Champion of Realms v0.47 by Hell Games, Champion of Realms or Previously name as “Champion” game is about the world was born in chaos, the ancient gods to avoid further conflicts separated their offspring in three different spatial and temporal dimensions, entrusting the protection of them to the Champion. Now, however, the Champion has disappeared.

It will involve the protagonist, despite himself, to take part in the games to become the future Champion. He won’t be alone in this adventure, in fact, to help him, we will find trusted allies with which he will pass not only the toughest moments but also those of extreme pleasure.​

This game previously know as “Champion” but developers change it’s name.

Updated: 2021-04-09
Release Date: 2021-04-09
Update Interval: 1 Month
Developer: Zimon Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.47
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, ahegao, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, fantasy, groping, handjob, harem, interracial, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, monster girl, oral sex, pregnancy, romance, sandbox, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism.

1 – Extract and run

What’s new in this version:
4 Events for Sheila:
Family Letter
I can do it
What was that?
We are a family
Bugs fixed
Fast Travel button removed (Dusk City yellow home)


What’s new in this version:
New girl (milf): Isabel
New event: The Mammoth’s Tusk
New event in Dusk city: Stray cat
New event with the mercenary guild: Join the ranks
New music
New sounds


What’s new in this version:
A new event for Tsukiko: Nightmares.
A new event for Asmedia: Busy Asmedia.
A new event for Heramael: A new lead.
Graphic change for the card menu
New functions added: Time change and fast travel.
Full house navigation (wasn’t even supposed to be there in 0.44b).


New event for Asmedia: Jealousy or what?
Two new sexual positions for Asmedia: Ballerina and Seashell (with camera)
New Asmedia’s Handjob
Trophies zone in the bedroom
Maeve zone in the bedroom
New structure of the house
New menus and icons
New sounds
Izanami headpat!


New event: Shopping for Hell
New event: Joining the guild
New event: City Guards


What’s new in this version:
New meet event for Asmedia
New meet event for Izanami
New girls event for Asmedia & Sheila
New girls event for Izanami & Tsukiko


What’s new in this version:
A new quest for the story: Trusting the family.
Estia new interaction menu
Estia Headpat
Estia Alarm clock
Estia Licking pussy


What’s new in this version:
New place, Sheila’s Room
New Event for Sheila
New Family Date event Dragon Feast!
New Story quest
Bugs fixed


What’s new in this version:
New altered status function
New night event for Izanami (Sad Status)
New bathroom event for Heramael (Wednesday morning)
Three new secrets (look for them in the main maps)
New music
Bugs fixed


What’s new in this version:
New camera function
Repeatable Izanami Sex
Repeatable Estia Sex
Repeatable Asmedia Sex
Repeatable Cleos Sex
Repeatable Tsukiko Sex
Repeatable Heramael Sex
Bugs fixed


What’s new in this version:
(Not too much, elements added during the holidays)

Event tracker
Fast Travel Dusk City
Girls’ card update
Bugs Fixed


What’s new in this version:
Event Mercenary guild
Event Meet Hellhound
Event Crazy Scholar
New Sounds
Bugs Fixed


What’s new in this version:
Two events for the protagonist: Dark Nightmares (bedroom night) and New Plan ( meeting room morning)
Interaction with Cleos Sixty-nine
Heramael’s alarm clock
Side event in the Mainstreet: Stormy encounter
New Music
New Sounds
Bugs Fixed


What’s new in this version:
A new event for Cleos.
New random repeatable event for Cleos: Walk on the beach.
New unique random event for Heramael: PregX Experiment
New interactions for Asmedia:
Kiss that can evolve into kiss+handjob and headpat with its first and second version.
New interactions for Heramael:
Breastfeeding that can evolve into BreastFeed+handjob.
New interactions with Izanami:
Sword cleaning and “Headpat”(eheheh).
Maeve’s Headpat
Asmedia’s awakening: Now you can ask Asmedia to give you a sweet awakening every morning.
New music
New menus
Total correction of all texts and dialogues, goodbye grammar errors (I hope I haven’t forgotten anything).
Total bugfix: For this, I’m adding a little speech, the game doesn’t even have a bug at the moment, and I’m talking about 0.32, if weird stuff pops up in this 0.33, we’ll see.
In any case, if you find old bugs, it’s a problem with your saves.
If you need it, ask me and I will provide you with the necessary help.
Bugs fixed after Early:
Cleos’ Gallery
Asmedia Kiss’ sound


What’s new in this version:
3 events for Cleos.
1 lewd event for Cleos.
New sounds.
Bugs Fixed.


What’s new in this version:
The final change of navigation.
Functional hint indicators.
Rank removed
2 events for Cleos.
1 night lewd for Hera.
New sounds.
Popup for quests.
Bugs Fixed.


What’s new in this version:
(You will have to start all over again.)

Open navigation
Interactions with girls
New place: Beach
Hidden secret code
Updated events
Hint improved
Clash of Skills
Estia event revisited
Random Event: Asmedia star gazing
New animations
New menus
New main menu (wait 10s)
New music
New sounds
Other things
Bugs fixed


What’s new in this version:
A new place: the bathroom.
Gallery updated with Asmedia Shower and Heramael Forest.
All the old repeatable scenes:
Asmedia Sex in the old room and shower sex (shower sex can be remembered in the new bathroom, while the other scenes from Asmedia)
Heramael Titjob (Hera Room)
Izanami Dojo sex and Festival (Izanami Room)
Tsukiko sex (Tsukiko Room)


What’s new in this version:
Estia Naughty Events:

Estia Sex (go to her room after the meeting)
Estia Footjob (go to her room Friday morning
Estia School Shower Sex ( go to school Thursday morning.)
Asmedia Naughty Events:
Asmedia Sleeping Oral ( go to her room at night)
Girls Story Event:
Heramael Event
Asmedia Event
The girls’ rooms now return to the Handling Room.
Bugs fixed


What’s new in this version:
Go to the Handling room to unlock:

New event with Estia.
New event with Izanami.
New event with Cleos.
New event with Tsukiko.
New event with Heramael.
Go to the Meeting room after unlocking all the girls to get:
Multi Girls Event
New locations: Meeting Room, Izanami’s room, Estia’s room, Cleos’s room, Tsukiko’s room, Heramael’s room.
Bugs fixed


What’s new in this version:
New event with Maeve.
New event with Tailè.
Mini event for Asmedia.
Event for Story.
New locations: Handling Room and Asmedia’s room.
New money system and Etheria collection.
New way to make Hidden money: Work with Tailè.
New powers: Ethrian Vision and Ethrian Feel.
Training Etheria LV2.


What’s new in this version:
Two events for Maeve
An event for Tailè
New Places: Garden and Tailè Workshop


What’s new in this version:
An event for Estia
An event for Tailè
New Places: Teleporter and Dusk City
Bugfix: Now the persistent file will save the gallery correctly
Secret Event: Code “Invasion”.


What’s new in this version:
An event for Cleos
An event for Tsukiko
An event for Heramael
Secret Event: Code “Moto”


This version is mainly a general cleaning and help to all old and new players, but there are also some little additions and an interesting event.
What’s new in this version:
New graphics for screens.
Hints were added in the girls’ cards.
New location: Chamber of Visions.
Secret Event: Code “Crab”.


Here are the new events of this version:
1 event for Tsukiko (Her Room)
1 event for Sheila (Main Street Afternoon)
1 event for Estia (School Morning)
Other things
Signals disabled
Name Changer Added
Since I disabled the signals, I left you the directions, so you won’t get lost.


2 events of Izanami
1 event of Cleos
1 event of Story
1 Naughty Stuff with Izanami
New menu implemented


House of Exile fixed.
Temporary map: Exiled Region.
4 new story events.


A new big event for the story
New lewd event for Asmedia
New girl: Maeve
New place: House of Exile
New rework: powers (prototype) mastery (prototype) and reputation (prototype), all in the statistics of the mc
New minigame: Fishing (only PC)
New map
New warning
New intro (prototype)


Sheila: Four new main events.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixed.


Izanami: One new main event.
Tsukiko: Two new main events.
Cleos: One new main event.
Estia: One new main event.
Sheila: One new main event.
Dream: One secret event.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixed.


New Events:
Asmedia: One new main event.
Heramael: One new main event.
Cleos: One new main event.
Estia: One new main event.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixed.


New Events:
Tsukiko: Two new main events.
Other: Preparations for the big event.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixed.


New Events:
Heramael: Side-Event Repeatable, Forest + New Naughty Stuff.
Cleos: One new main event.
Estia: One new main event.
Other: A lot, really.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixed


New Events:
Izanami: Side-Event Repeatable, Festival.
Asmedia: Side-Event Repeatable, Shower.
Other: New menus for Naughty Stats.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixed

Warning: WARNING: Ren’Py 7.4 is broken, do not use the skip otherwise you will be catapulted out of the game.

Secret Code: Crab, Moto


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Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android


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