Champion of Venus v0.7 by Umbrelloid, Champion of Venus is a game about tells the story of Rayne, a socially awkward shut-in accidentally chosen as the champion of a goddess of lust.
Yuri abounds as Rayne faces the world’s most powerful thots in a tournament to decide the fate of love and lust, where the price of failure is eternal servitude.

Updated: 2022-10-22
Release Date: 2022-10-22
Developer: Umbrelloid Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.7
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

2DCG, Yuri, Sweaty lesbians, sizeplay, milking, futa, futa protagonist
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

Chapter 11: Prison of Souls has been added.
In this chapter, Rayne and co. find themselves in an otherworldly prison;
playthings of a cruel entity who calls herself the Demon Daughter.
Can they escape in time, or will they become Lamashtu’s eternal pets?
Chapter 11 comprises over 20,000 words of new content, filled with more ero scenes than ever before.

Chapter 11 includes 6 new, illustrated ero scenes. Artists include Octoboy, Lemonfont, and Captainkirb.
3 existing sex scenes have received new illustrations:
1) Rayne/Militsa Futa Deepthroat – Art by Sparrow.
2) Aik/Rayne Double Buttjob – Art by CaptainKirb.
3) Rayne/Venus Bathroom Milk ‘n’ Fuck – Art by KiraLChocolate.
4 new character sprites!

Chapter 11 features 2 new backgrounds.

Chapter 11 features a new track by Blue Fairy.

Champion of Venus now uses the ‘Patrick Hand’ font.


That’s right – it’s time for a new update! No fancy intro this time; let’s cut right to the chase.
In terms of new illustrations, Version 0.6.2 is the largest update so far, featuring works from the likes of Octoboy, CaptainKirb, Lemonfont, and KiraLChocolate!

For a detailed breakdown of new features, direct your eyes o’er yonder:

New Scenes:
– An alternate version of Rayne and Venus’s milky bathtime adventure.
– An optional extension to Goro’s romance scene, featuring an enlarged Rayne and a very stretchy idol.

Ero Illustrations:

– A new, updated version of the game’s first ero scene, featuring Rayne and one oversized toy.
– The scene where Rayne and Venus enjoy a tight, face-engulfing snuggle is now illustrated.
– Venus vs the Lamia is now fully illustrated!
– Both of the new ero scenes are fully illustrated.
– Connie gets her moment in the spotlight! Rayne and Connie’s ero scene is now fully illustrated.

– Areas in and around the club are now illustrated: the club interior has several backgrounds, and the alleyway next to the club is no longer a black void.

Other Art:
– For those of you desperate to know what Rayne’s phone looks like, now you can! Several in-game items now appear on-screen.
– Illustrations for ‘BOUT START’, ‘VICTORY’ etc now appear.
– The club bouncer now has a character sprite. How nice for him!
– In RAT END, King Tony now acquires a crown more befitting his station.
– The ‘intro cutscene’ now has a special background.

– The UI has received an upgrade! There are now two separate textboxes: one for dialogue, and one for prose.
– Many, MANY textual improvements have been made, with a focus on pauses and ease-of-reading.

– A lot more story, leading up to Rayne’s climactic bout with Gloria.
– A new CG sequence by Sparrow.
– A new BG for Goro’s club floor. The last one was a shitty MSPaint job, so I’m very happy about this.
– A new opening sequence that foreshadows the story better.


– A fleshed-out Bad End for Rayne’s tentacle attack. Art still to come!
– The second half to Rayne vs Militsa, with 4-part art sequence.
– The conclusion of this story arc.


Download For Lin (v0.5)
Download For Mac (v0.5)
Download For Android
MIXDROP WORKUPLOAD *Saves Location : Mexxy0011/mexxy.champion.of.venus


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