嗜血印 Bloody Spell BUNDLE Build 11127767 by 艺龙游戏 / Elong Games, This is a martial arts action role-playing game. The core of the game is battle-oriented, and it combines many fighting elements. If you are a player who pursues blood and is brave enough to challenge the limits, it will definitely inspire your adrenaline and bring you the best combat experience.

Updated: 2023-09-15
Release Date: 2023-09-15
Developer:艺龙游戏 / Elong Games – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Build 11127767
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, Animated, Combat, Cosplay, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, Graphic violence, Monster, Multiple endings, No sexual content, Platformer, Romance, Rpg, Superpowers
1. Extract and run.
Build 11127767

1. The camera mode supports handle operation.
2. Optimize skill effects to solve some machine lag problems.
3. Optimize high facet models for some art scenes.

1. Fix the bug that the fists don’t disappear when you dodge when using Subcubus skin.
2. Add sword fairy silk sock gloves (the second form of TY).
3. When executing the enemy behind his back, the enemy did not dodge.
4. Increase the number of frames in some scenes.

1. The Succubus DLC fishing net socks have arrived.
2. Restore the purple, pink, red, yellow and green versions of Succubus DLC.
3. The Succubus TY mode is changed to three stages, and the second stage is the horn of the old version.
4. Balance adjustment of two new enemies, black mantis and red butterfly.

Succubus DLC update:
1. Increase the blink effect when evading on the ground and in the air.
2. Add black smoke on wings.
3. Add the unique tail of charm.
4. Change underwear style and color.
5. Add lace gloves.
6. Modify the horn style.
7. Add the charm pattern.
8. New stockless version.
9. The fishnet sock version will be delivered soon.

Sword fairy DLC update:
1. The skin of the female sword fairy has removed the material of one-piece stockings from her hands.

Build 10585733
Add two new enemies, red butterfly and black mantis.
Add Sword Fairy DLC.
New Sword Immortal DLC weapon.
New dance in photo mode.
Perfect the distant plants in the fifth chapter.
Phantom DLC. (please wait)
New: Succubus DLC-Store address

Wedding Dress DLC-Store Page (Deluxe Edition players can continue to buy the Deluxe Edition, any DLC can enjoy 60 of the Deluxe Edition bundle %Discount)

1. Fix the bug that after entering hell difficulty and then going to other modes, it cannot be resurrected.
2. Fix the eyeball bug when the carp is dancing in photo mode.
3. Fix the bug that the game rules are still lost after the corn is consumed in the mini-game.
4. Fixed the bug that Uncle Li could not be pushed with the staff after customs clearance.
5. Fixed the bug that some moves of the Little Carp Staff could not be frozen after being suspended.
6. Fixed the bug that after the purple furnace in the outer circle of the blood palace mode map opened the easter egg weapon, it was often unable to be picked up and dropped outside the air wall.
7. Reduce the difficulty of jumping music in Chapter 8.
8. When browsing the creative workshop, release garbage resources to prevent memory overflow.

1. The art of the dungeon scene is reset.
2. The art of the novice teaching scene is reset.
3. Added photo mode.
4. The gameplay of Blood Palace mode is reset.
5. The art of the blood palace mode is reset.
6. Increase the difficulty of heaven and hell in the main line.
7. Added and optimized the content and methods of Steam achievements.
8. Added new skins for Chaos Priest and Chaos Girl.

1. Added Blood Palace lottery furnace. (Add a new random: the number of resurrections +1, the number of resurrections is full, the resurrection gems +1, get a random number of wine)
2. When ESC cuts out the menu, the time is completely suspended.
3. Optimize the frame rate of the big melee mode.
4. If the camera hits an object when locked, stop rotating slightly to stabilize the viewing angle.
5. Optimize the locking logic.
6. Fix the bug that two dialogues will overlap when faceless encounters super violent output.
7. Fix the bug that the mysterious man boss will not land after flying.
8. The weapon with the highest entry proficiency increases the attack power to increase the attack power of all weapons.
9. Optimize the blood spray effect of the camera.
10. Optimize the makeup of the priestess.

Update 2020-9-1
New content:
Jinling A-Silver (female) is added to the Jinling Warframe DLC
Repair content:
Fixed the bug that the Jinling series equipment was not randomly released in the guardian Xiaoli level in multiplayer mode
Fixed the bug of ghost animals when defending against throwing knives by the advanced spiritual virtual elite and advanced spiritual protector
Fixed the bug that there was a male voice when wearing women’s clothing in the third cutscene of Chapter 1.
Chapter 9 The Jinling City scene put wine


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