Alice Awakening v0.4.2 Stable by StickJump, Alice Awakening is a game about you’re in really good relationships with Alice, live together and helping each other in daily routine. Once you noticed an opened door to her room, It’s strange, because she was always closing it. You decided to check her, but in a couple of minutes your passion went over head… You done some things you are not allowed to do, and you’ll pay for it… You hear a whisper voice -“Wh…”; the next second – very loud scream. You managed to escape, but will you manage to return good relationships with her? The life will never turn back as before…​

Updated: 2021-06-15
Release Date: 2021-06-15
Developer: StickJump Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.4.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, Male Protagonist, Animated, Simulator, Incest, Groping, Masturbation, Oral sex, Teasing, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.
v0.4.1 Stable

  • Continued story line
  • Added new character – Megan, that will come back from her trip, and will live with you and Alice
  • Added story scenes with Megan and Alice
  • Added 2 new events with Megan (will be updated with new actions in next updates)
  • Changed and fixed something I don’t remember

v0.4.1 Dev

  • Fixed known bugs
  • Added Alice stats window in the bedroom, under Upgrade menu
  • Added Load button next to Save button
  • Added items effects in the Items menu, so now you’ll see what item effect is currently activated
  • Added Luck system for box looting. With every fail you’ll get +1 to Luck. With successful looting Luck will drop to 0. More Luck = Better Luck.
  • Changed Crush buff. Now it makes you get “talking” events with 100% chance.
  • Changed some events conditions.
  • Removed almost all RNG conditions for events, but still some RNG left for some events, because I have 0 idea how to make 2 events happen at the same time, so I had to leave the random choice.
  • IMPORTANT: Added Wait option in Hall, Bathroom and Kitchen. Now to get events in those rooms you should just press the Wait button. Now events won’t happen anymore in those rooms after looting boxes or getting buffs.
  • IMPORTANT: Now moods are affecting “warning” counter gain. Bad mood will probably cause Alice to wake up even from 1 touch
  • Changed Alice stats loss from failed escape. Now it just decreases Relations, and decreases it depending on your current amount of Relations. Better relations = more you’ll lose.
  • Added Walkthrough button in main menu
  • Added tips for quests

v0.4.0 Stable
Changelog (Dev+Stable):

  • Continued story line
  • Added blowjob night scene
  • Added new phase for Bathroom, Living Room and Kitchen. When you enter the room, there will be a chance that you’ll see Alice casually sitting, laying, doing her own stuff etc. In this phase you can talk to her, ask questions, answer her questions. Talking will affect her stats. You will be able to touch her in different spots if you like, but be ready to get a hard slap if she’s mad at you, so be careful. It will affect her stats too. If you know the JSK Studio games, you can imagine what I’m talking about. (Those events unlocks after completing some quests. You can do only one this kind of event per day. Those events have some RNG to happen. Also, to unlock the Bathroom event, you need 60+ relations and go to the Bathroom on 5th move.)
  • Redrawed alice character with new fresh art and new animation
  • Changed character animation system, so now animation will load without that “micro lag” before showing up
  • Added and changed rest unfinished rare items (Acraga Coa and Gobayo)
  • Changed items chances and looting system. Now there are 3 different boxes: blue, purple and red. In the first box you’ll get a blue item with high chances. In the purple box there will be more rare items, but with less chance. Red box contains unique items, but chances to get them are pretty low. Anyways, now chances to get unique items are much higher than in previous updates.
  • Reworked Cheat Mode. Now it gives 10 of blue and purple items at the start of the game, instead of 99+ of all items how it’s been previously
  • Game loading is now faster. Made some small optimisation.
  • Clearing your save file from the main menu now isn’t that easy to do. You have to want it REALLY bad
  • Fixed some bugs and maybe added fresh ones
    !!! Please, start a new game! Old save files can cause some bugs. Save files from 0.4.0 DEV Build should work fine !!!



  • Continued story line with new quests and events
  • Changed and fixed “What’s inside the Box” minigame;
  • Added animations for all 0.3.7’s quest scenes;
  • Added times of day or how it calls, below moves counter;
  • Added “Wait” button next to “Skip” button in the MC’s room, so now you can wait for 1 move by pressing it;
  • Added marker on the quests button, so now you’ll know when you’ll get enough stats for current quest’s requirement;
  • Changed stats gain/loss: now rising Alice’s stats is MUCH more easier, but instead “bad” actions and getting caught at the nightime will decrease Alice’s stats MUCH more harder than before. Be careful and don’t be caught at night or you’ll get a deep depression from massive stats loss.
  • ALSO, from now, Alice stats rising after night actions happens only if she been in “aroused” mood when you finished night phase (you can rise up her mood by doing actions on low “warning” level).
  • Fixed some bugs;

v0.3.7.1 fix
Fixed and changed some quests;
Completed Gallery (need to get all events again to unlock them in the Gallery)
There was no 32-bit version for the fix.


  • Added sex scene for stuck under the bed event;
  • Added main story line quests, and from now, every update will continue the story (PS: one of the quests making you to go outside the house);
  • Added some scenes for those quests;
  • Added Gallery with all scenes you seen before;
  • Added Events Check List, so you can check what events left, what you already seen etc;
  • Added Quests List;
  • Fixed some bugs;


  • Added cumming scene for new TV remote event;
  • Added new event for Alice room “stuck under the bed”, idea by Xorno (it happens after Alice bend over in the Bathroom scene (on 4th move), then, go to Alice’s room on 5th move);
  • I heard you like playing games, so we added a whole 600MB game inside your game, so now you can play a game while you’re playing a game (added a game from my old works). Joystick button in the Living room. If the game doesn’t start, try to change the game path to something without spaces, something like “C:\AliceAwakening\”, or launch the game with Administrator;
  • Fixed some bugs

NOTE: gallery is temporary not updating, due to complete mess with whole gallery system. Have to rework it somehow.


Download For Compressed Win
Download For SAVES
ANON *(few random galleries missing, but all the main content should be done and in gallery)
C:\Users\(User)\AliceAwakening for save location.