Sword art online: The Trap of Breath Concealed Magic is adult game about based on Sword art online NTR game. Get Cucked Online, The Parody.​

Updated: 2024-06-30
Release Date: 2024-06-30
Developer: 浅上藤奶/Fujino Patreon – Ci-en
Censored: No
Version: Part 2 – 0.45
OS: Windows
Language: English (Poetry – ChatGPT. )
Other Game: Chainsaw Man: Hot Spring Travel
Genre: 3dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, monster, turn based combat, adventure, vaginal sex, oral sex, cheating, voyeurism, groping, teasing, handjob, school setting, milf, japanese game, big ass, big tits, creampie, netorare, animated, exhibitionism,

How To Install Game:
– Extract and run.
Part2 v0.45

Part2 v0.40
I just finished the final test, use the first save to skip past versions, check the CG room for other POVs. You may need to explore the map to trigger some events.
After completing the last test, we went back and used the first archive to jump to the previous version. This time, the content was mainly in Reminiscence, and some of the map events needed to be explored. There was also a somewhat long event that could be left for the next time.
In addition, many people may have forgotten to pay attention to the left side of the memory room, so there is no incident at present.

Part2 v0.35
Thanks for everyone’s patience It took me a little more time to check the translation and bugs. The update contains contents form Thursday night to the first part of Saturday night. The camping event too long to finish it in this update, the second part has to be leave to the next month. Remember to check the female characters’ POV in CG room which covers over 50% of this update. And load the first save file to skip the last version. Thank you!

Part2 v0.31

Part2 v0.25


Modify the setting in CG room, player can choose to blur the scene in different degree.
Add battle cg in CG room and Asuna’s POV.
Add Lisbeth’s event with Inoda in CG room.
Investigation in dark street event.
Contents of Sunday


If you come across any problems like crash, please load 5th save file which is the auto save.
Remake the cell phone system

1.Remake the SMS system
2.Add the special time to call Asuna events
3.Add Asuna location report
4.Add the main quest guide

Remake the nightmare events, fix the problem of not supporting the simulator

Redesign the anxiety value, perverted value to be related to player’s choice.

Add short H events in the prologue
1. 6/1 morning Location: Snake Island Residence after leaving the house
2. 6/2 a.m. Location: School library
3. 6/3 p.m. Location: At the end of the corridor after school.
4. 6/5 Daytime Location Internet Cafe

Battle System
Now Asuna will not directly participate in the battle, but will assist Kirito. Kirito will also ask for Asuna’s assistance. Inoda may do some minor tricks. Asuna’s assistance may be prevented when Inoda is harassing.
You can basically kill the enemy in one turn during the battle, but if you eliminate the enemy too quickly, then the H-event won’t happen. But remember even if Kirito is strong, he can still die for some reasons. There is no bad end, and losing a battle will lead directly to the end of the game, so be sure to pay attention.

New plots
Friday night to Saturday night, part of the content needs to be investigated to trigger.

CG Room (function not completed, not all events included)
After the completion of the CG room, it will not only include events from Kirito’s perspective, but also some events from the full perspective.

1、map details optimization
2、Known Bugs Fixed
3、Part of the story modifed, like the story of Inoda and Kyoko
4、 Part of the special effects adjustment
5、 Increase the display of squad members
6、 Dialogue review function. Scroll up the mouse wheel to check.
7、the save data system optimization, increase the number of save data, the save name will now show the location and time in game.

Added the official English translation, done by Saikey Studios. Moved MTL Parts 1 and 2 to the “Previous Version” spoiler.

Dev Notes
This translation is provided by Kamizen Wakamizu.
He is not a professional translator.
If the translation get a favorable reception, later versions may get translated as well.
But it will take more time since the game is not finished.



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Part 1

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