Fattening Career v0.09 by Bladerune9, Fattening Career is adult game about you are a 21 year old dude starting your second year of nutritional studies. Your new teacher plans to spice things up with a new revised teaching method. There will be skills to be gained, money to be made and choices to make. How will live your life?​

Updated: 2024-03-31
Release Date: 2024-03-31
Developer: Bladerune9 Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.09
OS: Windows, Linux, Max, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Group sex, Oral Sex, Stripping, Teasing, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Sandbox, School setting

1- Download zip and extract.
2- Open the html file to start playing.

  • Start of Maya’s story, redesigned model and location with many side characters.
  • Continuation to Hari’s story
  • Continuation to Cayenne’s story
  • Some solo Sally events
  • New Britta milking event
  • Redesigned stats page with new features. Undress and turnaround buttons for the character portrait
  • Unlock-able Character stories added
  • New Bunny Bites stories
  • Costume contest stream
  • And many more things



  • Luna and the test subjects stage 10 and 11 events(two stage 10 events)
  • Natalie stage 3 event
  • Natalie weekly milking event
  • New Cayenne repeatable home event
  • Cayenne events up to stage 6
  • Hari weight gain stages 1 to 7
  • Hari events up to stage 4(many events per stage)
  • Bonnie weight gain stage 12
  • Many new Daisy lessons
  • Music and Sounds added
  • Marie gym event
  • Trista gym animation
  • Many UI improvements
  • New event selector feature
  • Tons of dialogue changes
  • Various other small things


  • Final 0.07 changelog:
  • Katrine stage 9 and 10 events
  • Katrine weight gain stage 11
  • Trista stage 8 and 10 events
  • Trista weight gain stage 11
  • Luna stage 8 and 9 events
  • One extra growth stage for the hospital test-subjects
  • Cayenne stage 1 and 2 events
  • Leanne/Lyn stage 12 and 13 events
  • Leanne/Lyn weight gain stages 12 and 13
  • Lisa stage 2 and 3 events
  • Lisa repeatable home event
  • Marie stage 3 event
  • Amber stage 3 and 4 events
  • Maya weight gain stage 11
  • Daisy stage 14 and 15 events
  • Six characters that can now visit the gym besides Trista and Katrine
  • Some UI changes
  • Some various other small changes to enhance existing content
  • Added the ability to swipe down on Android to hide the UI.


  • Completely Reworked Katrine model
  • 10 weight gain stages for Katrine
  • 10 weight gain stages for Trista
  • Many story events for Katrine and Trista going up to stage 8 for Katrine and stage 7 for Trista
  • The stats page now displays an image of the selected character in their current stage
  • There is now a toggle in the preferences menu to toggle between de metric and imperial systems
  • Daisy stage 7 event reworked


  • 11 stages of weight gain for Bonnie(story written by MarkJ94)
  • All new Luna story with a lot BE action(story written by Fantasy1291)
  • 17 stages of weight gain for Daisy + new events(story written by Eyebeast)
  • Reworked Daytime action system
  • Reworked Bunny Bites + better dialogue(dialogue written by Scribester)
  • More than 8000 3d rendered scenes
  • Loads of new sex animations
  • Nearly all Luna images reworked
  • Nearly all Daisy images reworked
  • And more!


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