Holodexxx Home EP 2: Lady Euphoria is a game about the start of our first interactive VR story. Jump into Holodexxx, explore your cyberpunk condo, and meet a sexy adult companion — Lady Euphoria. Utilizing chatbot technology, you will talk with gawk at and undress the gorgeous Euphoria.
Carefully craft your own virtual companion and help Euphoria reach an exciting, sticky climax!​

Updated: 2020-05-09
Release Date: 2020-05-09
Developer: Holodexxx Patreon – itch.io
Censored: No
Version: Ep. 2 Bugfix
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English
Genre: 3D Game, Virtual Reality, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Stripping, Voiced, Cyberpunk

1. Extract and run.

If you are installing the apps manually, make sure that your end install folder looks like this (the naming convention matters). If you install through the Itch Installer, it will handle this on it’s own.

Simply chuck the .pak file into a “hdx-home-ep2” folder in the same location as your “hdx-home-beta-windows” folder.

If you run into any issues with key generation or validation, let me know and I will issue you fresh keys on my end through Itch. If you do not want to use Itch, I can link you to a build via Google Drive, that download will only receive periodic bulk updates and not the daily/weekly updates through Itch. If you use the GDrive builds, please ensure the install folders live within the same parent folder.
Production on EP 2.5 has already begun, and we’re excited to continue fleshing out this episode. New clothing/accessories for the customizer, major incoming asset additions from an external production house, and some surprise video content from our friends in the industry — it’s going to be great :)
In a few weeks we will be completing our early design work on Episode 3, and will post it in hopes of receiving feedback on our direction. Your comments on EP1 drove the development of EP2, and will continue to mold Holodexxx going forward.

We have also made some incredible connections in the industry that we’re excited to talk to you guys about. Holodexxx is about to take off like a rocket, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Now, jump in and have some fun with Lady Euphoria! :)

Thank you for your support. We’re actually making this happen!

Mike & the Holodexxx Team

Episode 2 Bugfix

  • Support for WMR controllers
  • Reworked input for Vive, Rift and Index


  • Improved vibrator hand orientation
  • Added butt-scaling collision
  • Further refinement to breast touching with different sizes
  • While touching breasts or butt, players can now squeeze the trigger to grab and hold. This is required for spreading her cheeks during the bedroom gameplay. Spread and hold for 2 seconds to complete the objective.
  • New options menu on the Menu Screen – controls subtitles (off by default), music volume and sound fx volume
  • Haptic feedback while using the vibrator
  • Vibrator now spawns on the bedroom table and needs to be picked up and used
  • Butt plug toy has been added and can be used during the bed gameplay
  • Players are no longer automatically teleported. They’ll need to explore the condo to find Euphoria.
  • Launch an episode by picking up a multipass located under the TV. They’re marked with the episode that they play.
  • 2 new custom Holodexxx songs have been added
  • All hallways are now unlocked so players can travel from the customizer room to the video room without going through the kitchen.


  • General polish pass on animations
  • Marley now has toenails! (Seems important)
  • New light bake for improved lighting visuals (updating lighting and reflections)
  • New animations added for pre-bed sequence
  • Added glasses asset (still needs to be hooked up to customizer)
  • Pink/Purple hues added to media room lights
  • Fixed clipping on initial corset
  • Updates to material tints, and skinning
  • Updated white eye visuals to grey
  • Added “Eye” icon to customizer
  • Euphoria talks when the player makes choices
  • Euphoria plays reveal anims when choices are made
  • Euphoria uses head+eye looking and tracks the player and now has a facial idle, smile, and eyebrow raises

Episode 2
Holodexxx Home: EP2 has been updated and it is much more stable … and enjoyable :)
In quick measure, we will be updating EP2 with more hardware support and final 2D support; so if your specific hardware doesn’t work as intended, it will shortly. This episode isn’t perfect yet, but it’s in a far better state than it was just a week ago.
Our latest update is built on a new foundation that will allow us to upgrade previous episodes, and keep that content alive going forward. Updates and features introduced in EP2 and future releases will find their way into previous episodes. Our publicly purchasable episodes will remain snapshots of our episodes, and will not be updated like our Patreon builds.
To ensure EP2, and future episodes work as intended, please install the Holodexxx Home base (which includes EP1) and update EP2. This will allow us to update both episodes on our own end through Itch, and ensure that all future content works seamlessly without any other muckery.

Build: Episode 1 0.9


Note: Controls are a bit funky because this game was actually designed for VR, but you can play on PC.
Install Episode 1 and update it to Episode 2.


Download For Win EP 1

Download For Win EP 2 (DLC)

Download For Win Episode 2 Patch Only

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