A New Home Game is about You sent away from home five years ago, your family returns to you after your father’s death. Maybe now you’ll learn why you were sent away.
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Updated: 2021-01-11
Released Date: 2021-01-11
Developer: Envixer – Donation Link
Censorship: none
Version: Vol 1 – 0.95-beta. Vol 2 – 0.1
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Language: English
Genre: m/f, f/f, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, analingus, incest, mff threesome

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “ANewHome.exe” to start playing.
Android Usage
  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe left&right to toggle the quick menu
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot
Dev Notes
Update notes:
A short update with a few options to try out. Apologies for it being short, but also thank you for your patience as I go through some very trying times..

Future plans: Repeatable scenes! Also, there will be a scoring system for each character to determine the ending you get (when we eventually get there).

Regarding Android – I’m not planning on an Android version at this time.

The walkthrough remains the same: Always choose the top option. There’s even handy hints to tell you what the option does!

Schedule: This game and Dreamwriter will be developed in parallel, meaning the updates will be ready when they’re ready. I will probably share teasers occasionally, too.

Remember the donation page for any contributions you might want to make to my coffee fund!

Also, I’m only uploading this game here, so no need to go hunting elsewhere!


Please start a new game. There is a skip to the new content after setting your name.


VOLUME I (0.95-beta)

Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android
Compressed Version (Lite Version)

VOLUME II (v0.1)

Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android


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So Lewd!
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