, most quality content we possibly can.

6 new scenes. As always we’ve played the update while measuring time on the stopwatch. We only measured the slutty route, but I highly recommend playing other routes as well, because they contain content too.
RPG maker time was not counted.
These are the results:
Strip Club = 33 minutes; 58 renders; 4 animations and 22216 txt characters.
Pre Guess your wife = 7 minutes; 7 renders and 5053 txt characters.
Guess your wife = 56 minutes; 89 renders; 7 animations and 49156 txt characters.
After guess your wife = 3 minutes; 4 renders; 3068 txt characters.
Castor = 3 minutes; 17 renders and 2 animations.
Fred = 24 minutes; 54 renders; 4 animations and 20098 txt characters.
Fred scene 2 (remastered) = 18 renders.
Telescope Mike (remastered) = 3 renders and 1 animation.
Garden (remastered) = 12 renders.
Toys (remastered) = 2 animations.
In total V.1.5 contains 262 renders, 20 animations (302 CGs), 99591 text characters, and 2 hour and 6 minutes of gameplay

Contains 5 scenes. Like the last time, we’ve played the update while measuring time on the stopwatch. RPG maker time was not counted. These are the results:
Nick’s Dream – 18 minutes; 27 renders; 4 animations and 12491 txt characters.
The Lake – 25 minutes; 54 renders and 22592 txt characters.
Castor – 8 minutes; 6 renders and 7728 txt characters.
Fred One – 17 minutes; 15 renders; 3 animations and 12040 txt characters.
Fred Two – 26 minutes; 32 renders; 3 animations and 21927 txt characters.
All this means that V.1.4 contains 134 renders, 10 animations (132 CGs), 76778 text characters, and 1 hour and 34 minutes of gameplay.

V.1.3 consists of 5 scenes. We’ve played the update and timed it with a stopwatch. Note: I was reading the text at normal speed, considering the fact that I know it by heart it will probably take you longer. Also, we’d turn the stopwatch on when the scene began and stop it when it ended. RPG maker time was not counted.
These are the results.
Hudson – 5 minutes 10 renders.
Antonio – 17 minutes 25 renders.
Pool guy – 18 minutes 31 renders, two animations.
Cabin in the woods – 7 minutes, 13 renders, one animation.
Tavern – 33 minutes 60 renders, two animations.
Which means that V.1.3 is made of 139 renders, 5 animations, and 1 hour and 20 minutes of gameplay.

[to be added]
Mac & Linux users

For Mac:

  1. Use the last working version for Mac (use the search function to find them in this thread or build it yourself by using RPG Maker MV v1.62 MacOSX
  2. Create a copy (in case there are issues).
  3. Download latest PC version.
  4. Open it and copy all folders/files in the www folder except the js folder.
  5. Right click and show package contents on the Mac copy.
  6. Paste the www content into the resources/app.nw folder and overwrite. Presto – working Mac version.

The key to getting saves working properly is NOT copying the js folder mentioned in step 4. I’ve been doing this for each new update for the last two or three times and everything is working just great.

For Linux:

  1. Download the latest PC Version
  2. Download RPG MV Linux Launcher
  3. Replace all the files from the Win version with the Linux Launcher files (you can delete the other files, but it isn’t necessary).
  4. Copy and paste your old save folder to the game’s www folder.
  5. Have fun playing Lily of the Valley.


Password for Gallery Room: 8652 (v1.4)

Download For Compressed Win
PIXELDRAIN WORKUPLOAD *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.
Download For Android


Download For May 2018 - April 2019

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